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    The Cursed Bloods Race

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    The Blood Defects of CBBM (Cursed Blood Birth Mutation):
    Cursed Bloods? What is that you ask? Surely someone who’s lives for as long as you would have heard of these mutants. I heard they are monsters. I heard they are crazy and to be put down on the spot. I heard they are merely cannibals that were given a name to hide the epidemic that is rising.
    A human being that has been afflicted by the ‘Cursed Blood’ mutation is not one to be sympathized with, nor should one try to remedy their situations. These beings have been in existence for many years, perhaps even five hundred years, it is hard to pinpoint the first being afflicted with this gene mutation. The average life expectancy for these beings are around thirty years old, though that is entirely based on their environment and how often they consume.
    Consume what you ask? Human flesh, is what they consume. Most of these beings begin to exhibit symptoms during puberty, young girls experiencing it first as they enter puberty two years before boys. Their childhood and adolescent years are the same as yours or mine, but during the release of hormones from puberty does their gene defect start to rapidly evolve, or should we say, degrade. These beings carry a unique mutation in their chromosomes that are entirely depending on their specific gene mutation. With the early stages of puberty a particular protein in the host’s blood begins to die off, and without a supply of these proteins; the hosts can run into numerous problems.
    Where can one obtain these proteins? Generally in the flesh and meat of other animals, though from an animal not of their species, the supply of proteins is fairly limited and will only sustain one for a limited time. The best supply of these blood proteins is from the flesh and meat of the same species, these defect beings also develop another variable during puberty. Their stomach lining develops a thick coating of a substance that allows for proteins to be digested by a new form of enzymes. These enzymes then allow for the much needed protein supply to be transferred from the lining of the stomach and into the blood stream, where they then coat the veins of the entire body.
    Why do their veins need to be protected from their body? The main defect of these ‘Cursed Blood’ beings is that their blood has evolved or in a sense adapted for survival. The host may be immune to their own blood, but only if these proteins are present. The blood within these defects share a variety of different variations, most of which are lethal to the host and others. They all share specific properties that varies from mutation to mutation, and quite often have devastating effects on what the blood touches, or the environment around the being.
    Without these proteins, what happens then? This is the sad factor that results in these beings having such a short life expectancy, many of whom don’t make it a year after their symptoms emerge. These being’s blood and their sanity is closely related, the correlation is unknown. Many theorists suggest that without the protein in the blood stream, the brain begins to act as if it is suffering from withdraws and a lack of oxygen. The best way to prevent any symptoms of these birth defect is to supply the blood with these proteins on an hourly or daily basis.
    It varies from being to being what these symptoms represent, but are always sever to the host. Five days without a supply of these proteins from ingesting meat can already be dangerous to the being, and anyone around them. They often suffer through two different stages, one being emotional, and the other physical, both of which happen at the same time.
    Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms:
    Social Isolation
    Physical Withdrawal Symptoms:
    Racing Heart
    Nausea, vomiting, and or diarrhea
    Subconscious attraction to other beings (The body’s last resort for one to ingest proteins)
    Tightness in chest
    Muscle spasms
    ADB (Acute Deterioration of Body)
    You might ask what is ADB? (Acute Deterioration of Body) This is the last and final stage of the body’s withdrawal of these much needed proteins. With the supply of those proteins gone, and the host no longer being immune to his or her own birth defect, the body begins to break down and shut down. The brain first starts to cause Dementia and Insanity, causing the being to lash out and become confused and dangerous to their surroundings. Next their vision becomes blurred, and their speech slurred and incoherent. The final stage is that the body is no longer able to contain their blood, and goes through a stage much like Ebola. The veins holding their blood supply split open, they begin to suffer internal bleeding, and depending on their blood mutation, it may begin to affect their body parts. A being with that lives with a low temperature of blood will have their bodies frozen in place, a being with a high temperature of blood will have their bodies boiled alive, and their skin to bubble and fall off.
    By no means is suffering from a protein withdrawal a pretty sight or something one wants to actively suffer through. Many of these beings who are still alive have developed rituals, and systems on how to actively keep themselves supplied and away from these symptoms.
    What are the long term effects of this gene mutation? Individuals who have been afflicted with this defect and have survived are all prone to a decrease in mental sanity and from distinguishing life from fantasy. Many of these older defects sadly end up mentally incapable of sanity and unable to take care of themselves. Many suffer through the effects of ADB once they are no longer sane.
    I’ve seen one of these beings before, they are hideous. Most folks will claim to have seen one of these, or been a victim of one. Almost all of these beings have physical attributes that give their defect away, the white of their eyes turn shades darker and look gray, and their irises become a dull color of what they once were. I heard their eyes glow brightly. That is a myth of these beings, at least half a myth. Their retinas are susceptible to allow in more light due to their defect, giving off the illusion that their eyes sometime glow when in actuality all you are seeing is an overabundance of light being retained by the retinas. Which is why most of these beings wear glasses, sunglasses or masks to avoid the damage to their eyes that come from being exposed too much UV.
    I heard their blood is grey, and you can see black veins all over them. This once again is a myth that has been spread around for centuries. Every species of mammal carries red blood, which is due to the low oxygen content present in blood. These ‘Cursed Bloods’ blood are simply a lighter color of red, almost verging on a dull pink because of the overabundance of those proteins that it needs to carry. Though the myth does result from some sort of truth, when the host suffers through protein withdrawals, and the blood no longer carries these proteins across the body, the blood cells being to retract on each other and clump together, causing the illusion of a very dark form of blood, which is sometimes taken as looking gray.
    These beings have a distinct smell, and it’s disturbing. This myth is in fact a truth, the ‘Cursed Blood’ defects have a strong smell of Iron throughout their body. This is a result of the overabundance of those proteins in their bloodstream which allows for their pores to give off a metallic, iron like smell.
    How are these things born, is it from the mother or father? The cause of this gene mutation is extremely rare, and happens randomly. There is no test to check for it, or a specific thing that causes it. Though children with parents who suffer from this are much more likely to inherit this birth defect.
    What if a Vampire or Lycan drinks their blood or, eats their flesh? Considering each of these blood defects have a potential devastating effect for any human exposed to it, the same can be said for Lycans and Vampires. Depending on the trait of the host, there flesh may be consumed, considering how fast your character heals, and if the host is dead before being feasted on, an alive host will likely severely damage the Lycan due to the blood still pumping out and the matter of blood splatter. If blood is drained from one of these beings by a vampire, the more devastating traits can be harmful for vampires, freezing them from the inside out, or boiling them from the inside out. This of course won’t be lethal to them, but will act as a deterrent. The non-severe traits of the cursed blood that have no unique defence to being drained carry a toxin in their blood that is dreadful for Vampires. It reacts inside of their body and produces a temporary paralyzing effect on them.
    Blood Traits for the Afflicted: (New traits can be added if they are reasonable and realistic.)
    Side note: Each one of these characters carry a unique weakness, and will be role-played properly and effectively. As for the blood defects that garner weakness that vary from good to bad, this is at the discretion of the player to decide which one happens. I do not want to see the side effects constantly being good, if this is the case. Your character will be dealt with harshly and likely removed from existence.
    Healing - Blood has the ability to heal those that it touches, but can be highly addictive. Withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, muscle spasms, and depression. Host of this blood will not be able to regrow limbs or bones. Healing of bones, or fractures for other beings require constant supply of blood and will take days. Weakness is that due to the high volume of white blood cells in the host, their body often treats the white blood cells as a virus when the host is wounded, resulting in prolonged delays in healing naturally.

