Vamkira Vampiric Race + Auth for being one of them



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    Vamkira Vampiric Race + Auth for being one of them

    Post by Skellyz on Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:17 pm

    Steam Name:☭Яed

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:24450238

    Character Name: Safiria 'Red' Vestrolksa

    Character Age: 18, nearly 19 years of age,

    Gender: Female

    How long have you been roleplaying? I've been roleplaying for two to three years now Garry's Mod..

    Any experience having this auth before? No.. I just came up with it from observing the roleplays of other authed creations, as well as I thought of it while I was in school in which my friend also helped come up with in real life, but I have roleplayed something similar, but that similar one kinda went way beyond this one.... I'm just giving my idea a go.. If it gets accepted, well great! More roleplay for me to go around and have a purpose to go around and start something up.

    What are you applying for? I'm applying to have my Character Safiria to become something more then what she is.. give her another situation then to just sit around and groan all day. I'm asking for something that I call a Vamkira which is practically a weird form of vampire that has more capabilities but its painful at the start to have.. Painful incharacterly anyway. Basically what a Vamkira is a vampire who been evolved into something more through the dark arts.. The first one was anyways, but then that one began to infect and infect to grow in numbers, but she could only have infected those who were inflicted with Albinism and was already turned into a vampire before hand by A Dremor or a Augustine. They look like normal humans like any other but with long  white tendrils with hints of dark variations of white in some areas, flickering about, being located on their backs like tails or on their upper backs or where ever. The number of tendrils or tentacle like appendages can range from  1 to 8 depending on the rank of that vampire.
    Amount of Tendrils for Each Vampire Type and Ranking:
    Augustine: (They have more because they grow more in strength then the Dremor do.)

    Fledgling: 1
    Elder: 3
    Veteran: 3
    Adept : 3
    Sanguine: 3
    Fledgling: 1
    The Tendril's Strength, capabilities, and physical traits.

