Karen Shinobu[WIP]


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    Karen Shinobu[WIP]

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    Karen Shinobu

    Physical Appearance

    A 5'0ft tall slender looking, half-asian woman around twenty years of age. She has this attractive aura to her, along with a distinctive smell to supernatural beings. She has a slightly smaller than average sized chest yet a rather athletic and slender body frame and build along with rounded off facial features. Her hair goes down to just the slightest bit below her shoulders and is of a vivid red color, complimenting her mystic, bright, sky blue irises and her naturally and healthy looking Caucasian skin.

    Her attire has changed and she now usually wears a black, leather jacket on top of a skin tight, dark red turtleneck sweater that fits her body shape nicely and matches her natural colors. With that, she also wears a skirt that goes around to half the length of her thigh. This skirt is black in color as well, matching the jacket's color almost perfectly and going along well with the rest of her clothing. This skirt is also modified, having a place on the left side where she can 'attach' the saya to and allow for easy reach. Her feet are covered with black, military boots and her legs are covered with red stockings. On her head she wears a set of headphones with black black supports and a white coloring. The right side of the headphone's support has a red, butterfly bow tie attached to them. There's a Katana sheathed in a simple, black saya attached to her skirt and a Double-Barrel Shotgun slung on her back with a black leather sling.

     Her voice is everything but monotone, usually cheery and happy matching her 'schoolgirl' look.

    Height: 5 feet
    Age: 23(Appears to be around 20)
    Hair: Short, tidy, vivid red hair.
    Eyes: Bright, almost glowing. Sky Blue.
    Nationality: American.
    Heritage: Japanese; American.
    Gender: Female.
    Mental Disorders: None.
    Race: Adept Dremor; Vampire

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