Humper's Dremor Vampire Application


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    Humper's Dremor Vampire Application

    Post by Humper on Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:47 am

    Steam Name: Humper

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17135344

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: Generally my reasons for actually applying is more for the aspect of creating a passive character for the central purpose of just plain manipulation, mainly between factions and human interactions amongst the player base entirely. It's not really a major combat RP character, neither will I honestly try to suddenly strongarm everything around me just because "lol muh vampierz". It's more for dramatic and more character related purposes overall.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: I've been roleplaying in numerous settings over the course of about, seven or so years, from forum RP, third-party games, free online games (jesus christ GaiaOnline), MMO's (WoW and the like) and generally mostly on GMOD itself, all the way from GMOD9. I used to be a usual TnB frequenter, before now taking my time to wander around different servers and communities to just generally get my fill of good roleplay servers. Tl;dr, I'm experienced enough to know how to tie my own shoelaces in a detailed paragraph.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    The cold, damp streets, the uneven cobbles of an old century street. The winter skies blow softly overhead, the endless, soft movements of the snowfall cake the floor in a soft, white blanket. The time was a late midnight hour, a mass of rich nobles and greedy businessmen, feeding from the masses at such a festive season. It was the late peak of an 19th century London, the british streets pathed by those braving the cold for the family season, passing the numerous alleys, ducts, grates.. Underneath, those who found a solace in hiding, a warm refuge of the underground for those without much money, homes, or just plain criminal ties. Those however unlucky to brave the streets, stacked against walls, corners, alley walkways, covered in tattered blankets to avoid the cold. The reality brought on the contrast between the rich and poor were even enough to see. Behind each of these lines of lies however, stood something stirring in the shadow, something hidden from the human eyes.. It hungered. And it demanded blood for it's sustenance.

    Blood, covering the path, mixing with the white snow, mixing into the gutter.. A poor beggar, the latest victim to the bite, the life and blood drawn from his very being. It was a reluctant killing, a simple reward for one who required life over all else. The corpse is dropped, collapsing onto the ground in a bloodied heap, the neatly dressed assailant brushing the white snow off their clothing. It seemed so easy, to just blame it on illness and say they had nothing to do with it. That's all he had to say, the easiest thing to place into someones mind. At the time, it was simple to, even better to consider those who die randomly, just choked. It was simple with the poor, much to what people cared about them. The suited figure moves away from the figure, coattails fluttering in the movement, the cold breeze the only to be left behind with this disturbing reality. The figure pops into the view of the lit street, returning beside what appeared to be a carriage. Awaiting a wealthy family's return. A guise to drift easily through reality, the man easily described as a 'butler', a servant of sorts. To be presented to such way, in the end it seemed quite foolproof. If they had no idea what you were..

    The night was all the same, a social gathering of those wealthy enough to attend, to flaunt their riches and wives, to show what they invest and what they invent, an endless cycle for the past few years of his service. Give or take, they return, a family of three, a parent couple and their only son. As much as his attitude towards human beings were negative, such a family that could easily accept, though to himself, a deadly moment of protection. His service was given, under the process of no one knowing his existence, to simply protect and serve the family itself, more specifically, the lone child. A stubborn one at most, the child was quite easily noticed as the heir to a fathers fortunes, to a mothers warm teachings. It seemed set, oddly, to be something remarkable, even at the time. A time where most had a reluctance to be out beaten by others, with a simple pay in coins were enough to spur on something.. Awful. The case of what would happen next, wasn't something of all consideration towards either of them. But a harsh break of reality, to those who dared to fight against another..

    The manor the fathers of before, the generations prior built, the green grounds of an outskirts home soon became tarnished with the darkening smoke of a building flame. A collapsing beam, a burning wall.. The home found itself collapsing, set ablaze, coated in the flames of a deliberate, paid ploy.. Thugs removed the home, raised it to the ground with a coating of oil. The wooden frames collapsing all around, the beloved couple and family, dead. The room, covering the burnt corpses of a legacy, of an entire family, now forever lost in that burning sea of fire. Only two lived through such an epidemic, the boy and his servant. The butler simply couldn't allow his younger master to die needlessly, carrying him valiantly through the flames, the smoke.. To whatever could save either of them from ending with the same fate. The boy was damaged, yet his servant remained the same, steeling himself for the pains ahead. A funeral took place, burying the remains of the dead, leaving just the boy and his butler. The boy turned to his servant, muttering his desire to move on from his pain.. To finish what his father did. The acceptance was quick from both, with the years to come, bringing a company to a bigger expansion towards the now beginning 20th century..