    Boiling – Host has an extremely high body temperature resulting from the blood being close to a boiling temperature. Renders the holder of this blood to be unable to feel heat, and projects an area of heat around themselves if they do not keep themselves supplied with proteins. Weakness is that the host is not immune to his own blood, contact with own blood can be dangerous. Hot, and dry skin is typical for these characters. Main weakness is the character is prone to heat strokes, which result in confused, hostile and intoxicated behavior.

    Acidic - Blood that acts as a powerful acid, will melt through most substances. Weakness of this trait is much like the heat trait, the host is not immune to his or her own blood. Being wounded can be devastating effects on the host.

    Knockout - Blood that only effects biological entities. If it touches such a being, they will begin to feel tired and drained of stamina, continued contact with the blood will end up causing the being to lose consciousness. Weakness is that as a result of this attribute being inside the body, the host is often sleepy, fatigued and requires more sleep. They can also become subjected to their own effects without warning, passing out in place.

    Freezing – A blood defect that lowers the body’s core temperature to a dangerous level, enough for the host to survive. The host will project an area of chill around itself, temperatures of these areas can vary, though never enough to freeze or ice anything over. Weakness’ are that the host is constantly cold and shivering, will need to keep bundled up warm, they are also not immune to their own blood. Being injured can be lethal; these characters are often quite often sick due to their lowered core temperature. Host’s lips, ears, and fingers often turn a slight blue due to cold nature of the blood defect.

