Cursed Blood app



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    Cursed Blood app

    Post by IcedMuffin on Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:39 pm

    Steam Name: Muffin

    Past History of Role-play
    : Mostly HL2RP, FalloutRP, P-ApocalypseRP and variations, I have 2 and a half years of RP experience in GMod.

    OOC Information on Applicant (Short and quick intro): I'm a serious and devote role-player with a hearty attitude and a daring personality, I don't withhold speaking my mind and I love to get along with people, even if I do display myself as the opposite.

    Why do you want this sort of character, and what are your overall plans for it: It's something unique, a change, and a design based off a similar character I ran a long time ago, I also want to show and bring to the server the fact that while fables may appear kind in some cases, that in the end they are still cursed, and ignoring their instincts and turning their backs on their way of life simply isn't possible in this messed up world.

    Character’s Name: Alone

    Character Age
    : 17

    : Female

    Brief Description of Character
    : 5'6, Caucasian, American accent, pale complexion, ash-mauve colour eyes, black scruffy hair, wears clothes 

    How your character deals with their need to consume flesh from their species, and why: She is required to eat a minimum of every 2 OOC (playing) days in order to sustain herself, and even in between then her lust for food is high due to the nature of her metabolism, a part of her blood defect. Alone is relatively unaware of how potent her hunger is due to very recently awakening as the crave began, and the concept of eating human flesh frankly terrifies her, but due to this a PTSD effect took place in a split personality, often leading her craving to drive her into a sadistic like person who cares little for peoples health.

    Blood Defect (Former or new blood defects welcome, needs a weakness for victim and character): Hemokinesis, her blood has a singularity too it, in it acts similar to how limbs do or as a sixth sense. She can control the flow of blood within her system, allowing her to strength or concentrate blood cells to increase the tensile strength of her muscles or even clot wounds faster than normal, making it more of a defensive defect. Because of this however, her blood tends to die out, the cellular composition weakening making her metabolism faster than most, this can make her nauseous and often prompts her to consume flesh sooner.

    Backstory (Optional, will need an idea of it personally if it is not done here)
    : I've partially explained with Edgar how this works, so he should know, I've never liked listing backstories publically because it really just ruins the secrecy of the character.

    Situation of Role-play with character (Focus on their personality, length is not an issue, but appreciated)

    **Alone would sprint frantically, a terrified and shocked expression crawling over her face as she runs midst branches and trees through the dense forest. The pattering of rain splashing among the forestry as she continues to paint, loud yelling in the background with brief luminous lights flashing through the trees and barking pursued.
    **Her attires being soaked, dripping small drops onto the leafy ground, grovelling as she runs, tears falling, as the noises in the background slowly cease. Eventually she comes to a way-point, turning swiftly as she hides behind one of the bushes in a dense section of hedges, tears running down her eyes as she holds her mouth, coughing before spewing vomit to the floor, a crimson red texture within.
    **Alone's face would be coloured a crisp red, originating around her lips and furthermore such texture following down her clothes to even her jeans, she continues to cry, sniffle and fret slamming her fist into the ground partially out of fear, disgust and anger. 
    "Why is this happening to me? WHAT DID I DO?!" she would scream in a burst of anger, staring toward the puddle she had recently created from vomiting she would notice what seems to be a smudged piece of meaty substance. Her eyes narrowing as her heart-beat tenses, she stares intently, unconsciously licking her lips, however upon doing so she snaps out of a near-like trance, her eyes returning to a frightened look from the glazed previous.
    **She would scuffle back against the tree biting her teeth with a gritted clench holding her hand over her mouth, as she pants frantically, terrified of the allure she sought from the substance. "Wha-... Why... What did I do... I don't-... Want to.." She murmurs in a pitiful tone, continuing to cry, she hugs herself, tightly, cuddling herself among the wet amber-green forestry and herself, covered in blood and sin.

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    Re: Cursed Blood app

    Post by Mindpower on Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:50 pm

    I'm thoroughly interested on the concept of the character. As someone who RP'ed someone with split personality for two years or more in a Fallout RP server, I know how interesting and fun it can be but I also know how frustrating it can be for others if you don't do it well. On top of that, that power you have has me deeply interested. I've always liked the concept of blood magic and hemokenisis is as close as it can get to that without being a demon or something of the sorts.

    I have to say though... I don't know if I'd trust YOU with this, I'd be fine that you have no backstory if you showed me competence in the RP example but a few lines of it that really makes me think you might not be able to play the Split Personality all that well leaves me very... Unconvinced to say the least. Then again though, all you showed us in the RP is how she reacts to her hunger as a Cursed Blood and how you're going to play it out, which pleases me greatly. I want to see more of you and your competence to RP the personality you're aiming for though and until I do... I won't support it.

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