Alternate Weather Addon - Also Youtube TV's - Also Playable Piano



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    Alternate Weather Addon - Also Youtube TV's - Also Playable Piano

    Post by Viscus on Mon Oct 20, 2014 1:22 am

    There's a really good weather addon that I used, you do have to buy it though. ( Copyright and all that such )

    It's called Simple Weather

    It has day / night cycles - adjustable how fast / slow they go for both - it also darkens and brightens the map depending on the time.

    It has a real time option as well, meaning if it is 8 pm where the server is at, it's 8 pm in the game, and it will be dark until 10 am in the morning. 

    It has rain, thunderstorms, and snow. All configurable particle effects, droplets and other things. ( To help with FPS )
    Also configures what time they can occure, and the minimum time they can last, as well as how long.

    You can also change the weather @ any time via ULX. It's great. ( Doesn't have any issues with the server, no crashing, etc. Atmos was stated to have some problems in the previous thread. )

    Everything on the addon is configurable, it gets darker when it rains as well, and how dark or bright it is, can be changed.


    Youtube Video TV's -
    Obviously this would have to be a flag or something to be able to spawn this, or donator only. But being able to spawn a TV in your room, and watch videos with it ( ICLY ) would help with passive rp, and allow you to passive rp while watching something you want too.

    Piano -
    Would add some fun passive rp, and something to do while waiting for players.

    Can be put in a bar or tavern.

    Would post a link, but it won't let me. It's MacD guys gmod tower piano. On the workshop.

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