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    Stone of Eye Application

    Post by Giles on Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:53 pm

    Stone of Eye
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    Will Retrieve if needed, have forgotten the command.

    How long have you been roleplaying?

    I have been an active member of the Garrysmod Role-playing community for a little over eight years now. Though I have ventured to other games to fulfill a need for role-play, games such as Aion, Rift, GuildWars2, and a few others that I cannot recall at this time.

    Any experience having this authorization before?

    I cannot say I've applied or had an authorization like this accepted before, the only character I currently have is a member of the cursed bloods race.

    What are you applying for?

    The form of authorization I am applying for is somewhat an unique sort of auth, it is neither a character, nor an item OOC. The sort of authorization I am looking for is an object IC that has been cursed, or possibly had magical properties applied to it.

    The item in question will in no way give the holder any special perks, nor will it even be on any character of mine, the item will be passed from character to character on the server, depending on the person whom has it.

    I am still building on this idea and fleshing it out but I am posting here to see the general stance the players of this community take towards an idea such as this. The purpose of the object is it belongs to a spectral being residing in one of the other planes of existence, in no way will this object allow the being to enter our realm or cause mayhem in it, aside from the person in possession of the stone.

    What this stone does allow is a temporary bound to be formed between the spectral being and the person possessing the object, it allows for the being to speak directly into the mind of the person and harass them, and it also allows for the being to manipulate their mind in the form of hallucinations and cause them to see things that aren’t happening.

    If anything should come from this object being present within the server is that myths and rumors will pass from character to character about the object, and the stone will slowly be passed around from character to character as well. It’ll torment the mind of the character, and play crude tricks on them.

    By no means would I force a character to carry this, nor will I force it on the player OOC. The only way for this object to exist if the community wishes to have it present and would allow such a thing to happen to their character.

    Might I just add that if at any point a character no longer wishes to hold such an object or realizes what it is doing to them, they can simply discard the stone, or pass it off to another player.

    Why should you have this?

    In a manner of speaking, I won’t necessarily have this, it will be held by the players of the server, and the only input I will have regarding it is I would be following the character OOC and adding input to their character as they role-play. This of course would mainly be done through private messages, how each character responds to having a constant mental companion is up to them. As at any point during their time of possession of the stone could the being speak to them in their own voice and make them thing their subconscious is talking to them, or it could speak in its own joke and ridicule, harass, and be mentally abusive towards the character holding it, or to someone the person is speaking to.

    It could just as easily manipulate their mind and make the person see someone throwing themselves off a building, or witness someone they are talking to start to claw their own skin off.

    I believe the server should have something like this to further add to the dynamic setting of the server, and add a bit more interesting forms of Role-play to numerous characters.


    There has been a myth among the people for the past couple of centuries, it is not well known, but it has been documented by a few journalists and conspiracy theorists. The myth is question is one that has many different backgrounds and stories about it, simply due to the being behind the myth itself likes to con people into believing different things.

    Some have said it originates from the ancient times of Rome, where a priest and his covenant tried to expel a demon from the physical world by removing the eye of the person possessed and sealing it within glass, then sentencing it to the depths of their catacombs for centuries.

    Another rumor behind the stone is that the eye encased within the stone once belonged to an outcast god and was cemented in stone by the other gods as a form of punishment. The god never able to leave the presence of its own eye till it is reunited with its body.

    One rumor is that the eye belonged an old witch from the dark ages, the townsfolk captured the witch and burned her alive for her crimes of witchcraft. The fires of her execution burned so hot and fierce that the only thing left was her eyeball encased in a tomb of heated sand that formed the glass shell around it.

    One of the more common myths is that the eyeball belonged a corrupt and devious man that was put to death by his own captives, and buried in a pit of sand. Only for his sick and twisted followers to find his corpse and seal parts of it within glass and stone to sell to the highest bidders. It is said that the spirit of this man follows around his own body parts and torments the people possessing them.

