Yuri Sergig - Demon application.

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    Yuri Sergig - Demon application.

    Post by Yuri Sergig on Thu Oct 30, 2014 5:28 pm

    Steam Name: Yuri Sergig

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:8404665

    How long have you been roleplaying?: Depends really. The first kind of roleplay I did was DnD, and Vampire : Masquerade. Both of these were pen and paper, however they were the platform for my roleplay experince. After that I started with garrysmod around, the time when g-mod was starting to add gamemodes such as dark rp, and alike.

    Any experience havng this auth before?: Yes, I made a pair of other auths on the forums, and I also done many more then I can count on my fingers by other places.

    What are you applying for?: I'm applying for the having a Demon Lord, but I will go on explaining below how this demon is like. As you may know, just saying I am applying for a demon lord is not itself very descriptive.

    Why should you have this?: Because I would like to roleplay as a demon, but rather doing it in a more passive role. It seems to be that most demons been triving on fear, desire, and fear, however I do wish to pick the latter. I'd like to roleplay therefor as the demon that I applied for here, and having the chance to roleplay how in the mythology they were percieved.

    Details & feats of the powers.

    - Abilities -

    Desire, envy, and pride : The nature of the demon, Avaritia Mammon, is itself the personification of the endless quest, and journies many have taken to feed their endless desires of wealth. He exploits this, feeding on such envies at any chance to gets. As such, he appears tempting to the weaker-minded souls as he gives in for their desires, only to hammer down on the hand that reaches down. Fables that share the same desire in any shape of desire, be it wealth, evy, or greed is within the crosshair as well. That is not to say there is a way to resist this, yet it often proves hard not being susceptible to the words you want to hear, and the ways to get what you always wanted. You'll have to fight yourself to counter this, which many have tried, yet failed in doing so.

    Knowledge, and history of the human kin : Being a agent of Lucifer for a longer period of time, and being around ever since the start of the empires that have risen through-out the ancient, and modern history, it only comes natural for him to being aware of these cultures. He does not himself admire the humans for their actions they done, much like a human that does not think the same of a society of ants. He does however find it intressting, and uses this for his own advantage when interacting with these mortals, using it to better understand these beings. One of the matters that is important for a demon such as him, is his ability to communicate through many tongues, and languages. Since he been around from days where people wrote on stone tablets, it does not occour as a hard matter in learning a new alphabet, language, or whatever it may be.

    Scholar of the dark : It is ignorant to assume the Demons were not the only ones around at the time when they were being on earth, as there were traces of vampires being all the way back from when the Pharaohs were sitting on their thrones. As such, he could not help but attempt to find out more about these beings, much like how he did with the mortals that he interacted with through-out his time. He is not all-aware of the fable kindred, and cursed bloods, however he knows the clans, pacts, and societies they roam under. In particular, the vampire society known as the Camarilla been on his mind for a long time, seeing their influence is even greater then those of the demons have in the dark. His information is almost as good as the Vampire counter-part, Nosferatu, however he does not have the knowledge to match the experince these information mongols do.

    The devil's advocate : As much as he prefer not to, being forced to mingle in the human society to feed his desires, and needs for the affinity he represents, he does have been talented in learning the mind of these weaker-minds. It comes as a natural thing for him now after pro-longed stay therefor to appear alluring, charismatic, and well-spoken when contacting these beings. He have not been trying to communicating with fables as much, however the same effect likely would affect them, but at a certain degree. Older, and wiser creatures of Pandora's box likely would not be as much under the effect, but rather just letting it pass as a small idea when around him.

    Demons that feel a desire to adhear to his commands, not out of fear, but rather out of respect to him. He does take pride in his service of Lucifer, so he makes sure the minions of his Lord does their duties by the book.
    When it comes to partial / half, or succubus he does find a lack of compassion. He feels sicken by this failed experiment, and would rather have this creation aborted, then help them out. However in some cases he does assist them, but doing it for the better good.

    Neutrality & Symbiosis: Being around mortal beings for the centuries he have, it have made it a treasure hunt for those who attempt to track him down. That is not to say they made use his weaknesses to try to figure out if he is a demon, or not, but the chances are that a average mage will be mistakening him for a human, or fable being ( depending how talented the mage is, of course ) Another feat is that he is able to talk, and communicate with humans. Considering his blood, it may seem strange why such a entity of Lucifer would be doing with these simple beings, yet for his very nature they are a necessary evil for him to cooperate with, much like it is with fables, and the less-desireable demon half-bloods.

