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    Illya Val'Kinnon

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    Illya Val'Kinnon

    Physical Appearance

    A 5'11ft tall slender, Caucasian woman around twenty-three years of age with pronounced bodily features and a frail looking structure. She has this powerful, fear-inducing aura about her. An aura that'd induce anxiety into most humans and lycans, attract vampires and feel oddly familiar to beings attuned to the Demonic Plains. Her facial features are round yet slightly sharp and well pronounced with long, flowing, silky-looking hair that goes just below her waist. Her delicate hair is of a pure, light blonde color drifting towards a silvery white which surprisingly fit perfect with her mildly glowing, vivid, demonic red eyes and her healthy slightly tanned, Caucasian skin that would remember the viewer of winter most likely. She wears a tight-fitting blouse, with a silvery cross engraved on it, near the center of her chest, that goes down below her waist a slight bit, ending just below where her thighs begin and allows onlookers to have a good sense of her frail but slender and proportionate constitution. With that she also wears a pair of black leggings covered by warm, white knee socks. She wears a pair of black, comfortable sneakers along with all of that which seem slightly out of place. She's outfitted with a HK 416 slung on her back.

    Height: 5 feet and 11 inches
    Age: The oldest possible identification was around 837 years ago(Appears to be twenty-three).
    Hair: Surprisingly long, delicate. Pure, light blonde color moving towards a silvery white
    Eyes: Odd, vivid and demonic yet somewhat natural looking Red. Powerful.
    Nationality: American.
    Heritage: Anglo-Saxon, English.
    Gender: Female.
    Mental Disorders: None.
    Race: Magical Half-Demon.

    "When you live for nearly a millennium, trivial things stop being a concern and become comical. Live for long enough and you become so twisted that every ounce of innocence is nothing but a lie."


    Ever-changing Abomination - The demonic side of the woman has changed her body. Her eyes grew a vivid, demonic red and her dirty blonde hair whitened into a pure and lightly colored blonde. Her skin's tanned color also turned into a healthy but rare pale color. On top of that, she grew several inches and stands now at around 5'11ft of height, her bodily features also grew to match her size as her hair almost reaches her waist. Her personality also took a severe impact and is severely 'darkened' from her frail and soft original one.

    My alias? Exactly what it is - Her alias derives of something that's very characteristic of her, a magical affinity that couple with deep interest and respect for the element allows her to pass the rank of 'Master' on it. As a demon, she has access to demonic magic and coupling that with how connected and how strong the connection is between her and the element of 'Fire' makes her for a rather formidable opponent and a hell-raiser if she so desires.

    Creativity above Power - She's very versatile with her magic, more than that, she has a mastery of every element and a rank above master in the manipulation of 'Fire' the thing is... Her spells aren't as powerful as they should be, except her fire spells of course, instead she chose to have a much wider arrange of spells and basically has creative freedom in turn of diminished power... Surprises indeed.

    Curse? This is a gift - Living for so long like this has made Illya accept her state and how things are. She'd rather live than die and as such she accepts this curse with open arms and views it as a gift, a way to live forever and however she wants. This, on the other hand, makes her over-protective of her life and might induce reckless behavior.

    It'll be years before you can face me - Old, powerful and smart, Illya has had nearly a millennium of life to hone her skills and improve them. Tactics, sweet-talk, manipulation and arts of yore are things she has mastered.

    Calculated - Illya's long life has allowed her to have a different view on things. She'd rather talk her way out of confrontations than exactly fight. Along with that, she's an extremely patient person with a calm, collected personality most of the times although injuring her can drive her into a rampage. Furthermore, certain emotions seem lacking within her while others are quite the opposite. Calculated risks, risks vs rewards and so on are philosophies she embraces wholeheartedly.

    Boom! Headshot... - Severely interested in Sniper Rifles, Illya actually ended up owning one a few years back and is quite the skilled sharpshooter.

    Key: Murder - Nemesis - Contempt - Hate - Caution - Shunned - Neutral - Ally - Friend - Adored - Protege - Loved

    'Inola' - How you survived that, I'll never know, but be sure that I if you betray me after I gave you the benefit of the doubt... I will give you a faith worse than death. This is your second and last chance.

    Lucius Harrigan - A promise is a promise and I uphold mine.

    Hal - We have an agreement, undead. Do not dishonor lest I turn you into ashes.

    Larissa Kinley - Such an interesting person and such a powerful soul... I'll be sure to keep you close, Master. We will have our showdown.

    Erika - We have much, much to discover my dear. I'm starting to think I have more than simple, childish interest in you. You make me curious.

    Nephilim - Who are you and what do you want from me, Nephilim?

    Elia Stark- Indeed you do understand me, Stark... Yet, are we friends or enemies? Have you truly renounced your Angelic side?

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