Create A Company - Extend Your Servers Life Span


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    Create A Company - Extend Your Servers Life Span

    Post by Absinthe on Thu Oct 30, 2014 5:12 am

    Purpose defines people, it drives them forward and it makes it impossible to have boredom almost because you are constantly driven to do something.

    Characters with purpose are similar to that, your character is constantly busy and they have something to do. As of current, while not all characters have this routine, just about all of them do INCLUDING myself. While the routine was fine for me at the start, I can see it starting to become dry, like doing repetitive tasks.

    Talk to players.
    Be edgy.
    Kill something, most likely an antagonist or other players, because you have a chip on your shoulder or something.
    Go sit in a bar and drink fake beer, because there's never any beer items.
    Have money float out of your ass, because no jobs exist - use it to buy nothing, because you never see any BMD's.

    What I'd prefer it to be is that people could get jobs, that gives them purpose, that creates income and adds something. So that it becomes THIS:

    Talk to players.
    Go to work (Psychiatrist, Bodyguard, Receptionist, Assistant, Electrician, Laborer, Engineer, CEO, Manager, Mercenary, Hitman.)
    Don't be Edgy because now everyone have jobs and aren't defined by how many people they can kill with their dicks.
    Kill something occasionally or don't, because it's now not the only thing you can do, you could just go to work instead.
    Go sit in a bar and drink real beer(Or fake, if flags still aren't out to all bartenders.) and PAY with money that you earned.
    Have real money come from your job, whether you work by contracts, day to day or through long term employment.

    How do we get to phase 2? Well you create a company, you have a CEO(Not me, get Death Woman or someone who's really active.).

    That company will specialize in science specifically because as I've come into experience, Black Mesa RP has survived successfully in the past PURELY on the passive roleplay of working in a company and doing fake science(I had a ball of fun myself and I didn't even have PET, I showed up every day and I stared at a blank white board, pretending to do equations. I sent forum PM's to people that were pretend emails, regarding our current projects that we were working on and it was awesome.). This science company(Not mine because I give up and you guys are difficult as hell, I'm letting you do this yourself.) will employ scientists, assistants, bodyguards for the executives or the directors, possibly managers and they'll ALSO give work to mercenaries or anyone who wants to make money using their gun. They'll pay people to take demons alive, capture various feral beasts, get blood samples, artifacts or something else - as long as it can be researched it can be paid for.

    The only way this works though is you DON'T TREAT YOUR COMPANY like a PBG, you treat it like a faction, because it'll be more important then DECA in terms of roleplay. It will create roleplay, it will draw people in and make them stay - creating a more positive outlook on the server itself. This is my own advice and if you don't want to take it, I'll make this note, I've told communities MANY times something they could do to improve the roleplay and well, they aren't exactly still here. It's your choice if you take this seriously and acknowledge that the roleplay has faults, because no matter what, nothing is perfect or close to it. Everything can be improved on, everything can be better, including people - the first step is acknowledging you need to improve something and then acting.


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    Re: Create A Company - Extend Your Servers Life Span

    Post by IcedMuffin on Thu Oct 30, 2014 1:55 pm

    It'll create RP but the issue with the server is simply that people don't play, it's bland, and now that's it's just full fable RP most human groups are fucked. I mean even if we brought back the antagonist groups like F.E.A.R, which actually somewhat did draw in people; others (fable players) will only begin to complain. Even our regulars agree the server is turning boring now, because auths are handed out willy nilly and restrictions are effectively non-existent. Fuck, even the admins don't play regularly (meaning a few hours each day if all possible) anymore besides a certain few.

    I understand that creating a company that introduces a work-like system would create role-play but that doesn't mean it will draw in players. What'll draw in players is having the admins play more actively, spicing up the role-play so that being a fable has more risk and actually has meaning too it, heck having the regulars play more and introducing a fresh antagonist which creates some tension. I know we have a lawful body still active like the 'Sheriff Department' but I don't fully gauge how they're equipped to be taking the law into their hands when I've had some of them not even possessing a pistol. I feel pitiful for the officer who gets mauled by a Demon.

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