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    Steam Name: Malak

    Steam ID:

    How long have you been roleplaying?:
    4 years, probably close 5 when this year ends. All I can say is it's part of my life and oddly enough, it just shaped the person I am today. It created my disgusting, on and off relationship for writing as well as my want to work in the games industry, this is my bread and butter. Like my previous character I pick a soundtrack, I pick a theme and an attitude, I start writing out a story or an idea, then I manifest that into what I'm applying for.

    Any experience havng this auth before?
    I try to make every character I have different, I've had variations of different characters throughout my four years - while I do not remember them all I assume none of them are exactly like this character. In some ways I've have twenty characters like this one and I've none like him, because nothing is every the same or close to it when I create a character - but similarities do occur. 

    What are you applying for?:
    I am applying for an Anti Hero Heavenly Nephilim (http://bananatreegaming.forumotion.co.uk/t336-new-race-suggestion-possibly-not-going-to-happen-read-at-the-end) - whom has a specific love for a marksmanship. Read the BACKSTORY FIRST BEFORE CONTINUING ON READING THIS.

    This Nephillim will be very keen with his mind powers, as he will be playing as a less then good anti hero. Angels have a need to dispense justice, regardless of law or public opinion, they are the judges of people's sins in a way and might even be close to as merciless as demons. Unlike his counter part Elia, he'll be the opposite of loving and any who take lives carelessly will find themselves waking up in a dark room, with a knife placed firmly against their sternum. Nephillim with great mental power can do things like cause people to slowly pass out, feel fatigued - similar to a Dremor in a way. This one will be using that ability to dispense what he calls justice, not on the obviously evil, but on those whom seem to get away with what they do. This isn't a batman rip off, this is a murderer who will most likely have a bias about his decisions and capture certain individuals for serial killer like performances.


    Nephilim Character Race - He is the type of Nephilim who favors magic over strength and therefore, he is not as strong as a regular Nephilim. But in exchange he is one of the few Nephilim who have tapped into proper mental influencing and basic telekinesis.

    General Combative Skills(The character will be generally accurate with his rifle, although he'd have no military training, he has practical experience using it at firing ranges and even on actual people. With his hands he's even better as he'll quite often capture criminals and want to take them alive, which requires him most of the time to knock them out very quickly before they can yell out for help.)

    M39 EMR(With a x2 scope) and 7.62x39 Vervein Rounds to go with it(Since most people who commit mindless or purposeless murder are vampires. Personally I like the EMR and I can be given the M14 to represent it. The EMR isn't exactly modern as it's a 2008 rifle and given that it's soon to be replaced with better systems with the Marine Corps it wouldn't  be too hard to get one - especially since it's 2015 and we have martial law enacted. If it becomes an issue about him having the M39 I can write up some appropriate roleplay about him as well as his rifle - I just haven't done it so far because I'd rather not let people know how I shoot. It gives them the opportunity to avoid the many ways that Valiance would pick them off - no one likes to be predictable.).

    A combat knife(I based it off the one I have personally, it has no name as I bought it off a shady Asian while playing pool. The bottom of the handle it has a sharp butt used for bone smashing fun. Half the strong of the knife is serrated and the rest, including the forte is sharp - the point being the sharpest part.)

    A wooden baton(Basically I'd have him use a wooden stick, but I mean, why not get a more professional looking wooden stick? It's also hand crafted by himself, so it'll just be a slightly better version of using a wooden stick. Which puts into question of why I want to apply for a dramatized stick. I also have a sort of home made wooden baton IRL I made over a period of 1-2 weeks from a half snapped broom and a lot of time carving into it with a knife.).

    IIIA Kevlar Vest, capable of stopping .44 magnum rounds as well as small arms (Optional.).

    Surgical Kit(Can't make people regret the lives they've taken without a scalpel can we?).

    Why should you have this?:
    I've roleplayed with Elia a bit(Who made the lore), I've roleplayed a part demon, I play a demon lord once in a while to entertain the playerbase with my odd events(Gahl) and you know, Elia did coax me into this character application. She likes the idea there being a second Nephilim and I wanted to create a new interesting character to roleplay as that is different to my current character.


    Valiance(David Valiance) steps off through the muddy park, the compressed layers of fabric molding against his skin as the rain would pelt down against him. His face grimacing a little as he'd stare around into the emptiness of the world - it felt cold.

