Vampire Powers


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    Vampire Powers

    Post by Pixie on Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:09 am


    These ageless beings possess many powers that are above the levels of normal humans, though they are cursed with a vulnerability to UV light, as such, the sun being up can kill a fledgeling vampire within a minute. The vampire in question would feel incredible agony for the whole time, and burn down to unretrievable ash. They can control the exposure of their fangs, and their eyes are the natural colour (With the exception of old ones, whereupon their eyes turn hazel) unless they're angry. If they are, then their fangs will be released, and their eyes turn a glowing crimson.

    They possess many powers, such as :

    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Senses (Which gives a vulnerability to flashbang grenades in particular)
    • Influence over mortal emotions, such as being able to make them feel fear or joy
    • Extremely fast healing
    • Resistance to great physical trauma
    • No need to breathe
    • Limitless energy in a fight
    • The ability to turn others into vampires, this is done by bringing them to the edge of death, then providing them with vampire blood, usually their own. The victim then dies and reanimates about twenty minutes later.

    They also have physical attributes, such as :

    • Very pale skin (due to avoiding sunlight, obviously)
    • They carry a presence in a room, they often have eyes turn to them, regardless of appearance.

    There are drawbacks to these benefits, however :

    • They are vulnerable to UV light, and all vampires with the exception of master vampires will burn to ash within 10 minutes, 10 minutes of almost blinding agony.
    • A substance not known to the general public, called Vervein, burns the skin and flesh of vampires at the touch, with the exception of several that build up an endurance through constant application of small amounts, however this takes at least 200 years, and doesn't prevent pain and some damage.
    • Werewolf venom (Carried on their teeth) is toxic to vampires, similarly, a resistance /can/ be built towards it, though it will only protect from a small amount.
    • They have to feed on human blood in order to stay strong and fast, though the not needing to breathe aspect stays. If a vampire does not feed for a solid week, they will be brittle, and weaker than a normal human, depending on the age of the vampire, in an elder this would take about two weeks to occur. (Full feeding rules covered in another post).

    It is worth noting that the extent of these powers increases with both the age of the vampire and the strength of the vampire that sired them. If they were sired by a master vampire, for example, then their powers would develop a lot quicker than if they were sired by a fledgling. They are able to control the exposure of their fangs at will, their eyes will go crimson when enraged, feeding, or by choice if the vampire is older.

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    Re: Vampire Powers

    Post by Triangle on Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:46 pm

    You should include the vampire ranks and how long it takes in years/months for them to adapt. ^^

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