Dremor Application


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    Dremor Application

    Post by Mindpower on Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:55 pm

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    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: 
    I know one of your admins, Tutt, for almost 5 years now. He can vouch for me when I say I'm a competent RP'er. On top of that, Shanaro, who wrote the Vampire megathread, also knows me fairly well and was one of the first people I rp'ed with. As such, I'd like to get this whitelist so that I could, if accepted, enrich my current character's undefined backstory more and add more depth to her already intricate character. If you ask me why I think I should get this I have to answer with: RP'ing a Vampire has always been something I've wanted to do and as a competent roleplayer I think I can be trusted to not abuse this and if I do abuse this, you are free to remove it and ban me.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: 4-5 years.

    ((I want to get this out of the way so I'm going to specify what exactly I'm applying for before the backstory. I do have 2 other auths for her with are martial art auths(Muay Thai and Kendo, specifically).))
    Character Name: Marin Chelsea
    Vampire Type: Dremor
    Vampire Rank: Would like Veteran if possible but I will settle for Adept, really. I originally aimed to be an Adept until I saw how little veterans of any kind existed and how they are both Augustines.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]: 
    ((I'd much rather leave this to be done as I seriously believe that backstories are better left either unwritten or pm'ed to an admin so that people can be surprised and so that I have creative freedom by making it dynamic and adapting it as time elapses. If any person of the admin team wishes me to write a draft of it and post it here or PM it to him, I will do so but I'd rather not have to do so.

    If you want proof that I can write solid backstories when given creative freedom I have proof I can PM you it.
    I understand that I'm new to this community and I should really write the backstory for this character but I plead for you to take into consideration what I said and see if the RP examples are enough or not and if needed ask people that might know me from the past to vouch for me.
    Thank you.))

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:
    **Chelsea looks at her trembling hands. She had gone too much time without feeding and this was taking its toll on her. As such she required someone to feed on quickly.
    **Bill Jones walks down the street, abstent-mindedly listening to music on is earphones, he spots the deilitated woman and walks towards her.
    **Chelsea, desperate to find prey, looks at the healthy looking man as he approaches, her tongue trailing her upper lip left to right before going the opposite way on her lower lip, examining her tasty-looking prey. Being an Adept Dremor, she doesn't require excessive amounts of blood to function and should not harm him.

    **Bill Jones cautiously approaches the young woman, removing the earphones from both ears. He raises his voice, inquiring "Are you okay?"
    **Chelsea was far from being powerless thankfully and ends up smirking as she reaches out to hug the man, if allowed.
    **Startled by the sudden embrace, the man flinches as he does not stop her from doing so. He ends up embracing her as well, wrapping his arms around her back.
    **Chelsea, who had kept her head low and covered by a hood this whole time, takes this chance. She raises a knee and knees the man's jewels, since the man is too close to fight back.
    **Bill Jones reacts by placing his hands on the afflicted are and arching his back, exposing his head.
    **Chelsea drives both her fists down and her knee up onto the man's head while he's unable to fight back, rendering him unconscious.
    **Bill Jones is, in fact, unable to fight back and falls flat on the floor face first. Laying there.
    **Chelsea, using the cover of the night, drags the body to a shady corner where no one ever goes to and leans the body against the wall.
    **Chelsea opens her mouth, exposing her two sharp and extended canines.
    **Chelsea slowly moves her head down, letting her tongue run out and dragging it over the part of the neck her fangs will pierce. After that is done, she drives her fangs down, piercing the soft sking and flesh of the man's neck.
    **Chelsea begins to slowly extract blood from her victim, drinking it down in gulps for a few seconds, accompanied with a small moan as her physical condition begins to improve. She drinks until she feels at 100% energy once again.
    **After a few moments, Chelsea's skin regains color and she stops trembling. Feeling herself fully recovered she removes the fangs from the victim's neck and lets out a soft sigh of bliss which is accompanied by an extension of her legs so that she stands up.
    **Chelsea walks out of the alley, leaving the unconscious man there to wake up toe a horrible migraine and some minor blood loss symptoms.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:
    **Chelsea walks down the street towards the Sheriff's Building. Coming back alone after going with her faithful companion Lucius. As she walks back, her eyes are drawn towards a man in the distance, yet she disregards his presence.
    **Anthony Wells, the man that was spotted by the woman, steps in front of her as she continues to walk down the street. He almost instantly identifies her as a vampire due to his own vampiric nature.
    **Chelsea tilts her head sideways curiously, staring at him and not really speaking, acting or doing anything other than staring, curious as what could the idiot possibly want from her.
    **Anthony laughs, a laugh filled with irony, a smug smirk present on his face ever since he saw her. He was around his thirties, but he was a relatively new Vampire as his vampiric abilities had only recently began to develop "Where's your behemoth of a fuck-buddy now, bitch?" He asks as he reveals his fangs to her to add to the threat, pulling a switchblade from his pocket.
    **Chelsea looks at him, unbelieving of the man's audacity. She stifles a giggle filled with pity and shrugs "Who knows? It's not like he's actually my fuck-buddy as you called him and it's not like I can't defend myself."
    **Anthony frowns, annoyed at the fact that the woman who previously made him look like a fool, just a few days go, in front of so many people while riding her companion's shoulder didn't feel the least bit threatened at the sight of a blade. As such, he quickly rushed forwards, sloppily thrusting the knife towards her stomach with both hands in a pitiful attempt to stab her.
    **Chelsea was expecting some aggression out of that, after all she provoked him. As such, she was able to quickly react and step to her right side. She raises her hands while doing so, moving them to surprise the man by reaching to grab his wrists in a fluid motion.
    **Anthony's wrists are grabbed, but he acts before she can even continue the movement and continues charging. This forces her to either let go lest would she be dragged along in his furious charge. The man lets go of the blade with his left hand as he stops and turns around, holding it in his right hand alone.
    **Chelsea laughs, stepping back and taunting him "Oh? Did I hurt the new born's feelings? Want me to kiss your 'boo-boo' away? Baaaby boy." She continues laughing after that remark, provoking the man.

