'Kitsune'(Rin Yukimura) - Kitsune Auth. Application


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    'Kitsune'(Rin Yukimura) - Kitsune Auth. Application

    Post by Deathwoman on Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:55 am

    Steam Name: Deathwoman

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:51964462

    How long have you been roleplaying?: 8 Years

    Any experience havng this auth before? Not with playing an actual Kitsune, but I'm usually really good playing supernaturals.

    What are you applying for?: Because of my lack of playing with said character, I wish to make her a supernatural, one that I've wanted to play since I made her human character.  It'll be an application for a Kitsune (who's changed her name to Rin Yukimura in the two month time skip), a Thunder/Spirit (For my lore, they can only be up to two types if they had different type Kitsune parents) type to be exact. I'll put down all the lore below as well as her abilities I'd like for her to have.

    Kitsunes are basically humans with the soul of a Fox demon. Yes, they're demonic in nature, but most, aside from Void Kitsune, can over come this dark part of their nature. 'Kitsune' has the soul of a thunder and spirit fox demon, and as such, can manipulate, absorb, and discharge electricity at will and absorb life energy from plants, animals, and basically anything and disperse it to others in order to heal or rejuvenate them so they can keep fighting. Note because Kitsune's soul is two types, each ability isn't as strong as it should be, and that's going to be taken into consideration for every action she does.

    Thunder Abilities:

    Her thunder abilities are basically as stated before. What ever you can do to use electricity, Kitsune can do. She can even make lightning strike to charge her abilities, though that breaks one of the 6 'tails' she has(tails I'll explain at the end). When she does break a tail for her thunder abilities and those alone, she gets a huge boost to her electricity absorption, and it makes lightning strike her, making her electricity reserves to almost overflowing where you can literally see her sparking. Manipulation would include arching lightning from hitting someone should another person use electricity as their power, being a lightning rod basically (which can also be deadly should anyone be near or touching her in a thunderstorm)

    Limitations of Thunder:

    The limitations of thunder include she can't  make huge defenses of electricity or shoot it off at full strength when someone touches her. She can, however, shoot off small sparks to try and get them to stop, but they aren't the usual strength bolts she can make. I guess think of her thunder abilities similar to Seth's in a way.The number of strikes and other things she can do  are as followed

    5 normal electricity strikes, 10 spark emitting bursts, and 1 lightning strike (as only one tail can be permanently broken per week(ooc time)

    Spirit Abilities:

    Kitsune's spirit abilities are rather odd; she can absorb the life energy of, but not kill larger animals (like bears deer, wolves, etc.), humanoids, demons, angels, and anything that lives. (so no vampires or undead). She then can covert that to energy for her thunder abilities (which lowers it effectiveness by more than half when she does this, or use it for other people, and give them a higher regeneration rate, or , for example, give Erika more energy to heal others with. When Kitsune breaks a tail for her Spirit abilities, she literally releases the energy within that tail, and can continue dispersing it among other people, but not herself. Because of her half thunder soul, she cannot have thunder strikes as strong as full thunder Kitsune, and can only store half as much electricity at full ones as well

    Limitations of Spirit:

    The limitations of Spirit abilities are that it cannot regrow limbs, she can't bring the dead back to life, and even serious wounds aren't able to heal completely. In order for her to be able to actually heal someone she has to convert the energy into something else with makes it less effective than giving it to boost someone else's power or magic. Also, her Spirit abilities are only as half as effective as full Spirit Kitsune, so she can't absorb as much life energy as full ones, or store as much as them. The number of times she can use certain spirit abilities are as followed;

    1 major injury regeneration boost, 3 medium injury regen. boosts, 6-7 minor injury boosts, and 1 half life energy refill for another person.


