Jauri's Questionable Auth


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    Jauri's Questionable Auth

    Post by Jauri on Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:38 pm

    Steam Name: Jaüri

    Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:17091633

    How long have you been roleplaying?: Roughly 8 years or more, in both games and websites.

    Any experience having this auth before?: Yes, actually. I've had multiple experiences from where I've both interacted as, and with, centaurs.

    What are you applying for?: I am applying for a new and rare species to be added to the server, and for myself to play one of them for whom had wandered into the city in their search of knowledge about the world around them.

    Why should you have this?: Because I am an experienced Roleplayer who spends much of their time on the server, along with my character being able to provide some new and interesting (also hopefully fun) roleplay experience to other characters in the server. I am also smart enough to know that my character will not be comfortable in most parts of the city and is unable to use ladders, and will probably more than often knock her head on doorframes-- if she's even able to fit through them.


    'Tali' Tyhine was born a foal in one of the few centaur bands remaining after November 14th, 1996. Her parents' band were led by a particularly domainant mare who insisted on solation from human civilization. This rendered the band effectively secluded and aloof, far-flung from the rest of the world. Due to the existence the mare imposed, Tyhine grew up believing the forest around her was all that had existed in the world. Anytime she questioned it or dared explore further, she would immediately be reigned in by the leading matriarch. Despite this, Tali's yearning grew just as she did - she yearned to shrug off the counsel of the canny matriarch and frolic outward into the unknown. She would outgrow the title of 'Foal' within the band, instead adopting one more befitting that of a teenage centaur - with this came certain rights. She was no longer under the superficially ceaseless vigil of those above her. Immediately, she began to abuse her newfound privelege. She would sneak out at the dead of night to adventure beyond the forest she had, for years, been pinned to, although she didn't dare venture out more than a mile out-- if even that. After only a week of exploration, she found that her world did not just consist of trees. Wide, grassy openings met her outside the bounds of the forest. Immediately, this discovery became a stage for her to run free and exercise her more 'equine' form -- she'd spring, jump, and often rear onto her hind legs in utter delight. No longer did she have to worry about running into a tree every couple meters. No longer did she even have to worry at all for that matter. As she aged further, however, Tyhine began to calm -- she began to appreciate more her limited and controlled life back in the forest. She learned to enjoy the time learning about her kind's world from her mother, or joining the hunters as an aspirant to serve the band. In secret, though, she continued to spend every night in the fields outside the forest, frolicking about like the half-equine she was. Soon enough, however, all of that would end.

    One night during Tyhine's carefree galloping she heard an awfully faint, alien and exotic sound emit from the surrounding forest along with what appeared to be enroaching, moving lights. The young centaur didn't know how to react to the moving phenomenon instead of the purely instinctive one of running. She galloped back into the treeline and attempted to hide behind one of the many trees that made up the tree-line, and with utterly terrified eyes she'd watch the rumbling hulk begin to reveal itself. Her expression immediately changed from utter terror to sheer wonder as she'd looked over metallic 'animal', and her curious nature only increased as the beast of metal rolled into the middle of the field and suddenly stopped, the sound it emitted and the lights it projected suddenly ceasing as the sides of it opened up. The centaur's heart practically jumped from her chest as she spied other, much less metallic creatures crawl out from the insides of the automobile. She had to keep herself from outright galloping out as she saw the humans, her eyes picking up the more human part but... she didn't recognize those legs, and she her mind was galloping around on how such beings could look so familiar, yet look and act so different. Tyhine quietly surveyed the two humans from behind the darkness of various trees, and with a couple of nervous kicks with one of her equine hoofs, she'd begin to cautiously saunter over to the three humans and their automobile. Within a couple of meters she'd interlock her fingers together and lay them over her human stomach, watching carefully as the three humans obviously took notice in her and initially back to back away from her large, towering and fabled form. The humans were quite clearly taken back by her nude and hardly seen form, although without a second thought, one of the humans had uttered a single word; 'Fable', and that word stuck with Tyhine for the rest of her life. Both parties were quite surprised that one another spoke practically the same language, although a few choice words did fly right over Tyhine's noggin, and she'd audibly question the vocabulary while she'd pace around the humans and their car, and just about questioning and examining nearly everything about them. The humans seemed all too happy to reply to her childlike wonder and even offer up some of the items that she questioned. The shirt they offered up fit like a glove while the flashlight they had was treated like the herald of light by the young centaur, along with a couple of more namely items. As quickly as the centaur came, she took her leave and galloped back from where she came, and namely towards the group with a rather cheerful smile on her expression and a new shirt across her chest, although the welcome she was expecting and reaction to the news wasn't exactly what she was expecting.