    **Anthony, angered by her provocation, sloppily rushes forwards to attack her, intending to slash her viciously and without remorse like a mad man.
    **Chelsea simply keeps backing off from the unbidden attack as he slashes away thin air inches in front of her. "Come on! Keep trying, weakling."
    **Anthony roars in absolute anger and moves in a stabbing motion now, aiming at her stomach region.
    **Chelsea tries to side step it while moving her body sideways, this saves her from a serious injury but the knife does hit the mark somewhat though. It cuts through part of her clothes and causes a flesh wound on the side of her waist. Even though she's hurt, she keeps her cool as she feels less pain than the regular woman, but still grunts as it seems to bother her. Nonetheless, she reaches to grab his wrist with both her hands and twist it.
    **Anythony's wrist is grabbed as he is unable to react in time, he yells in pain and drops the knife as his wrist is twisted.
    **Chelsea uses this chance, the man is unable to fight back and as such she drives his arm down at the same time she drives her knee up. She smashes the hardened bone of her knee against the softer link of the man's elbow.
    **Anthony screams in pain as he feels his joint almost shatter from the sheer force of the blow. He brings a leg up to kick her, although due to the pain he does so slowly, placing himself off-balance.
    **Chelsea takes advantage of his lack of balance and throws his arm away, probably causing him to fall flat on his back.
    **Anthony does, indeed, fall flat on his back, coughing as he feels a weird and unnatural sensation rocking his chest. He's completely vulnerable at the moment, struggling to get up.
    **Chelsea steps over to the man "End of the line." She says as he struggles to recuperate from both gruesome blows. She decides to add an even more gruesome blow to the list and end the fight. She brings her leg back and swiftly brings it back forwards, kicking his right temple with all the might she could muster.
    **Anthony's head hits the floor as he is injured severely and knocked out cold. He lays there on the floor, unconscious and bleeding from the left side of his forehead and his left cheek due to the impact against the floor as well as his right temple and the area around it due to the unneeded and powerful blow delivered by the kick.
    **Chelsea shrugs, looking down at the injured man. She pats her hands off and simply walks away, humming to herself as she continues traveling to her original destination.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:
    **Chelsea is currently sitting down against on a small, wooden bench outside the sheriff's office. She's listening to music on her headphones with her trademark lollipop on her mouth.
    **Chelsea looks around as he improved hearing catches the sound of footsteps coming her way, her dark-reddish pink(lenses) eyes look over at a young looking boy, no older than sixteen or seventeen, coming her way.
    **Jacob Crest, the boy, approaches the woman, pointing towards the vacant side of the bench. He smiles awkwardly and seems overall very nervous to even direct a word to her, nonetheless, he asks
    "Could I sit down please?"
    **Chelsea looked up at him, arching an eyebrow in curiosity at the boy's unbidden courage. With a look of interest in her face and a mischievous smirk adorning her lips, she nodded as an answer, allowing him to take a seat next to her.
    **Jacob sits down next to her with a sigh, seeming to relax from whatever was troubling him before he sat down, he cast her a few glances.
    **Chelsea looks at him and, after a few seconds, breaks the awkward silence that had settled in
    "You have a name brave boy?"
    **Jacob's cheeks blush a soft pink as he nods, answering her in a shy tone of voice "Yeah... Jacob. Yours?"
    **Chelsea shrugs "Just call me Chelsea."
    **Jacob nods his head and smiles innocently "That's a nice name."
    **Chelsea laughs "Wish I could say the same for yours!" she said non-nonchalantly despite the blatant insult.
    **Jacob frowns heavily "Oh..." He looked down at the floor, taking in a saddened breath and exhaling as an equally sad sigh.
    **Chelsea looked up at the white clouds in the sky, she frowns slightly in annoyance as she feels the rays come into contact with her eyes, rubbing them with her hands. Dremor, even though they have tolerance to sunlight and UV Rays, are still annoyed by them.
    **Jacob looks at her and noticing her eyes glaring at the sky, he decides to do the same "You like looking at the sky?"
    **Chelsea took the lollipop out of her mouth and waved it around, pointing at the clouds "I like watching the clouds. They're pretty." She states with a smile on her face.
    **Jacob catches on to this and takes this chance to try and flatter her "Not as pretty as you." He says with a blush on his cheeks.
    **Chelsea found his courage commendable but his presentation lacking. That had to be one of the cheesiest lines she's ever heard and quite frankly, she wasn't in the mood to go down that path. She glared at his eyes and using her Dremor powers, forced a command into him "I think it's about time you leave."
    **Jacob slowly nodded and stud up "Yes, I agree. I'm sorry." He states before turning around and quickly walking away.
    **Chelsea laughs, looking at his as he leaves and shaking her head, unbelieving of the kid that just tried to flirt with her in the cheesiest way possible. She stud up and turned, leaving the area as well after placing the lollipop in her mouth and tapping her headphones to turn the music on, chuckling to herself.