    It took a numerous number of years, decades of work, creation, development. The world the boy finally imagined, became the world of the man he had now become. Even through the years, his servant remained the same, diligent individual he always was. Through the time it took to become quite the powerhouse, in both military and civilian contracts, his fantasy had finally been completed. The boys ventures through the time, by fifteen in 1900, had brought him many trials and tribulations through his education, work and personal life. Through out the time it took, the decades.. By the age of sixty-five, midst the war sweeping the globe at the time. The man and his servant were finally done with the ambitions they aimed to gain. With the man taking all he needed and leaving the rest for those under his succession, the man soon deteriorated, soon finding death after the next two centuries. Leaving now family to heir, the empire he had built passed onto another and started once again. The servant however, disappeared from all around, finally finished in this chapter of such an overwritten story in history.

    Frankly, no one knew who his servant was, not even the family he served with. Even if they understood what a creature he was, they had no true idea who he really was, neither for what. A vampire under the command of a human would be out of anyone's imagination.. But to be kept safe and allowed freedom, it was a risk willing to take with his predicament and time. Without the haunting pain of the church behind him, the servant was free to live as he did. But as time passed, he found himself now in a world where those of his kind, aren't taken to a higher regard. Not unknown to the world, but unknown to who stalks the night behind him.. His goal was in sights, his ventures took him to another part of the world, a place of hiding. For even with the kindest faces, held the ulterior motive underneath. He was of no exception.. He residen under the name of Sebastian, a name kept to himself for such a long time.. And ventured through the American south, to hide for yet another day in his life.. Why he was in America at the time was anyone's guess, but with how much he moves.. Whoever was after him, wasn't giving him enough time.

    OOC Note: Hope this was working up enough, was just going to state that the character has a somewhat extended period of years alive, just wanted to spice up the formula a little. I'm completely fine with being in the limits of whatever would be presented, it's just more for flavor text then anything else. Mystery elements and all that jazz.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    The low sounding scuttles of a drunken female clacks down the dimly lit street, empty of people and devoid of actual life, the woman manages to wander into an area rather run down, derelict, degrading of all life it held before. Behind followed her 'stalker' of sorts, the woman soon stumbling against a nearby post, before soon approached by someone appearing from the shadowed arches of a nearby alley..