    -Each tendril has two to three times the strength of your normal vampiric strength, depending on your rank.
    - The tips of the tendrils are sharp, meant for puncturing through flesh and the ground.
    - Only manifestations that can be controlled by the mind of the Vamkira naturally if trained, if not trained, then they are out nearly 24/7 until that untrained Vamkira can train itself to accomplish that ability to control their manifested tendrils..
    -They are very cold to touch as well not to mention, but not to the point it'd cause harm to people just from touch.
    -They normally extend about five feet to six feet and can stretch about  another five to six feet.
    -And there is no pain when  someone tries to fire into it, or bash them, cause they are only manifestations that come  about through the mind.
    -These manifested tendrils or  tendrils created through black magic or dark arts are not illusions or witch craft.. Just to make that clear.
    -Vamkira usually wave them around like tails if idly standing there or keeping them out for the most part.
    Abilities of the Vamkira:
    -When they are angry of sorts, their eyes glow a very clear dark crimson red or a dark purple, depending on their eye color(Red to Purple Only).(Oh look, how original. They are vampires, of course I'll include this) As well as their lower arms, hands, lower legs and feet would begin manifest pure white flames that can only burn the ones who they want to burn with training, if not , just don't let them grab you,that will hurt like hell.. Though, these white flames don't burn too hot but hot enough it'll feel cold and burn away your skin. Vamkira are not burned from these flames cause  they are not intending on hurting themselves. These flames also react to current mind set of the person as well. If they are enraged and determined to kill, these flames would burn as hot as a white flame would, but it goes down in temperature for any other reason. If the person is depressed and they get angry, the flames would burn as hot as a red flame. The flames are white regardless of temperature. If they had training, these flames can be controlled using pyrokinesis. Also, one last thing about these flames, these flames cannot catch anything or anyone on fire.
    -Inhumane Regenerative abilities that surpass that of most vampires. Like they can regrow their limbs, but also takes a hour or so if its something like toes or fingers. Their limbs themselves can take up to a day to regrow back into full form and positioning.
    -Their vampiric abilities that they had before stay with them but are enhanced to that of the next rank, not saying they rank up once from the process of becoming one but they are enhanced to that certain degree after a week or so.
    What do I mean by they keep their vampiric abilities, it is as it sounds, what ever ability you had before the siring, you keep, and it continues to grow over time.
    -Enhanced Senses (OF COURSE)
    - The ability to sink into the pools of blood of their victims and travel to another pool of blood that they created like a portal, though they'd  be soaked in that blood, their tendrils would  absorb the blood   through the veins that are closed up around the individual tendrils.
    -They of course got their fangs, and its no different then a Augustine when it comes to fangs, they drink blood like any other but how they do it would be aggressive.
    -Their Aura is alluring/attractive, but it can also can change to where it inflicts fear and become nightmarish when they are out to feed by aggression.
    -They have a form of pyrokinesis in which can help them manipulate fire  to a certain degree.. They can't manipulate normal fire, only the fire that they  begins to appear around their lower parts of their limbs.
    -They can also see through pitch  black rooms as if they were dimly lighted.
    Behavior and Traits:
    Unlimited Energy, since they are dead, they don't need to sleep or rest.
    -Immortal In Age, since they are dead, and of course, the body of the vamkira do not decay either like the other vampire branches.
    -No Blood Flow, since they are dead.
    -Inflicted with Albinism before being sired at all
    -Aggressive if he/she doesn't feed.
    -Agonized in pain from the different changes that go on through their body as the blood mutates the body further and will be aggressive.
    -Unable to control their powers at first and slowly realizes them as they get into situation after situation, probably ending up hurting themselves  a few times or  dazing themselves if they get into that situation with the blood portal thing. Cause if the Vamkira is a fledgling to sanguine, they'll have less control over this power, meaning, they can sit there on a pool of their victim's blood and just go right into that portal, and get shot right back out cause there is no other pool of blood to  re-emerge.. so that will  hurt for the most part.
    -They are much more sensitive to light then a normal vampire, but are more resistance to UV earlier on, but not completely, it'll still burn a hell of a lot, but at first the UV will burn twice as much on their skin, but as they become a adept and veteran they'll grow a immunity towards it as the blood is almost finished changing the body.
    -Cold to the touch because of no blood flow.
    -Very Pale in skin color. Very faint glow are emitted from their eyes. The color ranges from a Red  to a purple of any variation, nothing anime-ish.
    -They tend to go on more blood lusts at first because they require more blood then a regular vampire every day.
    -They are much more aggressive in combat.
    -Likely to eye out their prey carefully and attack if they are in a hunger rage or blood lust.
    -Etc, the rest depend on the person them self.
    Weaknesses: Anything that a vampire would be vulnerable to, along with more sensitivity to the sun.
    Requirements for becoming a Vamkira:
    1. Must have suffered from Albinism.
    2. Must have been sired into one of two most commonly found branches of vampire(Dremor and Augustine)
    3. If you are not both of these, then the blood of the Vamkira would probably cause the person  a lot of pain and then die from attempted siring ( The one trying to be sired)-For Humans
    -Vampires who haven't suffered from albinism and are attempted to be sired into the race of Vamkira, the Vamkiric blood would just sit idly in the blood stream and it'd be a good idea to go drink some more blood so you can regain your own blood or re-sired which ever works.

    Why should you have this?: Well..I thought I could get myself into some more roleplay by having Safiria be a newly made Vamkira, and going through the pain and agony of settling in as one of this evolved vampirc race or a weird race of vampire. I'm just sort of sick of being at the bottom of things, really not being able to involve myself too much with out having to cause fights left and right cause I'm the back ground character so I'd like to insert myself into the category of the fantasy and let my mind roam free a bit. Remove myself from the bottom of all of this roleplay and bring myself up on the list. If this gets accepted.. well YAAY, Different roleplay to start on. If denied, I understand cause this was some stupid idea that I came up with from the amount of stuff I been seeing on this server, with Gahl, Riven, atlas, demons, wailing maidens.. all of those things...And I just thought maybe I can give it a try and apply for. Also it could be for other reasons you deny it, I don't know.. I just think I could actually get myself into some interesting roleplay as well as cause some in a sort.

