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    Derek Lancer

    Post by Colonel Heimark on Sun Oct 19, 2014 4:12 pm

    "Always Ready, Always There"
    Name: Derek Jay Lancer 
    Age: 27  
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: 49th IBCT - National Guard
    Past-Occupation: 42nd Infantry Division - National Guard
    Johnathan Lancer - Father
    Aliyah Lancer - Mother
    Rook Lancer - Brother
    Household: Atlanta, GA
    Hometown: Manhattan Island, New York

    Notable Facts: Served 1 tour in Afghanistan. Divorced with wife 2 years ago. Deployed to LA outskirts 3 months ago. Put on leave 1 month ago. Became an uncle 3 weeks ago. Visited Atlanta to see family 5 days ago. 

    Present []

    Behavior Towards Humans: Friendly, Helpful, Protective.
    Behavior Towards Vampires: Untrustworthy, sketchy, Paranoid.
    Behavior Towards Other Fables: (Rural Fables) Hostile, Aggressive. (Normal) Slightly Disturbed, Unpleasant.

    Quick Biography:

    Derek's parents were patriotic and believed the military was always doing good around the world. Growing up in this environment Derek quickly went to the conclussion that signing up would make them proud, and give him more attention than his younger brother Rook who always took the fame for work they both done. When he was 16 he signed up for the Army, and spent 2 years in military college. He was later assigned for the National Guard 42nd Infantry Division and spent 6 months in Afghanistan at Camp Bastion and later in Kabul. When he returned his wife filed for a divorce over Derek's occupation. As she was a highly liberal woman that despised the military's actions. He latered resided to Atlanta where the rest of his family lived. As he had previously lived in Queens.

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