    ** "Lovely night we're having, wouldn't you say?", the male speaks out in a charming, broad british accent, stepping into view of the female.
    ** The woman glances over with a tense movement, to soon calm down at the sight of the more calmed gentleman, "Cold night..", she would slur out.
    ** Sebastian gives a brief chuckle, before remaining in a casual stance. "I would suppose so, yourself in quite a thin layer..", he says with a gesture to her clothing.
    ** The woman gives a shrug, facing towards the male. "Party.. Eh', too drunk to care right now..", she mutters.
    ** Sebastian gives a gentle approach, disrobing his coat. "Here..", he mutters, before placing it around her shoulders. "No one should be too cold.."
    ** The woman gives a blink, before giving him a little smile. "Hey.. You don't need to, you know..", she mutters out softly.
    ** Sebastian approaches the woman into more closer ranges, standing closer, leaning down. "One mustn't allow such a beautiful woman to remain vulnerable.."
    ** The woman gives a sudden flush, the males appearance and charming aroma forcing her to give away slowly, inching closer to put contact against the males lips, almost suddenly.
    ** Sebastian remains locked with said kiss, his lips almost toxic to the womans skin, causing both to proceed further with it, before he lowers his head gently against her neck, giving a nuzzle to subdue her.
    ** The woman appears charmed, almost obviously so, though given her drunken state, it seems all the more easier for the male to easier subdue her emotional state.
    ** Sebastian soon moves his mouth onto her neck, almost suddenly, but gently, digging his sharp fangs into her fleshy neck, gently piercing it before finally digging further.
    ** The woman gives a gasp, struggling as she tries to break away, but finds herself draining by the second, loosening her grip, before finally passing out due to the mass loss of her own blood.
    ** Once finished, Sebastian picks his coat off the woman, wiping his bloodied mouth. He tidies up the womans position, before soon moving along at a quicker pace, off into the distance.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    He passed through the small, cramped section of a more rural New Orleans, passing down the alleys and roads along as he simply walked by, noticing a few people here and there as he walked along. Before long, he noted a few people wandering along behind him, such individuals clad in clothing enough to be described as thugs, looking for a little extra money from some poor fellow. By the looks of it, he wasn't the first person of the night, given their constant mutters of what poor bastard they stabbed for a few dollars. Quite the sad reality for both parties, though not for the man they were trailing. Sebastian gives a coy smirk across his pale lips, himself branching off to a pathway to his left, leading the group of haphazard 'bandits' along to a more widened alleyway. He slowly stops, before resting a hand in his pocket, tapping his foot as he awaits their approach, their approach as slow as expected, the brief slur of half-brained insults and taunts directed his way. One of them begins to circle, giving a good look on his attire and his facial expression, giving a grin, expecting him to be some rich kid gotten lost on his way home. Though at his attempt of a grab, Sebastian twists his arm out of the grasp he held on his jacket, the thug finding himself twisted into position, forced onto his knees in front of his victim, a blade flicked out of Sebastian's pocket, the blade finding itself against their neck. It was a surprise enough for the two, but even attempting to approach lead to the blade being pushed closer and closer against the flesh of their comrades neck, a light trail of blood simply trickling down from the minor cut, the two men stuck in a rut at the situation, noting the expression on their victims face. A sadistic grin, one of intent, they knew he didn't care for their friend, neither did he care for the actions he'd take in the next few moments. It was like he was intent on killing, something they saw him insane for, even with what they did. The two men simply back away, before running along, leaving their friend behind, not wanting to end up in the same mess the former was dragged into. As they ran off into the safe confines of who knows where, Sebastian makes sure to put a little fear into them, gripping against the males shoulder, before practically dislocating it in a swift push, kicking the screaming thug to the ground, before walking along, satisfied with a little fun to the outcome.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    The daylight air was rather, humid.. In most cases at the time, the area was warmer then the past few days were, the sun happily rose in the sky. Opting to not take much of a chance, he chose to remain in the shade, content with the cooler atmosphere underneath the roof above him. He spent most of his time around the plaza area, finding it more comforting to lounge around somewhere more safer then most cases. He held a cigarette in-between his lips, himself giving a mutter, a humorous quip about how smoking doesn't seem to work for him anymore, regardless of how much he smoked. He gives out an exhale, himself shaking his head a tad to shake away a needless thought, himself finding more unneeded the anything else. He moves his wrist, popping out a watch from under his jacket sleeve, giving it a brief check, before pulling his wrist back in, giving a quick exhale of smoke as he gives a light yawn. The sun still rose high, not coming close to lowering any time soon in fact, but he was content enough, even if the sun wasn't going to give him more then a minor tingling sensation, though he wasn't in the best of moods to attempt walking around forever in the sun, he wasn't in much of a death wish kind of mood, neither in a combustion based mood either.. He idly watches the passerby cars slowly rock down the nearby road, counting them almost as he just eyes them, waiting on someone to stop, or someone to stare back. He didn't care, but for some reason, he seemed to reside on the edge, keeping himself more alert, even if he didn't even seem like it. He found himself progressively more irritated as time goes on, being stuck to one place for so long finally getting a good bite at the back of his neck, his hairs giving a tingle as he pushes away from the wall. The sun hadn't moved too much in the sky, but he needed to move along.. Sticking to the shade wasn't too hard on the walk down the pavement, but with that, he moves his way along the edge of the road, off to wherever his feet could take him.


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    Re: Humper's Dremor Vampire Application

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    I-It's beautiful. He's an excellent level-headed roleplayer and a damn good role model. +support

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    Re: Humper's Dremor Vampire Application

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