    No one really knows the truth behind how this object came into existence or why it is in our realm, many have tried to bury it or simply destroy, yet each attempt has been met with failure. The only thing that is known for sure that is has been passed all over the globe since its birth and has had many owners that have been tormented to take their own lives or others. The lucky ones simply realize the cursed nature behind the stone and discard it or pass it off to individuals whom they have a hatred for and wish for them to be tormented.

    Brief Example of Role-play:

    Mary stands in place in the corridor of the street, her eyes glance upwards at the setting sun, and the moon and stars that will accompany the night that is approaching. She’s grasps onto the jacket around her waist and slips her arms through it and pulls it onto her shoulders.

    “Going to be another cold night.” She’d simple state as she buttons up her coat.

    'It’s not going to be cold out tonight, it’s going to be a very warm night out.’ Her inner voice would speak to her.

    “Cut it out, Rye. I know it’s you, I’m not an idiot.” Mary mutters off to herself in silence.

    A younger man would be stepping out of a building on the adjacent street as his eyes catch Mary’s. Tom casts a quick smile towards her and waves gently as his own form begins to trot across the street to meet her.

    ‘Here come’s my boyfriend. Don’t let him know we have herpes.’ Her inner voice speaks once more.

    Mary simply groans heavily to herself and shakes her head at the comment inside her head, she’d raise her hand and wave towards Tom and offer him a brief smile.

    “Oh hey there Tom, how’s your night going?” She’d speak out towards her friend.

    Tom stops in front of Mary and catches his breath briefly due to his running across the street, he’d gained a bit of weight over the recent months and wasn’t use to how often he was out of breath. He’d finally calm himself and smile towards Mary before moving in for a quick hug.

    “I’m glad I had caught you, Mary. I was afraid I’d miss you closing up shop tonight.”

    Mary wraps her own arms around Tom, and squeezes him briefly, enough to show affection, but enough to show that she was pre-occupied. She’d peck a quick kiss on his neck before moving to lean out.

    Whilst the couple was hugging, Mary feels a sudden growth of something against her stomach originating from Tom.

    Mary suddenly recoils and pushes him off, and glances at what could have been pressing against her.

    “Tom, what’s in your pocket? It was poking me.”

    As the young woman looks down towards Tom’s groin, she would spot a rather obvious erection of his, and it’d appear to be throbbing inside of his jeans.

    “Tom, what the hell? That is inappropriate. Please put that thing away.”

    The young man would look down upon himself and see nothing in his pockets or anything that could have poked her, he’d lift his head and give her a rather curious glance.

    “Uhm. Nothing is in my pocket, and put what away? I have nothing in my hands. Are you okay, Mary?”

    ‘Really Rye, making me see boners now are we? What you are twelve?’ She’d speak inside of her own head.

    ‘Tom is just happy to see your little whore face, I can read his mind you know, he wants to take you right here and right now, I thought I’d let you see how he really felt about you. Or would you prefer this, bitch?’

    Mary shakes her head and takes a step back, her arms raise up to cross over her chest.

    “Oh it’s nothing, just my medication again, Tom. I’m sorry, I was out of line.” She’d say towards Tom.

    Tom nods to himself and slowly places his left hand into the waistband of his jeans behind his back, he’d withdraw a rather crude looking hunting knife and flash it towards Mary. The younger man would then raise the knife to his chest and begin cutting into his own flesh, as he screams towards Mary.

    “God damn it, Mary. You make me so over heels for you that I can’t help myself sometimes. It takes everything in me, to not tie you up and rape you for days. Come on baby, don’t you want some of this?”

    Mary recoils away from Tom once more, and clenches her fists together sharply as she turns around and begins to run away from the scene of Tom cutting himself up. Tears would begin to draw out from the corner of her eyes and run down her face.

    Tom raises his hands and beckons them at the fleeing figure of Mary and stares at her with disbelief and simple shakes his head. Nothing would be in his hands nor would he have any cuts against his chest.

    “And here we go again, she’s having another episode.” Tom mutters to himself before giving chase to her to calm her down.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time?

    Yes I do.

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