Jasmine: A human survivalist



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    Jasmine: A human survivalist

    Post by Kurogane on Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:18 pm

    Steam Name: Kurogane

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:10419080

    How long have you been roleplaying?: 14 Years, in various different message boards, MMORPGs, and different mediums including Pen & Paper games. 

    Any experience having this auth before?: It's not really something overly extravagant that needs experience, but yesss I'm experienced in playing a character like this.

    What are you applying for?: A human who is a survivalist. With the temporary move to Georgia and what little I've been able to put together from things people posted on the forums is that most of the world kind of went to hell due to the race riots and that much of the humans and stuff basically got overran by Fables. So in essence, the character I am applying for would be someone who started off with a group of other humans from a town in what amounts to middle America, that slowly dwindled down to nothing as they struggled to survive and such. Essentially what I want is:
    -First Aid Knowledge
    -Knowledge of the surrounding area until the map changes or whatever.
    -Knowledge on hunting and foraging for food.
    -A knife that has silver in it, for dealing with pesky feral werewolves. 
    -If possible, a bow, but unnecessary if not possible. It just goes with the whole knowing-how-to-hunt aspect.
    -A Colt m1911 with some ammo, though not alot. Asking for this is really just a formality I guess since I donated $20 and that apparently entitled me to a handgun? I dunno, I never really investigated the donator perks because my initial character was disinterested in firearms.

    Why should you have this?: Eh. Someone told me the server could use more human characters and the move to rural Georgia kinda inspired me to try something different. It's not like I'm asking for anything super powerful and it's not like I'm going to run around murdering people, just having these skills are just sorta integral to the theme of my character. 

    Jasmine lived a normal and happy life in a small town in the countryside of Middle America with a population of no more than 20,000 where she spent long days in the widlerness with her father and brothers, learning how to huntand fish before the entire world had come crashing down around her. She was only a teenager when the news of Fable's broke worldwide. Her father, being a self-proclaimed God fearing Christian worried that the presence of such monsters were a sure sign that the apocalypse was at hand.

    If only he had known how close to right he was.

    Her memories of the time are fairly shaky but she does know that the riots started not long after the news came out. It was a terrible and dangerous time as what seemed to be a full out race war broke out between the Fables and Humans. Her father and mother had tried to evacuate the children with her aunt. Jasmine still remembers the fires burning in the distance and the sounds of gunshots ringing out in the night as the town she had grown up in was destroyed essentially over night.

    The family only just almost escape before a pack of Werewolves, new emboldened by the events that had unfolded, attacked the traveling family. Her father was the first to die, the old man doing his best to try and take the best down with his hunting rifle while Jasmine, her mother, and her aunt ran into the distance. Her brothers tried to hold the wolves off, but they died one by one securing the escape of the girls.

    They had managed to shake off the pursuing wolves and continued to work their way through the wilderness until they were able to find another traveling group of survivors. From there the group simply moved around from place to place as they chased after leads of sanctuaries for humans. They had no vehicle since everybody had left in relative haste and they spent the better part of a year surviving in the wilderness while also fending off the attempts of Vampire's and Werewolves alike to kill them. It was during this time that Jasmine learned most of her skills, being adept at using a bow in both self-defense and for hunting as well as in marksmanship. There was no room for innocence in this new world, and Jasmine needed to know how to fight just as much as the men did in order to survive. It was at this time that they started to really understand the weakness of the fables, and at the time that Jasmine received her knife that had the silver infusion to make it effective against Werewolves, whose feral nature made them generally the highest threat to the group. The group often heard chaotic reports of the large population centers and how they had all been overrun and that the world was ending -- whether there was any truth to that they didn't know, but they weren't about to test it, and instead followed leads to smaller towns in the hopes of finding more survivors.

    Their numbers continued to dwindle as days drug into weeks and weeks turned into months. Each lead would send them marching only to find what they were looking for had already passed by or been destroyed. They would stop at small towns every now and again, deciding to set up camp and sometimes it lasted awhile and other times it didn't. Eventually the group broke up entirely. Nobody was really sure what had caused it, just that one night there was gunfire and the all too familiar sounds of chaos. Everybody scattered into the night and Jasmine was no different.

    Jasmine never saw her mother or the rest of her family again after that. She lived off of the land for awhile, hunting and moving alone in the wilderness. Her journey's steadily carried her eastward as she followed various bits of gossip and news about her family that she picked up from other travelers that she had run into during her wandering period. She never found her family though she's never given up hope on being reunited with them again. For now, she continues to survive mostly on her own in Georgia and remains every leary of fables. Even after word had gotten around that Fables had been given equal rights, she still remained apprehensive toward their existence and viewed them with a tinge of disdain due to all that she had lost. 

    Now, Jasmine is an adult and a whole heap of strange folk have arrived in her neck of the woods and interaction with them seems unavoidable. 

    [It's not the best backstory, but I'm not exactly requesting rocket launchers, body armor, and an advanced understanding of quantum mechanics. Someone from the country knowing how to hunt and survive off the land isn't all that uncommon.]
    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? Yep!

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    Re: Jasmine: A human survivalist

    Post by Absinthe on Sat Oct 18, 2014 12:42 am

    I think this application could get you a bolt action rifle or a Winchester, I mean you have donated so you don't even need to ask about the pistol. You get whatever side arm you want from a 15 dollar donation and that's how that works. So you could just apply for a Winchester or Bolt Action, no one will mind and it's not the most powerful thing in the world. It'd put more focus on you being a bit of a hunter and hanging out in the woods, like a marksman.

    I will actually not give my support until you get a hunting rifle of some sort, to complete the whole woodland hunter look. Plz. PLZ DO IT.

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    Re: Jasmine: A human survivalist

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    Re: Jasmine: A human survivalist

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