    Aside from being weak to normal attacks like humans, Werewolf venom will be toxic to her, should she use her stores of electricity and spirit she can't use her abilities at all (unless she breaks a tail, and that's something no kitsune wants to do), Demons can influence Kitsunes easily, and as such can be susceptible to magic not of their type (i.e. even a water kitsune can be weak to fire should they not be around water to manipulate)


    Every type of kitsune has a different number of tails depending on the type strength.
    Fire - 4 tails
    Earth - 6 tails
    Spirit - 5 tails
    Void - 3 tails
    Heavenly - 3 tails
    Thunder - 7 tails
    Wind - 7 tails
    Mountain (a mix of fire and earth) - 4 tails

    With the breaking of each tail, they gain more power with it temporarily, but there are extreme consequences to it. Each breaking gets more and more powerful, but it causes more and more pain until the final one, their physical tail. The breaking of their final tail will knock them out for at least two weeks, and the pain during will be unimaginable. When the kitsune finally awakens, they will have lost every one of their abilities, and will no longer have that physical tail. Note that with each tail break, they get weaker as well.

    Physical properties to Kitsune:

    Kitsune look and act like normal humans aside from Void kitsune which have the pure souls of fox demons. The one difference of all kitsune are the single physical tail they have, and the ___ number of tails they have that look like energy when they're fighting, the blank being the number I put above, or the number they have after breaking tails. Kitsune are also stronger and faster than your average human, around the physical strength and speed of a weak adept vampire. Also, Kitsune are tricksters, and when they develop their powers (usually anytime before their 20th birthday), this trickster mentality strengthens which can lead to hilarious pranks from all Kitsune, aside from Void. Void Kitsune have a very dark and twisted sense of humor, and as such, pull dangerous, and sometimes lethal pranks.

    Why should you have this?: Because I'm a good Roleplayer, and I know how to keep a character from being way too overpowered. I try my best to fight fair, and even be a supporting role fairly, so I think I can do really well with this supernatural type.

    Backstory: 'Kitsune' was born and raised on the streets of Los Angeles. She never actually new her real parents, though her mother was a thunder kitsune, and her father a spirit kitsune. She had her tails from birth, but her powers didn't show up until the Black goo attack on Los Angeles. She actually used her abilities to drive the monsters back from her and a pack of werewolves she escaped with. She heard news of the convoy from L.A. making it to Georgia, and headed there immediately to try and meet with Oliver again. It's been two months, but she's finally made it there, and become literally a new person person during her travels with the werewolves. She's developed her abilities, and has even changed her name to Rin Yukimura. 

    The reason no one knew she was a Kitsune in L.A. was because she used her giant hoodie to curl her tail up in, and she hadn't discovered her abilities yet, so she was basically human up until she got her powers.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? I wholeheartedly agree and understand.

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    Re: 'Kitsune'(Rin Yukimura) - Kitsune Auth. Application

    Post by Fancy Pants on Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:57 am

    Deathwoman is a very good roleplayer, and I know that this character would be really interesting Very Happy


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    Re: 'Kitsune'(Rin Yukimura) - Kitsune Auth. Application

    Post by Absinthe on Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:16 am

    + Support, I've known Death Woman for a while and she's never failed to show roleplaying capabilities that surpass the norm.

    no actually she is a hater and hates people, for wanting to be cool - support forever, for hating.

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    Re: 'Kitsune'(Rin Yukimura) - Kitsune Auth. Application

    Post by Kurogane on Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:51 am

    I don't normally comment on other peoples stuff, but I can't really say I would support this...It's one thing to create your own races and stuff, but you're taking a supernatural entity and completely ignoring everything about it and adding your own fluff to it.

    I'm sure you're a wonderful roleplayer, but this is just sort of awkward. Vampires, Werewolves, and just about everything else in the server at the moment still more or less falls in lines with popular mythos of the creatures they're intended to represent but the only thing similar to what you propose and a Kitsune is that they are both related to foxes. It just all seems very strange and some of the stuff you want sounds like it's a bit overpowered. You're wanting the ability to not only zap people with electricity but you also want to be able to drain life from plants, animals, and people and transfer that to heal other people without any real clear limitations as to what these powers do.

    Kudos for the creativity, I guess. On the plus side my opinion doesn't matter! Very Happy

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    Re: 'Kitsune'(Rin Yukimura) - Kitsune Auth. Application

    Post by Deathwoman on Sun Oct 19, 2014 4:07 pm

    Alrighty then.

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    Re: 'Kitsune'(Rin Yukimura) - Kitsune Auth. Application

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