Arrest Warrant


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    Arrest Warrant

    Post by ZombieMesh on Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:52 pm

    Current Active Warrants

    Name/Desc.  Crime/Desc. of Crime  Last Seen 
    Witnesses  Officer Submitted 
    Demond // Black Male
    6'4 Muscular
    Shooting a civilian, hiring hitmen, attempted murder, breaking parole
    (Is known to be hostile towards DECA, be cautious)
    Underground tunnelsHanna, unknown caller,
    Joe // ???Suspected hitmanIn front of DECA HQ[Classified][Classified]

    Format for submitting warrant:

    Crime/Description of Crime:
    Last Seen:
    Officer Submitted:

    Rundown of Format:

    Name/Description: (Name of suspect and description. If no known name, provide just the description. Officers can post an update once they have a name to the face)
    Crime/Description of Crime: (What was the crime, who was involved, ect)
    Last Seen: (Where/When was the suspect last seen. If there is an update, post it)
    Witnesses: (Any witnesses to the crime, including fellow D.E.Ca officers. Used to contact then later)
    Officer Submitted: (What D.E.C.A officer was told of the crime/witnessed the crime and is currently submitting the warrant?)

    Feel free to post updates on warrant, including if they are carried out. Please provide name of officer when updating. If you have a suggestion to improve this, feel free to post as well.

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