'736' Cursed Blood Application

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    '736' Cursed Blood Application

    Post by Bourneco - Retired on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:08 am

    Steam Name: Proff. Bourneko

    Steam ID:

    Notable Recommendations (This can be anyone from an admin to someone who's known for good RP.): I'll be honest; the only reccomendations I ever get is to fuck off. Pixie 'likes' me (Starting to doubt that.), Raik likes me, Kav likes me and Tutt likes me. That's all.

    Character Name: ‘736’

    Character Age: 32.

    Gender: Male.

    Character's Appetite (Whether or not they actively seek human flesh.): Yes. He actively seeks flesh, and chaos.

    Blood Attribute (You can make up your own, just be sure to specifically detail how it's going to work.): Viral blood. A highly modified strain of Ebola, designed for maximum infection and death-toll. The strain has also been known to cause some rather odd symptoms to Fables, such as darkening of the irises, aches in the joints, bleeding from the tear-ducts, delirium and, in werewolves, a burning sensation (Not unlike the pain of a silver-burn, except constant.) Pain. Due to the strain of ebola being highly modified; being infected with it causes severe pain for the first few seconds of being touched. The Protein’s he digests are broken down by a specific chemical in his stomach; the byproduct of this is the Ebola-strain. He’s a carrier of the virus, but it can only be spread via blood/bodily fluids. The virus itself reproduces in the bloodstream after the proteins have been broken down in his stomach.

    Backstory (Optional): Fuck the backstory.

    RP Situation (Should involve blood type, length is up to you.): Fuck the roleplay example, why? Because the people judging know how I roleplay.

    I request that this authorization application be judged by: Pixie, Raikmaster, Kavinsky or Tutt. This is due to some bad-blood among the administration and players alike. Also; go fuck yourself.

    Character list incoming!

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    Re: '736' Cursed Blood Application

    Post by Vampyr on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:13 am

    Well if you listen to Edgar/to his idea, I don't have an issue backing this.

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