Captain Ramensin



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    Captain Ramensin

    Post by Raikmaister on Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:16 am

    Captain Ramensin/Jase 


    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Age: Mid-late twenties

    Nationality: Polish

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Flinty, dull grey.


      Hunters - We don't have enough

    ANY military left.. - Not enough..

    DECA - Fuck sakes, you guys are surprisingly chill.

    Adam - Good friend, Good soldier. Dead.

    Tsukiko - Good friend, good medic. Dead

    Isaac - Adam's replacement, gone somewhere.

    Larissa - Wish we could be friends again.

    Cisilia - Where'd you go?

    Paul - Haven't seen you since.

    Delilah - I don't know what you're even doing

    Amy - Dead.

    Crimson - I hope you're dead.

    Red - Glad you and Adrian are a couple. S'cute.

    Alice - Hale will make a good dad for you. I'm sorry your mom isn't around enough to help otherwise.

    Hale - For what little it's worth, I'm sorry. I abandoned you when I shouldn't have, and I'd do anything to atleast make sure you're okay again.

    Zelana - Look to the above statement. Though, Myrine is kinda a huge cunt waffle.

    Myrine - Kinda a huge cunt waffle.

    why am i even writing this?

    Seth - Amazing guy, amazing friend, amazing soldier. Glad you got someone.

    Carla - Treat him right and we'll be fine.

    Erika - You're just a big fuggin' pot of emotions (both ways, dear)


    Nica - Hai big sister. Please don't Nancy me.

    Natsuko - I miss yoooouuu.

    Vagabond - You're just a big ball of injured adorable.

    Seras - I don't know if you're like my apprentice or what, but you're cool.

    Kim - You poor fuckin' thing.

    Ghouls - The one thing I haven't suplexed yet.

    Ghouls - Note to self, suplex them.

    Ghouls - Also, dicks.

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    Re: Captain Ramensin

    Post by Greene180 on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:50 am

    Oh, sure. Everyone gets a few words, but Hale ain't even mentioned, I see how it is, nyukka.

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