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    Re: Dremor Application

    Post by Mindpower on Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:15 pm

    Yes, I know that. That's one of the few reasons she did enroll in martial arts -> Kendo and Muay Thai so she could at least stand the slightest bit of a chance by improving her capabilities herself. The Vampire used in the combat RP was a Dremor Fledgeling, he was no better than a human, hence his lack of strength, pain resistance and coordination among other things.

    I have tutoring now so I'll PM you when I get back, just as a reference. How much time do you recon it would take to become either an adept or a veteran, depending on the rank you're willing to give me.

    You have more than 1 hour and a half to answer this so, take your time to think and give me a definitive answer then, thank you for responding on such short notice as well.

    See you later now.

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    Re: Dremor Application

    Post by Mindpower on Thu Oct 23, 2014 3:58 pm

    Vampire that sired her was a very old vampire alive since ancient Rome, a master Dremor.

    She uses her powers very often as she really does enjoy toying with people and watching interesting situations unfold.

    With that in mind, what age do you think she should have to be either a Veteran or an Adept?

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    Re: Dremor Application

    Post by Mindpower on Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:33 pm

    Hmm, as I said, it's a draft and it's WIP so I'm just throwing dates that I'd like and see how it is... What if he was transformed during the beginning of the Renaissance?

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    Re: Dremor Application

    Post by Mindpower on Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:41 pm

    Ah, I see. I didn't mean she just exercised those powers. She did practice martial arts and she did her best to sharpen her more physical abilities combined with toying with people and bending them to her will. If you would like to take this to PM's or Steam Chat so that we don't fill up the thread, be my guest by the way. It's easier.

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    Re: Dremor Application

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