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    Darky's Augustine App

    Post by Darky on Sat Aug 09, 2014 5:40 am

    Steam Name: ∂αякŷ (soz for it being so large, it pasted that way)
    Steam ID:

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?:
    I am a previous veteran serious roleplayer. I have spent incredible amounts of time playing GMod in other gamemodes such as Military RP, Vampire RP (Diff community), Real Life RP, PERP, DarkRP (everyone has been here), ApocRP, FalloutRP and many others.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?:

    I have been roleplaying for around 9 years now. (The account I use now is my alternate account - doesnt have all my hours)

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:
    Megan Richmond, aged 24. Only recently finishing her course in Business and Economics in New Orleans, Louisana college.
    She is an intelligent and smoking woman for her age, some people have told her to take up the modelling career.
    Although Megan's standards and morals are set above the 'average woman'. She plans to set up a large corporation, funding the fight against cancer and researching ways of preventing it through 'other means'. She has great ambitions, living the high life, driving fancy cars, meeting fancy people.

    While her friends are out partying at nightclubs and getting wasted, she sits at home, writing business plans and working on her dream corporation.
    This all changed however, the one night she left home with her friends...

    The night is dim, stormy up in the skies above. Megan and her party friends are making their way home in the rain, a single umbrella being the only thing keeping them from being completely saturated in their heels and their make-up running down their faces. A shady figure in the distance, by an alley way. One of Megan's friends, Natalie, call out to the man for some help, requesting for a ride. As they approach, the figure slips into the shadows. The group become curious, headed towards the last location of the shady figure. As they come to the alley, there is a corner shop, all brightly lit up, looks to be a candy store. They slip inside to avoid the bucketing down rain. Within, an older lady waits at the cash register, looking oddly towards the group of young party girls. Megan splits from the group, approaching the cashier. As she approaches, the cashier maintains a steady gaze into Megan's eyes. The others walk around the shop, looking at the rows of candy lined up on the racking. Meanwhile, a few dark figures swiftly pass the front windows, the area the group came from. Megan is now standing opposite the cashier, requesting the restroom. The older lady briefly points the direction, remaining silent. A few moments pass, before a power outage sends the group into a panic, Megan in the restroom and her friends outside screaming. After a few seconds, the group goes silent. Megan screaming on her own, the power comes back.

    She rushes out to the front, holding her heels in hand and looking around the store. The entire lobby empty. It looks like the place has been uninhabited for years. Cobwebs in the corners, the floor boards creaking as she walks slowly forward to investigate. The front lobby now dimly lit and lights out front flickering, she leaves the store in a hurry, looking around to see the world for what it was before. On her left, a taxi cab. She calls for it, hopping inside and telling the driver the destination to head for. This all ended abruptly after the driver turns around. Megan's world goes dark, before she is completely unconscious.

    Days later, she awakes. A place she has never seen before, familiar to home, though, not so familiar at the same time. The place appears to be a brothel, however, nobody is in her room, as if it was her home. Frightened, she looks around, finding her heels and party dress on the floor before looking to herself and seeing some warm pajamas in place of her others. Shakily walking to the door, she opens it and peeks out around the corner, the hallways clear. Walking further out, tip-toeing with her heels and dress in arm. Reaching another hallway, headed left, she turns, headed to the end.

    The end of the hallway a door, opening it, she reveals what seems to be a hotel lobby. A few people down below, a person at the registration desk and a few people moving luggage around. Rubbing her neck, she feels a few bumps. Walking briskly back to her room, she dumps her belongings on the floor and rushes to the bathroom, looking in the mirror, she reveals to herself... She is bit.