    After finishing his walk, Valiance would start heading back, through the park, pass the houses and into the woods where his cottage lay. Open entering the small cottage he'd close the door behind him, letting the wood bolt and the lights flicker on after a few seconds of waiting. Stepping forward Valiance grasps at the the lock firmly placed against his metal cudboard, turning a few knobs he'd unlock it and look inside. As usual nothing was stolen, inside sat a M14, a few knives, his chopping axe and a III Kevlar chest piece - as well as a small locket. Opening the locket Valiance stares at the face of a woman, tears coming to his eyes as he'd look into the photo of a woman, whom would seem to have a beautiful look about her a flashback coming to memory.


    "Thank you Valiance, for everything - I'm sorry we never got to see France!" Anna would say, tearing up as she'd stand in front of the firing squad, looking over at Valiance. Her eyes lighting up as she'd stare  towards him, a soft depressed smile coming across her face as she'd wait for a response, which seemed to never come.

    Valiance buckles over, tears coming over to his eyes as he just stares at her saying, knowing even with his powers - he could do nothing to stop the execution. In that moment he wished she was not a Jew, he wished he had not met her and that he - he would die with her. So he simply said "I see you.. Anastasia...".

    The rifles sound off and Anna drops to the floor on the road, her depressed, yet hopeful smile remaining on her face as she'd lay on the ground breathless. Normally while smuggling Jews was a crime punishable by death, he was let go - more as a punishment so that the horror of the execution might permanently be instilled into him. The germans getting back into their car and driving off, with bright smiles on their faces - their job was  done.

    After crawling into a ball by the body of Anna, Valiance would eventually stand, the tears by his eyes hardening into the skin as he just stares forward emotionless down the now empty pitch black road. He would find those soldiers again and they would know his pain, he would kill those whom they loved in front of them.

    *A few days later.*.

    // I'm not going to include the roleplay of how he the gained information of where each soldier was, as it involves torture and while I did write up some of that at school during a lunch, I believe it's EXTREMELY graphic.

    Valiance opens the window quietly as he'd drop down, a small quiet thud of wood echoing in the darkened house. Stepping forward he'd keep his Luger tightly grasped in his hand as he'd enter the first room, quickly saying "Get up.".

    One of  the German's who'd fired  their rifles at Anna laid in a  bed, beside him was what you'd assume was his wife or girlfriend, Valiance sincerely hoped it was his wife as he emptied a few bullets into the girl before she'd have the chance to open her eyes - his cold eyes concentrating on the German who would just break into a open mouth sob over the body near him, too concentrated on the sudden loss of his partner to acknowledge the pistol being aimed at him - before he'd finally stop and turn to Valiance.

    Valiance says "You know who I am?".

    "Yes - yes, I do." The German replies.

    "Good." he'd respond before firing off another shot of his Luger, a singular round clipping the leg of the German who quickly fumbles out of the bed groaning and screaming across ground as a mixture of anger and depression overflows him. Valiance simply stepping out of the room as seconds after his physical form would be away from the doorway, shots would smash into the doorway from the wounded German, who seems to of gotten himself a handgun while he was on the floor. Valiance quickly responding by dashing for the window he had used to get in and vaulting through with break neck pace. By the time the patrols would arrive, they'd find Valiance gone and be unable to track him, even with their dogs.


    Valiance over the rest of his life dispenses what he calls Justice, to fill the ever empty hole left inside him left by Anna and to sate his genetic trait to kill others through biased justice. He is in a sense a darkened yet true Nephilim, plagued by anger, depression and a constant want to eventually have his life taken so that he himself could be judged.


    Just some personal stuff I want remember for this character that I don't want meta gamed. Writing it in fragmented words that bear symbolism that only I know of - also don't you dare crack my secret just now invented symbolism.

    Wolf - Shooter. The Shooter Picks The Ground. Draw - Fire.

    Sound - Mask, Distract - Overwhelm - PHONE.

    Stone - Still, Covered.

    Patience - Retreat - Chan Loc.

    Shap Soun Shin Surfa Move.

    Arc Of Fire - Elevated - Judge Dist.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? Of course.

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    Re: 'Valiance'

    Post by Kavinsky on Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:59 pm

    So he's Dexter?


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    Re: 'Valiance'

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    I barely watched dexter, but the idea of murder came from that. Although he's more attuned to a few other characters I draw a lot of inspiration from, I then add that psychotic element of murder from Dexter to those beloved characters into the combination of what you see now. Try not to claim things to be exactly like something else, because of similarities, Dexter and this character have the similarity of that they murder for what they see as good purpose. Generally I take inspiration from various things and I put them together as one character - also really, I watched only two episodes of Dexter, it wasn't the main bit for this character.

    I talked it out with DeathWoman a bit on steam, just went through some ideas of what would make him interesting, the idea that him as a Nephilim would dispense what he considered justice on other people, actually goes with the lore she's created since Angels have that actual trait.

