Yuri Sergig - Atlas Jefferson : Assistance with starting jobs & passive roleplay, and flags.

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    Yuri Sergig - Atlas Jefferson : Assistance with starting jobs & passive roleplay, and flags.

    Post by Yuri Sergig on Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:57 pm

    Steam Name: Yuri Sergig

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:8404665

    How long have you been roleplaying?: I can't recall how long I have, but it was around the early versions when Garrysmod was just a modification for Half-life 2, think rp_hometown 2000 days.

    Any experience havng this auth before?: Can't really avoid having to make such applications. One of the later example was that I applied for running a faction on a community, Spire RP, which made me ending up running a faction there, Omerta family. Besides that, alot of pet, and similar applications been created, and majority of them had no problems with getting through.

    What are you applying for?: What I am applying for is two things that would help solve some of the problems I do see around the server, that is lacking of things for some people to do.

    The first thing I am applying for is the option to create small-events, and being helped by the administrative staff to create jobs for people. I'd like you to take Stalker RP use of traders getting newbies fetching artifacts, and USB sticks as a example. At the moment what I am doing is giving people a chance to clean around the bar I am using, however the majority of people might been somewhat discourage as there is no sense of excitement, much like real-life cleaning. I'd therefor like if I could have the chance to create small-events that had people doing something for both sides. I'm not talking about fighting fables, or anything like that. The thing of jobs I am attempting to create is anything from finding hidden goods, committing burglary in a house with a event character to resist, or maybe setting up scenarios for them to handle themselves, like creating groups where they spilt the pay-off.

    Now the secondary thing I wish to apply for is the chance to offer a back-door trading at the bar I am running. Think the guy with the trenchcoat full of pockets, and arm full of watches. I do know we have two people already engaging in trading, however I wish to run a black-market, so to say. Seeing there likely is going to be some criminals making a living in the town we are in, combined with the nature of some fables I'd suppose there is some needs to be fulfilled. So the such goods could be anything from lockpicks, to false documentation. I'd just like to get some people roleplaying as criminals so the police we have in play got somethin' to do, they need a antithesis, so to say.

    Why should you have this?: As I may stated in what I written above, I am doing this to give people a change to make a living both in a IC, and OOC sense. Right now there is not that much money changing hands, so I'd like to be the one getting people a chance to do it. This could also result in criminal jobs, which then could be intefered by police, giving both sides a chance to create some roleplay between. I could also play with the jobs, giving a bigger pay-off on the chance of higher detection, or interferance by the police.

    The black market is also going to be made so we can have a chance to sell / buy up the junk items. Right now it seems there is no fuctions for it yet, however I do not mind being responsible for buying it up for exchanging it with other goods, like perhaps knives, bandages, or etc. May be subject to change, but the point remains that people need something to do something with these things at their hand that is serving whatsoever no purpose at the time being.

    Backstory: Atlas, also known as '' Avaritia Mammon '' to some, is a creation fulled by endless quest of greed through out times it roamed the soil. Atlas, having his days on earth being from the time as Ancient Carthage was a paradise of envy, and greed. Having his desire talking in quiet, and alluring voices to men through out the ages that passed, he trived, and feasted on the endless hunger for wealth & pride. However as the days have come closer, he been operating a business with other fables. The Gognitti association, a secret society attempting to gain influence in human society much like the vampire society, the Camarilla. However as much he does not envy having to work with these fables, they remain a pawn in his game. Thus, he have started to provide help for those who give a favour, but it always seem to have a catch in the end..

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time?

    I understand, and I take any responsiblity for my actions if accepted.

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