Greetings to you folks, I require assistance with PAC3


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    Greetings to you folks, I require assistance with PAC3

    Post by Jeff Belinger on Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:10 am

    My name is Jeff, I have joined your community last night. 

    I have an issue with PAC3 that I consider game breaking for me and others around me. PAC3 breaks every character model that I try to use and forces a different model than the ones provided by the server. I have tried various times to turn it off, but it never works. At one time I thought PAC3 was disabled but player questioned me ICly about a rifle on my back. immediately I told her that this wasnt supposed to be there, that PAC3 was supposed to be disabled. He/she didnt question it and after that I tried to fix the issue, but only made it worse, making it that PAC3 forces a character model that is completely the opposite of the character I want to play.

    I have tried getting help from players and staff alike but all ended amounted to nothing.

    Could I have some help pertaining this flagrant PAC3 issue? this is not the first time this happens and everytime I went to a server with PAC3, i was banned for not being able to fix the darn thing.

    Is anyone here capable of helping me out?

    *edit*: nevermind, it seems the problem has fixed itself somehow.

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