    I also want to focus this character as a counter to the criminal presence or the "Oh he put his hand on his gun, I had to shoot him twenty seven times in the chest and head - there was no other way." kind of people. Not so much of a character who's going to give an honest shit about demons or get himself involved in that.

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    Re: 'Valiance'

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    I completely +support this idea; You were saying about how I should live with not being the only one, well... here's Nephilim numero dos. I've rp'ed with Malak a lot, and though he can be annoying sometimes ooc, he's an amazing roleplayer, and I dont' see how he isn't fit to rp as this character.

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    Re: 'Valiance'

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    Well I mean - I have GAHL. So like,I was trusted with that and generally speaking people do like it when I get on Gahl, I've entertained people a lot on that character and I've lost interest to be honest in my other ones. While I do enjoy going on the server and doing what you could call game mastering as I try to create some sort of puzzle or instance for players to involve themselves in, I still would enjoy a character like Valiance that wouldn't exist purely to give people something to do.

    Valiance is different and I like the idea that he's good - yet evil. His morality bites at him constantly as he tries to determine what's right and wrong constantly. Keeping his secrets will be hard and it will require him to be crucial with his planning, on the dot. Personally myself if I get the character, I'll probably create a google document and pre plan killings before they happen, so that it goes out in just the right way.

    In no way will anything that  happens in terms of antagonistic actions just be a bunch of random attacks, they'll be meaningful, purposeful, EXTREMELY planned out and executed properly. Just about all my killings will be NLR's - although, if he so happens to kill someone for murder and the person they killed was PK'd as a result, I will most likely go for a PK. Which makes sense, he kills people for mindlessly killing and if you as a player do borderline death match then pursue a PK on that character without sufficient reason behind it, you need to be prepared for the consequence that can follow if word gets out.

    Also I only watched like 1-2 episodes of Dexter and as far as I can tell, his job, personality, attitude, method of capturing(Sort of) and even the method of killing he uses are all different to Valiance, there's only slight similarities. There's even difference in the reasons why both these characters do what they do, Valiance wasn't killing people since he was a kid - his spiral into the life of an anti hero was caused by events in his life (Ana's death and his involvement in France.).

    I think Dexter does it simply because he has to or he wants to, but justifies the actions because he kills murderers. I don't really know much about the character other then that - maybe he has good reason other then primal urges.

    Anyway if this doesn't get judged by then, I think I'll write up some story when I wake up about his involvement in france and what he had done after he killed the officers. I think it will be interesting - very much so to write about the character in that era.


    I want to create a timeline so as to not confuse people of when certain events occur as well as to link events together with information that wasn't included.

    Valiance is born.

    The War begins.

    Valiance meets Anastasia.

    Anastasia is executed.

    Valiance cremates Anastasia and keeps the ashes for his promise to take her to France.

    Valiance becomes angry and desperate for revenge, murdering most but not all of the Nazi's who had killed Anastasia.

    Valiance moves to France for Ana, taking her ashes with him.

    Valiance releases her ashes into the wind of one the busy streets, letting her become part of the city.

    Valiance takes up murder again, killing as many officers as he could - carefully and always with his hands.

    Valiance is found strangling an officer to death by John in an alleyway, who takes a liking for his uncanny skill at killing Germans.

    Valiance and John start a small resistance, just involving the two of them as well as a few connections and acquaintances who help them get the essentials for their fight.

    // And then below is what happens after they forge their little resistance as well as their Journey from a bunch of resistance amateurs to  Nazi killing resistance leaders.

    More Story

    John Bentlam says "David - it's good to see you. We were just going over the plans, I think it's possible, we just need to get the passports passed the military district and into the Kwino house. We have the SS uniforms and if we just put on some red sashes with those, we can sprint right through like we are trying to get somewhere, they'll ignore us - probably."

    David Valiance stays still for a few moments, his eyes glazing across the floor as he thinks through the plan - suddenly saying "Fuck it, lets do it."

    "Good man." John says in response.

    "Kwino's guns better be worth this..." Says David.

    "They're Russian sub machine guns, don't get  your hopes up." John says as he'd head for the locker in their hideout, opening it up and taking out two SS uniforms. Inside along with the uniforms would also be a few pineapple grenades, four lugers and three magazines for the Luger's. John also grabbing two of the Luger's and the ammunition for them, the two getting changed fairly slowly as to make the uniform look presentable for their facade.

    *The two head out the door, making their way through the grim and dark streets of France, towards the military district.*.

    David rushes fourth quickly with John behind him, making sure to look important as he'd push passed the gate guards whom would not even question his quick arrival. Upon meeting the exit though they'd come face to face with an SS officer whom quickly asks them in german tongue "What are you doing here?".