    It is however important to know that his desires, and needs as a demon remains. However being the Demon representing Greed, and Envy, he gets his nurishment & feeding from the lesser beings unfortunance. He also does still feast on the raw meat of these beings, and drink the blood of those on a regular basis. Since he however been around, he does also have the capablity of feeding on foods that the lesser beings feed on, but his need for such diabolic desires remains, however he can control it, unlike others.

    Vicissitude : One of the most horrifying traits that these demons share. Vicissitude is the signature power of the dreadfull demon lords and is almost unknown outside of the Demon planes. With it someone whom is experienced within this, he can sculpt the flesh and bone of a subject, making them a creature of alien beauty or gnarling them into a deformed monstrosity. Demons use Vicissitude on themselves extensively, altering their appearances with their mood or changing their bodies to be as vile as their souls. He can create the most beautiful maiden or noble stallion can, with but a knead of the fingers or a flick of the wrist, be reduced to a hideous freak or a blob of deliquescent pus. Demons have certainly used Vicissitude's more grotesque side effects to cement their infamous reputation.

    Note that while this ability permits powerful and horrific effects, the wielder must obtain skin-to-skin contact and must often physically sculpt the desired result. This even applies to the use of the power on oneself. Demons skilled in Vicissitude are often inhumanely beautiful; those less skilled are simply inhuman.

    - Weakness -

    Theophobia : Much like how some vampires can't tolerate looking in mirrors ( since their soul does not reflect back ) he is discouraged from stepping on holy grounds. Whatever it be a church, temple, or anything related to Christendom, Judaism, or Islam. All of these three religious sides have been active in their hunt against his kindred, and as such he steers away, and takes any precation to ensure that is done. Objects from it also carries the same effect, and if it touches the skin, it will cause a painful experince.

    Achilles heel : Some demons have even for all their power a unfortunate side, and in his case it is his tongue. If it is cut off using a knife created, or made from any of the above faiths, it will cause his powers to extinguish. It may seem like a strange spot, however for some demons it have been everything from their hair, teeth, to their fingers. However he does everything to ensure this is kept away from people to know, even his Lord himself he tries to keep it hidden from the sheer fear of what could happend. That does not mean he can't tolerate it being harmed, but he can't grow back a new one if it is sliced off.

    Deformations : As much as he tries to remain in his hosted body, he finds it hard to remain in incognito for some reasons. Having been born into Hell, he comes with the natrual red skin of course, and the red fiercy eyes. Now he can host into different souls, but some features remains hard to hide. His eyes, nails, and hunger remains something that he finds hard to hide. With modern technology it is something that proven more easier to fix, but like the Nosferatu, there is limits for doing so.

    Backstory :

    Avaritia Mammon, the name which was forged as this servant of Satan, as some may know as Lucifer the Fallen Angel. Everything about his soul, his very excistence prided on the greed, and envy of humanity. Some may call know this as the third step to the fiercy dwellings of Hell, others such as Mammon held this as his keeping. He cherished on the souls who were condemned to stay, tourturing them, tormenting them with the greed of the misdeeds they did on the soil above. However, at the request of his lord he was instructed to see fit for spreading this agony on the souls who roamed the grounds above this purgatory of pride.

    Carthage, the city that was laided on the golden shores of North Africa. There was no place better to exploit this greed of the slaves who were passed around like mere cattle, and sheep. As Avartita, now taking the name of Altas, came to the marble steps to this city, it was only just starting to be constructed. It was the 6th century BC, the Greeks across the mediterranean was busy starting their new ideas of '' Democratica ''. Atlas was unable to communicate with these mortals at the years, he looked at them the same way humans looked at dogs, nothing but pets. As such his arrogance had became a block for him, he could not do much more then prey on the weak, and the poor sitting around the streets.

    With the abudance of these souls that were easy to talk into stealing, looting, and killing with the alluring whispers in the dark, it was not hard getting simple street beggers throwing themselves at the tip of swords for a mere handfull of coins. With the money he started to amass, he nurished on prostitutes, consuming their flesh, blood, and energy in a frenzy driven by his wicked soul. There was no stopping to this, and he was not alone about this. Vampires had been in the town long before him, the sons of Caine as they called themselves. He never cared much for these creations, but he did take notice of their behaviour. It appeared to him that instead of lingering on the mere sheep that roamed the city, they tamed them like wild dogs into their servants. However much like any other demon, he could never apprehend such a concept.

    Years...Decades..Centuries went by. During the time he had been haunting this city, and feeding on the feed of the terror caused by his nightly activities, he realized that the world had changed. The mighty Greeks had been in war with Persia, then Spartans, and lastly even they themselves were gone, only to have their victor, Alexander the Great, even succombing to the same fate as the cultures he conquered. Imperium Romanum, The Roman Empire was the new, and mighty civilization. After putting the countries that once used to be envied by lesser civilizations into chains, it was not going to be long before even Carthage had the same fate. At the point he had started to become more familiar with the human society, even going as far to mingle in a lesser degree with some as he was curious about learning the language of these lesser beings. There was not much point being a servant of Lucifer if not being capable of knowing what these mortals was saying.

