The 'Queen' - Illusionary Magic

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    The 'Queen' - Illusionary Magic

    Post by Fuzzy Wolfy on Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:03 pm

    Steam Name:
    Fuzzy Wolfy

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    How long have you been roleplaying?:

    A decade, more or less

    Any experience havng this auth before?

    What are you applying for?:
    Illusionary magic; the ability to manipulate and skew the senses of others for the sake of trickery and manipulation.

    Why should you have this?:
    With us currently stuck on the forest-y map, there isn't really any place for the Queen to be, so my solution to this is to further expand on her powers of illusion and her ability to manipulate basic senses.

    When I had originally gotten auths for her, her powers were very limited and I planned on keeping her this way because, quite frankly, I wanted to depend solely on the novelty of her character instead of her powers. But, since times have changed, I saw it necessary to change that up a bit - for the sake of making her character useable again, at least.

    I know I'm not giving out much detail, but I'm honestly just asking for an upgrade towards what she is already capable of doing to a certain extent.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time?

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