    David responds quickly saying "Ai, Hauptmann, we've been ordered to visit the Lapansky house, under order of Feldwebel Heinrech."

    The officer responds ever faster then David responds saying "And why is it so urgent that you have to run through the checkpoints without identifying yourself? ... - ANSWER ME! Obergefreiter!"

    David responds and says fearfully "We were ordered to come here by Oberfeldwebel Toshcovik from the station, he believes that the Polansky's are resistance and are leaving tonight, we are assigned to arrest them - it's why we are not carrying rifles, we wish to look off duty so as to not raise suspicion.".

    The officer ponders the information for a few moments before saying "Alright, get moving then. But when you pass through again I'm going to have to come with you to the station, I'd like to see this interrogation myself Obergefreiter.".

    David in the back of mind has a silent scream of fear as now he'd be unable to return the way he came, simply returning the command with his own statement "Yes Obergefreiter, although he might already be gone. It might help if you locked down the exterior checkpoints to SS officers, just in case?".

    The officer responds quickly "Yes - right, if you two lose him, we can't exactly just let him walk out of the city. I'll send out a runner to the checkpoints and see if I can't clamp them down. Move along now Obergefreiter, go do your job.".

    David rushes off with his partner, John having remained silent the entire time as he only speak very linear German.

    *Arriving at Kwino's.*.

    David steps into the door, being met with the barrel of a PPSH, before Kwino would actually sigh and say "You should have told me you'd be coming in those. I was about to smash your head in!" Kwino would said, stepping off and saying "Come on, I'll show you the guns." Both David and John sort of smiling at the statement from Kwino, obviously excited about getting some weaponry larger then their Lugers. John quickly taking a total of twelve passports from his jacket pocket and handing them to Kwino "We had them made a few days ago, their authentic and are missing the photos. I'll leave it to you to finish these up, but as far as the Nazi's will be concerned you, the Jews you are hiding will be citizens.

    Kwino responds with a quick "Yes - thanks. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear they can walk leave this city." a small fade of a smile coming across his face as he'd take the passports and head downstairs to his basement. The whole area would seem to be empty, Kwino just heading over to one of the walls wit ha smile as he'd start to take it apart brick by brick, revealing that behind it was a mini armory.

    David would then say "You said you had guns - but, my god Joseph. We could arm half a platoon of fighters with that kind of weaponry." his eyes glancing at the PPSH's and the Colt pistols that would flop onto the floor as Kwino tosses the guns onto the floor, one by one. By the end of it, David could count eight PPSH's, six Colt's, eight stick grenades and a Kar 98k.

    John would quickly pause and say "Wait... wait, where is the ammo?"

    Kwino would respond sighing "The ammo is in the guns, they all have clips, they were stolen off dead soldiers. I couldn't afford the ammo from the smugglers, they wanted too much for the extra magazines.".

    John groans, his hands coming across his head as he'd say "Ah - no, we can still do this. We can take out the rear checkpoint, we can shoot the soldiers. They will have more ammo on them and guns, yes - we just need to kill them before the second checkpoint responds. Which should be... possible if we had a sniper!" John quickly turning to David as he'd pick up the Kar 98k.

    David would respond saying "But it doesn't even have a scope! What am I meant to do -" Kwino quickly delves into his closet and digs through some broken weapon mods before finding a scope and tossing it to him "That should do!".

    John responds "Wait - you weren't going to give us that originally?"

    Kwino says "I changed my mind, you can have the scope. I figured you'll probably die without a sniper watching you, then again, you'll still probably die and uh - don't get captured. I don't want them kicking down my door, because if you get captured you will tell them my name... that much I can promise you." Kwino's right hand coming over his left where there'd visibly be a few scars across it, as if someone put nails through it - Kwino suddenly saying "Of course, I didn't give in. Eventually they figured I was the wrong guy after they turned my hand into a meat pie - but you are not as tough as me, I have faith in your cause... but your ability to survive torture? Not so much."

    *The two gather up near the checkpoint, armed and in regular civilian clothes. With them would be a few close friends who shared the ideals, most of them never having shot a gun before or taken a life themselves. While on the other hand John had taken many German lives while working as resistance with Valiance.*.


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    Re: 'Valiance'

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    You have my support for this character, I'll talk with some other admins about you being able to start RPing on this character.

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    Re: 'Valiance'

    Post by Mindpower on Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:58 pm


    Not OP, somewhat interesting of an idea.

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    Re: 'Valiance'

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    Unless any admin has a problem with this I'm considering it 


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    Re: 'Valiance'

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