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    Jack Farston

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    Name: Jack Henry Farston
    Age: 43
    Race: Caucasian (Human)
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Unemployed (Former Detective)

    Henry Farston (Father)
    Sarah Farston (Mother)
    Michah Monroe Farston (Wife – Deceased)
    Jack Farston Jr. (Son – Deceased)
    Hazel Farston (Daughter – Missing)

    Hometown: Newark, NY
    Notable descriptions: 5'11”, body built from years of physical training, several scars and burns across the right side of his face, unkempt stubble, deep slightly raspy voice, brown hair cut short, brown eyes heavy from lack of sleep, pale skin, walks with a slight limp on his right leg

    Current Relations to Fables: “Damned monsters. They'd see us as prey. They aren't people, not anymore. They are something darker, something inhuman.”


    NYC Psych Profile: Farston, Jack H.

    Farston exhibits signs of severe post-traumatic stress and mild to severe psychosis; brought on by trauma from personal experience. Current prescription of Thiothixene and Isocarboxazid; therapy sessions scheduled biweekly. Not fit for active duty.

    NYC Police Record: Detective Jack Farston (7/20/2008)

    Serving for eighteen years with multiple commendations Farston has served well above and beyond the call of duty. Despite recommendations for higher rankings Farston has refused with claims of “not wanting to be behind a desk”. *The paper continues on, listing notable achievements and current standing

    NYC Police Record: Detective Jack Farston (5/1/2011)

    Reports of Farston's behavior with suspects have grown disturbing in the past couple of years. Reports of abuse of suspects, brutality, and as quoted “jumping the gun” have led to suspension and therapy until such a time when psychological state has proven to improve.

    Newspaper Article (3/15/2009)
    Unknown Assailants in Vicious Murder Leaves Three Presumed Dead

    In a downtown apartment police discovered a horrifying scene. Two bodies discovered late in the night and a third victim missing. The two bodies discovered were those of Michah Monroe Farston (age 40) and Jack Farston Jr. (age 10). A third victim's blood sample was found but current whereabouts of the body are unknown. Cont. on page 4A.

    Newspaper Article (5/11/2011)
    Suspended Officer Accused of Triple Homicide

    Officers responding to a 10-10 discovered the scene of what could be described as gang violence with a body count of three. Officers apprehended a former detective and brought him into questioning for possible connections to the crime. Nothing confirmed yet as police refuse to be interviewed. Cont. on 3B.

    Phone Conversation between (347) ***-**** and (646) ***-****
    Date and Time of Recording: 8/24/2012 00:27

    347: Hello?
    646: It's me.
    347: Jack? What the hell? It's twelve in the damn morning.
    646: I know I know. *Sounds of papers being strewn about Do you happen to have that case file for the fifteenth of March?.
    347: Jack...
    646: I want you to bring me a copy of it and burn yours.
    347: Wha-
    646: I think I have a lead. I think I can find her.
    347: Jack, we'll meet at the station in the morning and ta-
    646: Damn it Jon I need you to help me out.
    *Several minutes of silence, sounds of doors opening and closing being heard
    347: Alright. I'll meet you at the usual place. Give me fifteen.
    646: Thanks.
    *Call ends

    Notice of Termination: Jonathan Cross

    Reason: Disclosure of Classified information, tampering with evidence, as well as aiding and embedding.

    Comment: Due to the nature of the case, Detective Cross will be stricken from any records and leaks as to his involvement will be dealt with.

    Final Excerpt: Unknown location, 11/5/2013

    Been chasing this trail for over a year now. Several dead ends but something keeps me going. I know she is out there, she has to be. Out west would probably give me some answers. Only lead left and I'm not going to lose it. I know his face, I know where he frequents, I'll find her. Count on it you son-of-a-bitch.

    ((Will fill out more as necessary, leaving certain details vague for the moment))

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