    Backstory: The back story of Safiria getting turned into one:
    It was a cold windy night.. The Blood Moon after a solar eclipse shines it's bright malicious light upon the earth. Safiria walks around, hands in her pockets, head tilted down full of hate and sorrow as she mutters to herself about seeking to fill the void in her soul by looking for a master to re-sire her, to guide her, to train her. Safiria shakes her head as the trees bend slightly  by the wind's force.. Leaves dance with the wind, detaching from the branches.. Safiria lets her eyes trail around till she finds sight of a elegant woman in a webbed white dress, approaches her. The women raises her hands up, beckoning to her to follow this strange woman. Her appearance so familiar to Safiria, causing her to follow the woman into a cave out of curiosity. Safiria  goes to speak but she does not as the woman hadn't spoken to her yet of why. She thought to ask but felt it's strange aura that kept her mouth shut from even making a sound. Safiria sooner or later realizes that the woman had lead her into the ruins of a vampire underworld.. for those who stayed hidden for many years from the world outside, each vampire eying them out carefully with a shocked expression of each of their faces, their eyes still glow a faint red or purple fiendishly. Eventually they halted when they found themselves with int a room full of   runes and writing  as some more of these unknown vampire came up from behind her, surrounding Safiria. Safiria looked around in fear, wanting to speak, but that force from before kept her mouth shut. Safiria soon realizes its the woman she saw at the end of the street during that horribly bloody night in Moscow Russia where her family's fate been sentenced to death by what seemed to been a band of nosferatu, but they were them.. all of them.. Captured her finally.. Everything went black as she hears the woman's voice speak out soothingly "Sleep now my child...You've been through a lot since I last set my very eyes upon you...." Safiria collapsed to the ground, her body limp and unconscious.. The woman kneels down as she'd reaches her arms over to wrap the m around Safiria. Her expression is a genuine smile of satisfaction, letting her very jaw drop to reveal her two fangs extending out from her upper gums, tilting her head to the right as she then sires her by force. The woman then  lifts her up off the ground and begins to walk down the steps from the very room after other things have happened, walking back out of the cave eventually. She lets out yet another few words with her soft, elegantly soothing voice" Your pain has only begun, so sleep tight and  regain your strength.. for what is to come... " The woman then leaves, going back into her cave, her kingdom of Vampire, dwelling in the underworld of dark arts and magic and lust for blood. She has sired another one to be her child....Forced like in the past to become even more so, of what killed her family off, and then claimed her to be their own. To go through the pain and agony of being a  newly made Vamkiric Vampire.
    -This will be continued if authed, if not, then the story doesn't go on but goes on regularly as a depressed little sanguine, still trying to fill that empty void.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? Yes I'm well informed and know what will happen if these are misused or exaggerated and the consequences of other actions that was taken in the past.

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    Re: Vamkira Vampiric Race + Auth for being one of them

    Post by Jauri on Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:27 pm

    Also giving this a -SUPPORT



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    Re: Vamkira Vampiric Race + Auth for being one of them

    Post by Skellyz on Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:34 pm

    Welp Worth a shot I guess v.v
    and Idk....really.. I don't want it to end up like the augustine race really.. Have a million of them all over the place, they are suposed to be rare and all, but ify ou are going to deny me this, then go ahead really.. I'm just stuck at the bottom like all my other characters... I see all these things from other people.. and I just really want something like that you know.. I can't cause i'm always put down for stupid stuff..... The Krissy situation I deleted her a long time ago when you started giving me problems about her..

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    Re: Vamkira Vampiric Race + Auth for being one of them

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    Just a note you should keep for future reference. Albinism isn't that much of a debilitating of a genetic condition, it can lead to complications, yes, but generally albinos are able to live normally given they take precautions to deal with UV Light.

    I read through it and I have a lot of flaws to point out here and there and things you should improve. If you still want me to comment on it you can say so and I'll be more than glad to help.

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    Re: Vamkira Vampiric Race + Auth for being one of them

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