    Pestilence/Disease – The host is subject to a disease within its body, the disease often varies and is unique to the host. The host of course is immune to it, and the act of swapping fluids or blood can pass it on to another being. Weakness’ are that the host is highly contagious and will suffer from social isolation for fear of causing an epidemic. Another weakness is that these characters are highly likely to catch extreme versions of any disease or illness. A simple cold becomes a lethal strain to the host. Most will recover due to their high immune systems, but till then they are to suffer through it.

    Adrenaline - Blood that acts as a drug for other biological entities. This trait can improve the physical attributes of those that is touches for mere minutes at a time, such as reaction time, limited increase in muscle strength, and an increase in endurance. The weakness of this trait is that a being in contact with it goes through addiction withdrawals and suffer from extreme muscle pain and muscle spasms. The host quite often has no control over their own strength. Normal actions can easily vary from unable to lift up a milk cartoon, to accidently crushing the bones of someone when touching them.

    Noxious Gas - Blood that turns into a gas when removed from the body, the gas is quite often flammable, and lethal to those who breathe it in. Blood will always turn into gas with the presence of oxygen. The host’s skin is quite often immune to the gas, though not their internal organs, breathing it in can be just as lethal for the host. Beings subjected to this gas will have their internal organs mildly corroded depending on the volume of blood, less blood means less danger. Their skin and clothing will often begin to corrode depending on the volume of gas too.
    Paralyzing - Blood that only works against biological entities. When touching such a being, it will slow their movements down considerably; with continued contact the blood will eventually render them unable to move for a set amount of time. Host is also susceptible to their own blood as the others, though only when injured. The host’s body will sometimes render itself paralyzed without warning.

    Hallucination - Blood that causes whatever biological entity it touches to have extreme and terrifying hallucinations. Hallucinations can include flashbacks, nightmares, loved ones dying, and out of body experiences. The host is also susceptible to this own blood in their unconscious state, sleeping patterns are often affected, and the host suffers from sleep deprivation.

    Pain - Blood that causes an extreme amount of pain to whomever touches it, the severity of pain is determined by the volume of blood being applied, and will have the same effect on each person. The blood is ingested into the beings pores and inflames their muscles and ligaments, causing extreme pain to the area where it is deposited onto. The weakness of this trait is that the host has no control over their pain tolerance, and will often range from low and high on a daily basis. A paper cut may feel like a severed limb, a severed limb may feel like someone yanking out a hair.

    Intoxication - Blood that intoxicates those that come into contact with it. Blood on skin contact will result in decreased inhibitions, decreased coordination, vomiting, etc. The blood is far more effective if ingested, and a small amount could completely inebriate a regular human being. As a result of the trait, the host is quite often intoxicated as the blood having the illusion that is has a high concentration of alcohol in it, tricking the brain into believing it is.
    Decay - A variation of the disease trait, the blood of the host carries a form of toxin within it that causes the host to decay to the point of death. The host’s blood appears as a dark grey mass, pieces of it chunking and congealing within the body and carries minimal oxygen to the body. As a result of this the host is often limited in movement, and appears cramped together to deter movement of muscles. The worst disadvantage of this trait is that the flesh of the host often borders on the edge of alive and dead. To any being it’d appear green, and molded; sudden movement can cause the flesh to detach from the host’s body. Any beings in touch with this blood will begin to show symptoms of decay and rot where the blood had touched. The infection will not spread, nor will it heal. It is often said the flesh will either fall off or it is removed by someone skilled.
    (Let me know if I’ve forgotten you on the list below)
    Name:Blood Trait:OOC Name:
    ‘Flame’Boiling Edgar
    ‘Toxin’Noxious GasSaint Charmer

    These characters under no circumstance can become Lycans, Vampires, Ghouls, demons or angels. Another note is that injury RP can be extremely dangerous to these characters. They will likely avoid situations that put them in the path of danger.
    Format for Application: Please post the application within these boards, detail and a mature understanding of these characters is crucial. Application will be consider by Pixie and myself.


    Steam Name:

    Past History of Role-play

    OOC Information on Applicant (Short and quick intro):

    Why do you want this sort of character, and what are your overall plans for it:

    Character’s Name

    Character Age


    Brief Description of Character
    How your character deals with their need to consume flesh from their species, and why:

    Blood Defect (Former or new blood defects welcome, needs a weakness for victim and character):

    Backstory (Optional, will need an idea of it personally if it is not done here)

    Situation of Role-play with character (Focus on their personality, length is not an issue, but appreciated)
    Finishing Note: These characters have a tendency to become physically and emotional unstable if they are not replenished with flesh, they also deteriorate mentally throughout their years due to consuming human flesh. Do you understand this and that if not role-played correctly, they will be taken away or dealt with IC?

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