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    Annoying Rooster Vampire Application

    Post by Annoying Rooster on Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:35 pm

    Steam Name: Annoying Rooster

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:29039659

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: It's for Canon wise for my character, it wasn't my choice, but I'm doing it for the sake of Roleplay, but the decision is not up to me.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: 5.5 Years.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    Mikhalio 'Petrov' Olek was born in the small town of Korosten, Ukraine in November 9th, 1966. During the time of the Soviet Union, his father was a Nuclear Analysis, while his mother worked in a Munitions plant. Olek went to public school in Korosten where he ended up completing his time there before his father acquired a new job in the town of Pripyat. With Pripyat being a rather wealthy place to live, Olek looked to it as a start of his new life, and enlisted into the fire-department division in June 8th, 1985. With minimal trouble, and only small fires, it provided him well pay with almost little work unless if a nearing town had a larger fire with few fire-men which happened not too often. In the year of 1986 of April, Olek was called to respond to an explosion of the nearby Nuclear Reactor which today is known as "Chernobyl". When arriving, he was put into a simple task to clean up any debris for vehicles to pass through, while the rest arrived to attempt to put out the fire on the top of the structure. Little did they know, it turned out to be a more serious problem, and he, along with the rest were forced to evacuate away from the area and back to the station. When more fire-men, armed with mask's and larger water hoses returned, he was eager to go back in as well only to be told to return home. Two days later, they evacuated out of Pripyat, and into the nearby city of Kiev. There, he decided to go to College in an attempt to gain a degree in Law Enforcement and Police Affairs. In the four and a half years of his studies and struggles, he soon gained a degree, and made his way to the town of Odessa, to where he enlisted into the Police Commission to start his new life in 1991. Three months in his life, he was soon diagnose with Cancer, told that he may not be able to live through it. Discouraged, he only shook his head, but decided to continue on work in a depressed state, in hopes that he would be shot in the back by a random thug. During that time, he began spending time with a store clerk name "Eva Lesninsky." After a month, they got together more often and soon married in Odessa, then having a child who he named after his middle name. With even better news, when he went to his daily checkup to the doctor, he was shocked to hear that he no longer had Cancer. Excited about it, he felt as if it was a cure by God, and that it was a sign for him to continue a life that he lives and proceed to return the favor by giving his new thriving family a good life as well. With the Soviet Union fallen, and finding the Police System with corruption, he decided to move to Britain in 1997 in the town of Liverpool. There, he began his Police business there as well, taking his time there to raise money for another moving trip to the United States, which lasted for a total of Eight Years. In the year of 2005, he moved to Boston, proceeding as a Police Officer there as well, but with more experience and ability to rank up much quicker and gain more serious jobs through his career. With that being the case, he decided that he needed to move to New-York where a large crime-rate occurs along the desolated sides of the city. By this point, his son was already in College, and his wife a Professor in English Arts for a University. On the year of January of 2014, a Helicopter crash took part in the outskirts of the small town in the outskirts of New-York. Him being first-respond, he took post at the front, gun at the ready as he calls for the men who were already surrounding the area to drop their weapons. When one of the Militia members proceeded to level her weapon towards him, he acted in self-defense by turning towards the woman, firing towards her, only to be gun down by a man beside her. As that happened, the rounds penetrated around his center mass chest, causing massive bleeding. After lying there, taking his last breath of existence and his entire life now ended, a woman by the name of "Inola" approached to him and proceeded to revive him. With Cpr failing at the emits of her, she decided at the last minute to transfer her blood into him. With this occurring, he nearly scaved death and was revived by this, however now with such act happening, he was later informed by the Elder Vampire that he was now in the formation of a Vampire and that she is her mother now.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    **Olek turns the neck of the man, his eyes growing widely while he takes a light grip of the unconcious being before shutting his eyes tightly, biting down tightly against the soft spot along his veins, sucking against as much as he can.
    **The man turns his head lightly, reacting very little due to him being unconcious.
    **Olek hesitates there for a moment, his eyes continued to be shut while he keeps him held to the ground in-case if he was to suddenly spring up awake.
    **After an array of minutes pass, the blood slowly begins to drain out while the mans hand slowly closes up for a moment before twitching lightly.
    **Olek soon opens his eyes, lifting his head up as he stands up to his feet, using a rag from his front pocket to swipe the blood from his mouth, exhaling lightly.
    **The man body slowly slumps to the right onto the ground, his body rested along the ground before his breath slowly exhales at it's last stance while any remaining blood coats his neck and the floor below him.
    **Olek turns his posture around, reaching to a large blanket off of the table, turning back to him as he lines it up over his head, covering him up.
    **Olek would then turn towards the dresser, examining the top of it where he lifts up the Police Webbings, wrapping them around his waist.
    **The man let's out a heavy gasp, his body now slumped closer to the ground as his body grows limp, appearing not to be in a breathing state anymore.
    **Olek stares at the covered corpse, his eyes scanning along the fixed spots of the blanket, as well as the blood seeping through the cotten before turning his posture around to the doorway, pulling it open to the outside before shutting it behind him.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:
    **Olek re-grips the pistol guard, hoisting it towards the front of the store while he exhales heavily, attempting to hollar as loud as he can. "Hands up, Hands!"

