InfernalComplex's Lycan Application



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    InfernalComplex's Lycan Application

    Post by InfernalComplex on Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:45 am

    Steam Name:InfernalComplex

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:46691786

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I think I should get this whitelist because I believe this "power" or Curse would add to my character, I want to be able to play as a character who doesnt have full control of his body and mind. I'm also a great rper, I develop my characters the more and more I go. I think I should get this whitelist because I would be a great assest to add to the Werewolf team, as I've had lots of Admin experience.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: I've been roleplaying for over 1 year now, I've been playing on Future Apoc, MRP and Fallout Rp, Iam a Super Admin on MRP and was the Head Admin on future apoc, 

    Write the back-story of your character:

    I Remember the day it happened. It felt unreal and real at the same time. I Remember when I was on that Battlefield, it was pitch black and a full moon that night, and I saw something, I vaguely saw some creature in trees. I head roars, and I looked towards where it came from. I remember that RPG hitting me, causing the wounds on my face, luckily I didn't die. But what happened after, I saw something jump at me, I felt a sharp stinging pain and then I passed out, waking up, unharmed with my clothes ripped. I remember looking around, everyone was dead, ripped and shredded to pieces. I ran.............................

    I was always the "Bad" kid in  High school, I would work out daily and run a lot, bully this one Kid named Nick. Nick was smart, but small, I would pick on him a lot, put him in lockers toilets. The usual stuff. I was a little shithead, wasn't very smart, constantly drunk and doing drugs. One night it got really messy, We were at a party, and I was piss drunk. I thought it would be fun to pick a small fight with a guy. He didn't take it as a Joke and threw punch. Of course me being me, I started to beat the shit out of the Guy, Hell I almost killed the kid. I remember him lying there with blood all over his face. I must have punched into for a good ten minutes, the cops were already on scene, arresting me. They put me in the cop car. "You feel good kid? You feel good about what you did" I smiled saying "Yes sir" I laughed. I saw the disgust in the officers face. I was waiting in that Jail cell for my parents to pick me up. My mom screamed at me when she came in accusing me of murder. I later found out I killed the kid. "I'VE HAD IT ENOUGH OF YOU ADAM!" My mom would scream "YOU KILLED HIM FOR NO REASON". "Adam we're sending you to the army, that's the only way you'll ever learn" 

    I was 18, sitting in a grey dull truck, with my uniform on and a grey heavy Duffel Bag in my hand. We were in the middle of nowhere, I honestly have no idea where. Getting out of that truck and the Drill Sergeant Screaming "ALRIGHT MAGGOTS WELCOME TO THE ARMY". I hated that guy already. I was assigned to barracks with 2 other guys. He was weird. He would get weak when he was near silver. Boot Camp was alright, I was one of the best. 

    With my luck, directly after boot camp, I was sent to Afghanistan, I was friends with the guy now, His name was David. Oddly enough he would always disappear at Full Moon, but that didn't bother me. My first Operation was a nightmare. We were almost all killed, as our Evac was shot town. But that's not Important. But one Operation, changed everything. We made me who I am today. This Operation was a Night Raid on a compound, well we started at Dawn. It was Full Moon that night as well. 
    Everything was weird that Night, Adam disappeared again and we all saw some sort of Creature moving around the trees. This caught me off guard, Next thing I know an RPG hits me in the face. 

    The face's of the People after I woke up, terrifying. Everyone in the Bar was dead. Chopped up and ripped up. I ran as fast as I could. I was almost crying, sobbing,. A 20 year old Man, crying. I regreted everything I've ever done in my life.

    I Remember the distinctive pain in my face, the feeling of burning flesh, and the smell. However I also felt a sting in my left shoulder. I woke up in the middle of daylight. Everywhere I looked where dead bodies, and I was pretty much naked. I was scared shitless, I ran..... I ran for my life. After having arrived back at base. No one touched me or asked me anything. I slept for a few days. 

    They sent me home after what happened as they were afraid, I may have been psychologically damaged, but I wasn't. As celebration I went to the nearest bar I could find. It was before Dawn. After having ordered Drinks, I decided it would be time to dance, It was getting Later and Later. The Full Moon was now in the middle of they sky. I started to feel weird. The faces of the people after I woke up. Terrifying. Everyone was dead. Ripped in half and splattered against the wall. I ran....I ran for my life. 

    It took me a year to learn how to control the wolf form. I had a good teacher, but it got bloody at times. I wish everything was normal again, but then again everything is perfect.

    I ran into an Alley, but someone...something was waiting for me. "Welcome to the Club, Adam" I heard someone say, with a very familiar voice. "We've been watching you for a while now". I saw David move out of the Shadow, "I gave you the gift of the Werewolf Adam, I shall teach you the ways of our kind". I was shocked but there was nothing I could do. 

    David tried to teach me how to control myself, and the form. He tried hard to get me out of the Pup rank of the Werewolfs. It was almost a year until I achieved this skill. But until I got to that point it was pure bloody carnage. It took many peoples lives, but it was something I needed to do to be able to control, so I could stop the blood carnage of Innocent people.

    I found myself in a little city, where everyone is a little like me, not normal, not un normal. I quite liked the City, and I met many other werewolves. I plan on staying here.

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    Re: InfernalComplex's Lycan Application

    Post by Hagrid on Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:00 pm

    + Support, I can vouch for Infernal. I roleplay with him on a regular basis Very Happy

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