    As Tyhine approached the band of centaurs she knew that something was very wrong. They were all awake, and she could spy her birth parents being at the very rear of the group, with the leading matriarch at the front. Immediately the leading mare of the group galloped up to Tali, for whom had quickly changed her expression to reflect her immediate concern. Without a second to voice her curiosity, the same curiosity that has gotten her in trouble, the female centaur had reached forth and yanked the flashlight right out of her hand. Tali attempted to voice both her distress and her anxiety as the leader simply threw the portable light down and stomped right down onto it with one of her large hoofs, easily and downright destroying the torch. Tali didn't know what to think of the situation, from her view she was completely innocent, merely just bringing unheard of news to the group, but it seemed like the leading female wouldn't have any part of it. Keeping to the old laws of utter isolation, the harsh matriarch ostracized Tali and banished her from her very limited world. To Tyhine, this was practically the end of the world for her, herself having been kicked off of the only known land to her for a reason she didn't even partially understand. Tali didn't waste anytime in galloping away from the world she had been raised upon and brought up to believe to only exist, herself clearly fighting back tears, tears that only began to steadily roll down her cheek as she continued to run for several hours, southward, and unknowingly towards human civilization.

    Before Tali could even reach Los Angeles she would've encountered many humans and their towns. Tali was, at first, quite timid and awkward with the humans and their ways. She was, however, quite quick to warm up to those odd, short "half-kins", as she first called them. Thankfully during her journeys FEAR had been replaced with DECA and fables were steadily growing more accepted amongst most populations. Tyhine found no end to her curiosity as she'd venture through the outlaying towns that was located between her and her aimless adventure, herself often acting like a foal amongst many of the humans she'd encounter, which was often embarassing for the graceless female centaur as most (if not all) human buildings were not built with the thought of a wandering, curious centaur in mind. During one of her more noteworthy experiences through an American town she was offered to stay at a garage that one of the humans had owned, from which she graciously accepted with many 'thank you's being thrown towards the individual. During her night in the garage she was given the nickname of 'Tali', due to the human's inability to say 'Tyhine' and his obsession of Mass Effect, often saying that her tone resembled that of the character. Despite her own kind kicking her out, she'd keep a very friendly and warm smile to the humans, and even counting her banishment as the best event that had ever happened to her, seeing how it opened up her world to a far different and more bearable one - especially one that was seemingly endless. During her travels she'd find better fitting clothing and learn more of the world beyond what she had been sheltered in, but the more she'd learn, the greater her curiosity grew. By now she had grown long hair that was nursed careful within the towns of the humans, along with a healthy brown coat on her lower draft/work horse form, and her knowledge of the world was at least a bit respectful and not outright laughable. Regardless her curious nature she didn't spend much time in the human towns and cities she had visited, herself having heard many stories and tales about a city in California named Los Angeles, and her wonder of the world drove her over to the spoken of city. Even Tali wasn't sure why she chose the city to be her Mecca of knowledge and wonder.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? Absolutely and wholly.

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    Re: Jauri's Questionable Auth

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    I'm looking forward to seeing you role play a centaur again!

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    Re: Jauri's Questionable Auth

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    Jauri is a pretty talented roleplayer, I know that he would provide benefit to the server if he were accepted. Very Happy


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    Re: Jauri's Questionable Auth

    Post by Vampyr on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:07 am

    Has my backing. Unless another admin speaks up, I'd be happy to auth it on a trail basis.


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    Re: Jauri's Questionable Auth

    Post by TyrGodOfWar98 on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:41 am

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    Re: Jauri's Questionable Auth

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    Having RP'd and talked with Jauri on multiple occasions, I can safely say that they could handle this kind of character without problem.
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    Re: Jauri's Questionable Auth

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    I agree with this as well. +support

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    Re: Jauri's Questionable Auth

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    + Support

    Jauri is an excellent roleplayer and should be able to handle and play this character smoothly.

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    Re: Jauri's Questionable Auth

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