Anippe Sautekh


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    Anippe Sautekh

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    Anippe Sautekh

    "During my time overseas I've learned a couple of tricks. First; learn to lie. Second; trust no one. An' Third; never get involved with anyone."
    Height: 6'7" 7'1"
    Age: 37
    Ethnicity: Arabian
    Gender: Female
    Hair Color: Black Bleached
    Eye Color: Dull Green
    Sexuality: Asexual (Demisexual)
    Race: Human


    "Damn it, follow me. I'll show you how it's done."
    Years of doing tasks by herself and in the military has left her with a plethora of knowledge and expertise.

    "The mind-curdling sound of it all, made even better when you turn up to where your mind quivers with deafening bliss!"
    Once she returned from her time overseas she found the genre 'Industrial Death Metal', and immediately fell in love with it. She finds it to be the excellent outlet for her anxiety, stress, and even anger.

    -Chronic Nightmares
    "How could I ever describe the horror to see civilization itself fall to pieces?..."
    Her nightmares pick on one of her larger fears; the lack of civilization or rules. Anippe clings to rules and regulations that governs everyone's lives, often feeling exposed without them.

    "I can pulp your flesh and snap your bones if I so wish. Just try to hit me."
    Anippe had always been a strong, large woman- but after a ritual with a namely necromancer, she had grown yet more powerful.

    -Slight Insomniac
    "It's nothing, really. Just a bit annoying at times."
    Anippe spends many of her nights staring at the entrance of the room she's in, and often with a loaded weapon.

    "I always grew up to learn to be patient. With food, parents, siblings... I guess it runs in the family."
    Anippe usually shows patience towards little-ones and citizens, often not even caring if they hug onto her leg.

    "They're all wicked bastards. Purest folly was to allow them to live."
    Anippe houses a rather hateful attitude towards fables, although the feelings of late had been waning.

    "Greatest years of my life - don't know any other way to live."
    Anippe is awfully professional when it comes to her jobs, and often will be aggressive or combative when others of military or law-enforcement status is not as professional.


    Family - Loved - Liked - Associate - Neutral - Dislike - Hate - Loathe

    Adrian Martinez -- Liked
    He's pretty alright, I guess. Takes care of my little brother.

    'Vagabond' -- Neutral
    Who?-- Oh. Her. She's alright, can handle a broken jaw pretty good.

    Michael 'Mike' Ranolds -- Dislike/Associate
    New Captain n' then Sheriff. Useless as all hell, doesn't even know what he's doing. Damn kid.

    'Sautekh' -- Family/Loved
    My little brother, and only family who is for some reason in this hell-hole. Shy little bugger, but I can't word how much I love him.

    Nica Robinson -- Associate
    Good officer, just wish the others were as professional as her when she was in DECA.

    Lucius Harrigan -- Associate
    Surprised to see someone as big n' tall as me. Good professional attitude with him.

    Hal Thompson -- Neutral
    I suppose what he did to me was an improvement. Still was the most painful experience in my damned life.

    'Preacher' -- Neutral
    Weird-ass guy. I suppose I respect him for bein' one of those 'Hunters'.

    Ethan 'Levi' Williams -- Neutral
    Made a good slug-holder, n' had to answer a call where he was nearly killed. Weird little guy.

    Erika Lohmeyer -- Neutral/Liked
    Comes to talk to me when I do guard duty. Is alright I suppose, a bit odd though.

    Hannah -- Liked
    Also comes to talk to me when I guard, healthy position against Fables.

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    Re: Anippe Sautekh

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    Ahhh tall lady <3


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