    -NOTE: RP Examples follow a sequence. Passive -> Combat -> Feeding.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:
    **Megan moves her head to the mans body, nearing his neck.
    **She breathes in deeply through her nose, taking a brief lick of the soon to be meal.
    **Raising her upper lip, she reveals her fangs which will be used to feed on the corpse.
    **Her mouth nearing the neck, her arm moves the head to the side slightly, making the neck more accessible.
    **She places her teeth on the target, biting down on the corpses neck.
    **Elegantly drinking from the corpse, she sucks on the open would, draining the blood from the vessel.
    **Closing her eyes, she continues to feast on the vessel's blood supply.
    *The blood runs out.
    **She opens her eyes, her feast run short due movement heard in the distance, a few from the sounds of things.
    **Looking around, she raises from the ground and dusts herself off before picking up the body and moving it away from visible areas.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:
    **Raising her right arm, she indicates an aggressive action.
    *The male rushes towards her, a silver engraved dagger in hand, raised above his head.
    **Slamming her right arm down, the male is hit in the upper neck, sending him temporarily paralyzed to the floor.
    **Using her left arm, she sweeps the blade from the mans hand, taking grip of it in her own.
    **Spinning in place, she uses the hand now holding the blade, slashing the male in the back as he falls to the floor.
    *The man yells in pain, as the cut is fairly deep across his back.
    **Smiling evilly, she stares at the man, holding a seductive pose with the blade in hand.
    *The man looks to her, as blood seeps from his back wound onto the concrete floor.
    *He gets up, not being struck back down, going toe to toe with Megan.
    **Raising her left leg slightly, she pushes forward, directing her kick to the mans right knee.
    *The man is caught off guard, his knee being kicked at great force and buckling. 'Snap'
    **She licks her lips at the audible noise of the breaking knee bone.
    *The man screams in pain, audible within 100 meter radius.
    **Megan pounces forwards, onto the male, her legs either side of his torso. Looking into his eyes, a deathly stare.
    *Returns the gaze to the vampric woman.
    **She takes grip of his head, with both hands, smiling devilishly, she twists, pulling the nerves in the back of the mans neck and causing incredible pain.
    *The man yells a final time in pain, falling unconscious from the pain.
    **She licks her lips a final time before lowering down to the mans lips, directing her eyes to his neck.
    (Follows onto FeedingRP example)

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:
    **Looking out the window, she looks out into the city streets. Looking to the prospering amounts of people going about their business.
    **Rubbing her hand over a novel on the desk, she averts her gaze to it, before flicking the books main cover open.
    **Reading the first page, she hears footsteps coming up the staircase down the hall.
    **Curious, she turns around on her swivel chair, her left leg over her right as she reads her novel, occasionally looking towards the door.
    **She flicks to the next page, continuing to read her novel as the footsteps become louder and louder.
    **Sighing, Megan puts the novel down and moves to the fridge before opening a bottle of red wine.
    **Taking a wine glass from the cabinet next to the wine casing, she places it on the table and pours a moderate amount into the glass.
    **Sipping on the wine, she waves her hand lightly, the liquid within the wine glass running around the sides of the glass upper.
    **Taking a look around her apartment, she takes a seat on her couch, laying back on it and resting her head on the couch arm.
    **She raises an eyebrow, hearing chatter outside, some yelling a little further away. Closing her eyes and relaxing as she listens to the shuffling footsteps outside.
    **Breathing calmly, her mind going into a dream as she enters a short-lived dream.
    **The footsteps get incredibly loud outside, as she awakens to them. Getting off the couch, she places the glass at the base of it, looking towards the door.
    **She walks towards the door, standing around 4 meters away, staring directly at the door as she hears footsteps shuffling around outside it.
    *The sounds get quiet, before nothing at all.
    **Megan turns, looking back to the couch, turning towards it.
    *A large thump is heard.
    **Megan snaps her attention back to the door.
    *The door slams open, a man in a coat, a wide-brim hat, jeans and a vest appears in front of the door.
    **She cringes at the sight, her fists clenching as she looks towards the male.
    *The man reveals a silver engraved dagger.

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    Re: Darky's Augustine App

    Post by JiiBB on Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:43 pm

    Please don't put polls on your apps like that.

    Never the less I +Support it

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    Re: Darky's Augustine App

    Post by Darky on Sat Aug 09, 2014 10:26 pm

    My apologies, I usually place a poll so its easier to track application votes.

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    Re: Darky's Augustine App

    Post by Pixie on Thu Aug 14, 2014 5:00 am


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    Re: Darky's Augustine App

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