    The vampire presence only growen stronger, and stronger, and with the creation of clans it did not take too long before even him got into the crosshair of their ghouls. He did not wish to attract attention to his very nature, so as a result instead of fighting, he rather wanted to seek out this new empire, rather wanting to use his experince on learning the nature of this imperial society that was only seeming to do more advantages then ever. Using the money he had collected through the years of his deeds, he hired a small trading company with routes with Rome. Taking a boat across these lands he did seem to feel something strange of this, almost as if he missed the warm shores, and temples as high as hills. Whatever the case he could not care less about this, he simply looked forwards as the ship took asail, riding the waves as it did.

    The sight of this city, Rome, was beyond anything he ever seen before. He did hear about how Athens looked, but the scale of this was something he never could imagine these mortals being able to create. Slaves was a abundance, there was more of them in this town alone, then the grains of sand he saw on the shores of his previous '' home '' Taking ashore he decided to settle down, using the trading company as a grounds to import in goods to fund his activties. However even after being around for so long, he did wonder how he had yet to see another agent of his lord. There was always the chance of going back to Hell, but seeing how much changed on just a nick of time in this polis of money, and wealth, he could simply not afford waiting to act.

    As he was once again collecting these coins, he did wonder just what he could use them for. Unlike humans, he did not have a need for this increasing desire of materialism, but rather feeding on the desires of the humans that did. Yet the Romans did have something he did not see many places before, gambling. At the time it remained the spot where there was more elites, senators, and avarice then, then the entire world around it. He trived on this new concept, seeing pleasure of how men would throw their lives on a throw of a dice, much like the homeless did with against the swords in Carthage. As such he decided to create dens, upon dens of places in places where people needed the coins the most.

    Avientinus, the slums of Rome. The sore spot for the senators to look at as they looked upon the city from Circus Maximus. The dens that had everything from dices, to fights to the death had more souls then ever risking their entire fate for a mere handfull of coins. Atlas looked upon this with pleasure, feasting on the reactions of mere peasants as they watched their entire lives going to a halt as all their wealth was lost by the flick of a hand. He was more powerful then ever, and his desire for this grief grew more, and more for every time it did.

    But even good things came to a end, and as the ages passed like clouds, even the mighty Rome was at risk. Their provinces on to the east had risen up against, and with the creation of this..christian civilization known as the Byzantine Empire. He did not see, nor hear much of these worshippers of Jesus during these times, seeing as the Romans had tossed these worshippers for the lions, whipped them, and killing them too. Everything about the very name of this deity he did not like at all. Seeing the map only cornering up the Roman empire like a spider against its prey, he decided moving once more. There was a barbarian empire up north, The Merovingians. At the time before the Franks it seemed like a good idea, exploiting these weak-minded barbarians for his own good.

    Hiring a caravan, and taking all the wealth he possibly could, he moved up North for the rumors of this barbarian civilization. During the long journey he saw how the world was not all cities, and shrines. It was a strange sight for him, seeing how he had been used to living on the soil encircled by endless towering buildings, and marble statues upon every plaza, and market. 

    - To be resumed -

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time?

    I do, and I take any responsiblity for my actions.

    Still under construction by the way, so I apperciate feed-back.

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    Re: Yuri Sergig - Demon application.

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    I honestly think you should buff him up a bit. I'll delve into the backstory once I find time to read it but you're a nice guy, I've rp'ed with you before and you're competent and the amount of effort placed into this application is impressive to say the least.

    I'm willing to give you my support even though I haven't read your backstory. Good job.
    Yuri Sergig

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    Re: Yuri Sergig - Demon application.

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    Mindpower wrote:I honestly think you should buff him up a bit. I'll delve into the backstory once I find time to read it but you're a nice guy, I've rp'ed with you before and you're competent and the amount of effort placed into this application is impressive to say the least.

    I'm willing to give you my support even though I haven't read your backstory. Good job.

    I know, but I just want to set focus on a demon that is less focused on attempting to enforce roleplay on others like we seen happend. I just rather want to have a more passive, and influential affinity when coming to this. I suppose you could consider it being a succubs in a way, just much much more better at handling it. But I'll edit this later, just had to do alot of time reading up old books, and stuff to do this.

    Anyway thanks.

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    Re: Yuri Sergig - Demon application.

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