[ACCEPTED]Gentleman Jay's application for lone Vampire Hunter


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    [ACCEPTED]Gentleman Jay's application for lone Vampire Hunter

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    IMPORTANT: I hate to say this. But before this one. I had a massive backstory. However when I went to send it. I was send to the log in screen. After logging in. The story that I had was all gone. I am so sorry for I will have to cut the backstory considering how much it was to type. I'll be here all day if I do it again. I will then take a different approach. Making this like a character list. I really hope you understand. I also have dsylixa which really doesn't help in making grammar and spelling appear great. Please excuse me for that 

    Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:32663225

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I believe I should get this whitelist for a number of reasons, one. I really hope to make a fun and interesting character for this community, I wish to use this character to roleplay with any sort of person and make it fun for both parites. Two, my experince. Over my three years I have had many whitelists, the normal OTA. CP and CWU. But including Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, NCR, and Legion from fallout servers. I was also a Sergeant for a Starship Troopers roleplay. The third reason is for me to feel apart of the community, I am hoping I can meet new faces and finally be part and a helping find in a community which takes me in. Since the last community I was in died a few months ago. 

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: I have been roleplaying for around three years now. Going on my fourth 

    Personal RP Background: My first ever roleplay was of course, Darkrp but I also did lots of other gamemodes for Garrysmod when I first bought the back three years ago back in 2011. Though my fist ever SERIOUS roleplay was at a HL2RP where sadly, I did not understand much of anything when I was first playing and I was a minge however I was more confused then anything rather then using my suitcase to move up to the end of the map. Happily an admin came to me and that was then I started to learn how to do serious roleplay, it was a blast if I'm honest. Fun to do and make up a new character with a personality every time I join a server. I fell in love with roleplay on Garrysmod, I have done a lot in these three years. I have improved on my roleplay where I can now write a near paragraph of a /me (Which to some is annoying and I do understand why Very Happy) which I am happy that I can do. I have taken how my characters react to different situations and how to make a solid personality on a character. Which I am also happy for. I have done Fallout, STALKER, Outlands and even Fantasy and Military roleplays. I always look for something new. And I am hoping this community will do just that.

    Character Sheet

    Name: Alexander Saint Constantine (Known to go by the name Constantine only)  

    Age: Twenty-Five

    Nationality: Irish-American

    Height: 5'9

    Build: Athletic

    Eye Colour: Dark Green

    Skin Colour: White (Pale)

    Hair Colour: Bright Blonde 


    Voice Description: Alex's voice is a clear, sarcastic and humor filled tone. It has a clear Texan accent, yet with a undertone of a Irish descent added in. His voice would also sound youthful and yet unaffected by his chain smoking. 

    Physical marks: Large Tattoo of an Angel: 

    Mother: Deceased. Means: Vampire Attack
    Father: Deceased.Means: Car-Crash
    Older Brother: Deceased. Means: Vampire Attack
    Young Brother: Deceased. Means: Vampire Attack
    Young Sister: Deceased. Means: Vampire Attack


    Unknown Uncle: Alive

    Rebecca J. Haze: Deceased. Means: Vampire Attack 

    Mentor: Unknown. 

    Sharp-Shooter: Amazing shot with his Luger pistols and m1911
    Wit: Sharp mind with a great amount of wit
    Pure Luck: Always gets out of a tight situation someway or another
    Free Running Knowledge: Able to move around easily and gracefully
    "I got a bad feeling": Gut instinct, believes it whole heartily and has saved his life more times then he'll like to say 
    Natural Skill with firearms: "I guess it was in my blood."
    Vampire Hunter: Skilled at tracking and killing Vampires 
    Caring: "Heck. I got your back mate."

    Chain Smoker: "20 a day keeps the dust bunnies away"
    Personal Vendetta: "I hate those fucking dickhead blood suckers. I'm going to kill them all"
    Lacks Common Sense 
    No Hand to Hand skills
    Heavy Drinker: "Sometimes I drink to forget, others so I can get wasted and end up in a coma"

    Gear: One Luger Pistol, five clips, mint condition (45.ACP rounds)
    One M1911 pistol, three clips, mint condition (45.ACP rounds)
    Black Duffle Bag: Rations, weapon cleaning kits, change of clothes, fake passports,Weapon Permits, washing items, two bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey, carton of smokes, chewing gum
    Wallet: 200 dollers. Picture of his deceased girlfriend
    Black long coat: Spare change, packet of smokes, outdated phone
    Black Cowboy Hat: N/A
    Chest Holster: Used to store his Luger and M1911
    Black tinted Aviator sun glasses 
    Vampire fang necklace: A whole fang necklace going around neck made from deceased Vampire fangs, from the common Augustine and Dremor to the rare Nosferatu (Although only one Nosferatu) 

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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Gentleman Jay's application for lone Vampire Hunter

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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Gentleman Jay's application for lone Vampire Hunter

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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Gentleman Jay's application for lone Vampire Hunter

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