Cookie's Augustine Application



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    Cookie's Augustine Application

    Post by Cookies on Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:58 am

    Steam Name:


    Steam ID:

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?:

    A little weird with so many teeny vampires around here. Might aswell try to change that.

    How long have you been roleplaying for

    Five years now. Many, many games with multiplayer platforms that supported a roleplay mode

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    Camilla Abbatantuno-Bergamaschi was born in Florenza, Italy in 1851. Her two parents, Frederico and Ricadonna were two of a high nobility at the time given. From her moment of birth, both of her parents have shown signs of pure love towards their new-born. Camilla sat in her mothers arm, quietly sleeping after the exhausting trip. Many did gather to see Camilla, the Bergamaschi's new pride. Since she was small, Camilla was stubborn. Nobody could steer her away from whatever she wanted to do. But she took in consideration her parent's warning at any step she took. It was a late, dark night in Florenza, as Camillia arrived home, onto a horse. She quickly wrapped the harness around the wooden pole with a candle on-top, as she shuffled inside the house. She slowly clicked the door open, and stepped inside. She lit a candle with the flint near the window and saw that the house was completly ravished. She noticed a red, thin trail of blood slowly making its way between the wooden planks of the floor. She took the handle between her small hands, as she made her way trough the dark hall-way. As she reached the door-step of her parent's room, she saw two bodies, layed onto the floor. She gasped loudly, dropping the candle, as it rolled away, still litten up. Italian yapping could be heard, as Camilla was brutally grabbed by her hands, and shoved against the wall. She felt a sting into her neck, before she faded out of conciousness, smoke raising. Camilla pried her eyes open, as she peeked around the room she was in. It was not her house.. Neither a place she knew. Her memories came before her eyes, as she passed her left hand along her neck, as she felt two, round scars. She gasped, before she tried to get off the bed, but her action interrupted by a blonde, young woman. She seemed to be french. Her cold hands pushed Camilla back on the bed , and pulled a thick blanket ontop of her. When Camilla eyed her, her skin was pale, weird. She spoke to Camilla in a bad italian accent, but still fluent speaking.
    " Welcome to the undead, my dear.." - she chuckled, stepping away, setting herself onto a chair, near the bed.
    Camilla returned a surprised look, puzzled even. She wasn't even a little aware of what has occured.
    " You have been bitten, my dear.. By a vampire.. You didn't die from it, you became one. " her voice was soothing, calming.
    She kept her silence in return. Puzzled, not knowing how to respond.
    " Remember me.. I have saved you this night. " and with that, the french blonde woman stood up, in her decent wares, and took off, leaving the house's door open, the nights cold coming inside the smaller house. After a long, five minutes for Camilla, a what it seemed like, an ederly woman walks trough the door, smiling warmly at Camilla. Without a word, she advances over to her, prying Camilla's mouth open. She felt no power to resist the intrusion. The strange woman ran her fingers along two of her teeth. From what Camilla felt, those teeth were long, weird. She did not know of them.
    The eldery woman smiled, and settled down, nodding, before taking her coat off, letting it onto the chair. A long story has started, for both Camilla and the woman. They have both survived togheter, hunting into the nights. She did not need that much, as she was an elder, but Camilla, she needed blood every night. Her hunting sessions were long, tiring. As the first world war landed, the two parted, and each hid in a side of Europe, wherever they could. Camilla felt alone, and she struggled to keep living. The bombings were frequent, and she had no-one to feed on. Happily for her, it was over before she even noticed. She was really, really desperate of going somewhere familiar, but she knew it was almost impossible to find the misterious woman again.. which she had lived with for so long, and she didn't uncover her name. It all seemed stranged, unreal. Camilla hid in Italy, Rome. Quietly waiting for an opportunity to raise. The years flew by, as she was idle, waiting within the shadows. Hunting her prey to survive, keeping a turf of her own. Time went by, as she worked noumerous bars and restaurants, gathering money for her own wealth. The frequency of her feeding did decrease. She bought herself a plane ticket to America, after managing to spare money for fake documents, and a forged passport. As she landed, it was day, she went into the bathroom and hid there. She silently leaned against the wall, toying with her fingers. She wondered about the airport until the night did fall, and she was thankfull for it. It was Los Angeles after all. She went onto a street corner, and sat there, quietly watching the almost empty roads for her prey.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    Camilla would be shuflling down a quiet road, in Los Angeles, at night. The roads would be almost empty, as her fists clench, her muscles clamping from her need of blood.