    **The Masked figure quickly posies towards them, his hand gripped tightly along the pistol while he steps back, hoisting the bag over his shoulder.
    **The rest of the Police Officers would be screaming as well, there guns pointed at him while they remain at their positions.
    **After a close minute, the masked figure quickly begins to jump back to a nearing alley, firing his pistol at a man across from him.
    **Olek jolts from the sudden shots for a moment, his body freezing in shock of the sudden actions before he begins to pull back the trigger of the pistol, allowing it to recoil against his hand, sending the bullets towards the direction of his dashes.
    **The haze of bullets would be sent back and forth for only a few seconds as nearly every one of them hit the figure, causing him to collapse to the ground.
    **Olek lifts his finger up from the trigger, his eyes now focused onto the collapsed body and bullet holes around them as he slowly lifts himself off the hood of the car, stepping around while slowly edging towards the curve, his breathing in a heavy panting state.
    **Blood slowly trickles from where the man was hit, covering the sidewalk below him.
    **Olek slowly moves onto the top of the sidewalk, along with two other officers before slowly kneeling down towards him, gently flipping him onto his stomach.
    **Olek would then reach to his back pouch, retrieving a pair of silver cuffs and places them against his wrist, tightening them along the edges before standing back to his feet, exhaling lightly.
    **The men begin to make there way around, moving up inside of the store for any other hostages that remain in the building. 
    **Olek closes up his handcuff pouch, sliding the pistol back into his holster as he jogs inside as well with the other officers, his eyes focused on the broken windows and penetrated walls.
    **The Sargeant approaches to Olek from behind, patting him along his shoulder while nudging his head to the door-way. "Go on out back to the station, you done enough for today."
    **Olek gives his head a light nod, exhaling lightly from exhaustion as he slowly steps outside, facing towards the pedestrians, officers, and news reporters.
    **Olek Then sighs lightly, his eyes blinking lightly as he steps out from the sidewalk, approaching back to the front of his own squad car, settling himself inside of the drivers seat, pulling out from the scene slowly.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    **Olek enters the Cafe, his head  immediately poised towards the bar table where he nods his head to the man behind the counter, sitting onto the chair next to the door-way.
    **The bartender gives his head a bow, his hands sliding along behind the counter-top. "Morning Olek, what's your agenda today?" He replies, twisting the knob of the coffee pot.
    **He would only shrug his shoulders, a yawn in response while he leans forward closer, crossing his arms together. "Heading off on patrol in 5th street from "Ten to Twelve, and Sixth Avenue from Eleven to Four."
    **The Bar-Man sighs, the coffee now dispensing a black steaming liquid into the plastic cup. "Ashame, I work from Nine to Five 'Pee Emm' and I hate it as much as you."
    **"Well it's not too bad, this town doesn't get a whole lot anyways..." He would reply, rubbing the top of his eyelids.
    **The Barman returns back to him with a small cup in his hand, setting it in front of him as he reaches to the pot, turning it to the right. "How's your family, if you don't mind me asking." He replies.
    **Olek lifts his head up, stirring the coffee around. "My wife is doing fine, she's been feeling bad because her hair is turning gray." He chuckles.
    **The Barman shakes his head, reaching up a small plate of Scrambled eggs, placing it in front of the Officer. "What about your son?"
    **Olek lifts his head up, placing a small fork into the plate while replying. "He's been working real hard, he writes to me all the time about the things he does like studying for exams and going to his job, saying he gets no sleep all the time..."
    **The Barman cocks his head lightly over his head, sliding the dirty Silverware into the sink as he steps back. "What's he studying for?"
    **Olek lifts his head up, edging the end of the cup along his lip, allowing the liquid to flow down his throat before setting it back down onto the counter. "Forensic Science."
    **The Barman gives a light chuckle, turning to him in the process. "Sounds like he wants to be just like you."
    **He Would slowly nod his head, a smile appearing on his face while his hands interlock together. "He makes me proud...He's even met with a nice girl Egypt..."

    **The Man steps to his left, placing the dishes inside of the washer while wiping the left over muck from his hands. "Going to have Grand-Children along the way?" He replies.
    ****Olek sits there for a moment, another smile crossing his face as he lifts the scrambled egg pieces from the fork, staring at it for a moment before nodding his head lightly. "I'm already having dreams of it."

    "Not Thinking, just Remembering."

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