    *A hooker slowly strolls out of a club, swinging her purse up high, clicking her high-heels down the side-walk.
    **Camilla's lips curl into a smirk, as her silently paces behind the girl, her hands making their way into her jeans's pockets, staying in there. Her eyes flicker at the occasional street lights.
    *The girl reached a dark side of the boulevard, with every shop closed, there was almost no lightning. She reached for her purse, swinging it at front, as she unzipped it, her hand retreiving a brown pack of cigarettes, as she flicks it open, dragging a cigarette out, raising it, idly placing it between her lips, as she glances down the street.
    **Camilla shuffles forward, before the girl, as she produces a lighter from her right pocket, raising it up to the cigarette, flicking her thumb. The flame of the lighter lit the girl's face up, but not Camilla's.
    *The girl smiles, as she drags from her cigar, trying to peer at Camilla's face, unsure of what she was. The darkness covered them both, the only light source being the litten cigarette. " Hey, hun.. do you want to have some good time? "
    **Camilla slowly shuffles behind the hooker, seductively passing her hands onto the girl's collar bones, releasing a hissed " Yessssss. " She tilts her head, her lips pressing hard on the back of the woman's neck, placing light pecks onto it.
    *The girl leans against Camilla, releasing a partial moan. As she remove the cigarette from her mouth, idlying holding it by her side.
    **Camilla plants a last kiss, as her strong hands grip the girl's, her fangs flash, before Camilla sends them straight into her slender neck, with a long hum.
    *The girl's hands flail, as the cigarette drops onto the cold concrete, sparks jumping away from it, her knees are weak, trembling.
    ** Camilla removes herself from the girl's neck, gently laying her across the wall, before digging her hand into her pocket, retreiving a folded papertowel, as her gently wipes her neck, along with her lips. She tosses the towel into an alley way, before she strolls away, keeping a confident smirk onto her lips.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    **Camilla takes a step back, before releasing a grunt, her lips part, displaying her grown, white, fangs.
    * The brute smiles, " Bring it on, vampy! "
    ** She grunts in frustration, before she props her feet into the ground, giving herself a slight boost as the starts in a dash for the massive man obstructing her way.
    *He only smirks, adjusting his position.
    ** Camilla readies her fist, but instead, as she reaches before the man, she throws herself onto the ground, and as she slides towards him, her right foot props up, into the air.
    * The man curiously raises his brows, while his fists clench, as he tries to thrust them blindly at Camilla.
    ** Her knee bends to a certain point, before she sends it upwards, with the best of her forces.
    *As the girl slides inbetween his legs, he clutches his thighs in pain, growling " You bitch! "
    ** She slowly pushes herself off the ground, smirking, as she casually dusts herself off.

    *The man releases a growl, before gripping Camilla by her waist, by surprise. His both, ripped arms, clench their muscles, as he throws Camilla straight into a garbage tin.
    ** Camilla grunts, as she lands into it, shaking her head.
    **** Sirens are heard down the street, as the lid pops open. A megaphone is heard " Hold it right there! ", before the man drops the lid, raising his hands out. An officer slowly advances, unclipping his duty cuffs.
    ** Camilla gently pushes the lid, as she peeks out over the situation, an evil smirk coming across her lips.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    Camilla props her feet up the table, as she flops out onto the couch, lazily setting the remote control onto her tummy. Her nostrils expand, as she takes in quite the ammount of air, before parting her lips, exhailing it in a long sigh. Her thumb lightly falls into the remote, as she changes the channels, one by one. Her eyes roll, as her right hand raises up to her hair, gently removing the clamp, passing her hands trough it. She mutters something to herself, as her hand reaches to the glass table, setting the clamp there, and instead, retreiving the glass of water existant near it. She grips it before she takes it up to her lips, tilting it, allowing herself some water to drink.
    The television plays a random show, as Camilla's eye-lids slowly flutter closed. She shifts onto the couch, removing her legs from the table, laying out on the lenght of it. She stretches her arms out, before taking a small, short yawn, her glare falling onto the cat, named Mittens, as it enters the livingroom.
    The cat shuffles across the couch, stopping onto Camilla's tummy, offering short purrs of attention. Her left hand slowly moves onto the kitten's head, gently petting it, as Mittens pushes his head against her palm, his purring becoming smooth, continous. Camilla's lips curl into a tired smile, or.. so it seemed. The cat'd jolt right off her tummy, stratled, as Camilla responds away, her arms pushing themselves against the couch, shifting her feet off the couch to a standing, as she shuffles over to the door, gently placing her ear against it. She'd be able to hear multiple voice, weird ones. As for that, her right hand advances for the lock, as she twists it twice. Camilla stretches her arms, as the hall-way outside echoes in a 'damn it ', she drags her bare feet across the cold tiles onto the floor, them not really bothering her. She heads for the bedroom, as she lightly drops her hand onto the handle, pushing the door open. She shuffles forward, flopping down onto the bed, sighing into the pillow.

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    Re: Cookie's Augustine Application

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    Holding my support until I see the RP lines expanded. <3.

    Character list incoming!

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    Re: Cookie's Augustine Application

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    Has my support, though that probably counts for very leetle. Cookies is a fine RPer in all my experience.


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    Re: Cookie's Augustine Application

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    Added some more lines.

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    Re: Cookie's Augustine Application

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    Re: Cookie's Augustine Application

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