Dr. Smiley's Application.



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    Dr. Smiley's Application.

    Post by smiley1994 on Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:37 pm

    Steam Name: Dr. Smiley

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:6059942

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: Cause, i love to roleplay and i've been role-playing for around 2/3 years now but that will be in the question Below, i really like to role-play as a vampire as i've roleplayed alot as a vampire on other servers and such, I really like the fact of the idea of the role-play and would wish to get another vampire character as i've currently got my other one that was Icly Bit and changed, my char won't be a like Kill! he is basicly going to try to be a nice vampire, and won't be killing everyone in sight.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?:2/3

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:
    Neot, was born in the Netherlands in February 5th of Year 2000.  He had a quite a family, they were nice at overall but as he grew up longing. He starts to get worried because the hot topic around Was his father moving to the United States to Work as a Police officer, Because they he was American. His mother was Dutch so when he moved away, Neot was good in school, but started to get bullied of recent issues because he was Albino, he was being bullied allot the teachers didn't even care they told him the normal stuff, they are just jealous and stuff, but they didn't really care they are paying for just working so he was bullied but was good at all his work in school. He had a girl friend for once in High school but she just passed like any other one, He was around 13 his father wanted to see him so he bought tickets for him and sended them when he arrived at the airport he went onto the plane and did his normal security checks on him and such then let him into the plane he then flew over to america, he was quite scared of planes so he was alot panicky the only person he had with him was his sister who was just basicly taking him over then leaving, he arrived at the american airport he then did his checks again.

    He took a taxi to New Orleans, where his father was working he was dropped off in a small town, as his father was waiting for him at the house he allowed him in giving him a hug and stuff, it was around his birthday just this day as he loved this moment because of Seeing his father and maybe getting a gift from him, he was allowed into the house as he sat on the couch with his small backpack saying 'Dad.. I've never seen you for such a long time..' his father would respond with 'Well.. I've been busy..'. His father would walk into the kitchen Hiding the birthday cake and stuff, his father said go outside and make some friends.. He thinks his father forgot his birthday as he walked outside all sad and moany he went a local park throwing some stones in the park and ect. Playing around comes home to the house with a brick through the window as he opened the door he would yell Dad?! No one would respond, he looked at the brick, then the smashed window, he walked upstairs to his father's bedroom checking for him, he wouldn't be there as he walks into the kitchen, he would get an awful fright when His Dad YELLS 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' he literally Runs out of the kitchen out of the house and then yells you BASTARD! As he walks in slowly Holding his chest as he feels like he just had a heart attack, he would walk back into the kitchen with the Cake ready and all he Would walk upto the cake saying 'Don't ever do that again, please?..' his dad would nod laughing away as he says blow the candles out he would Blow air to the candles blowing them out as the room just goes into darkness he turns on the lights saying 'What age are you now?' He says Eh..hm..fourteen I guess.. his dad says I fixed a bed up for you in the bathroom..it's in the bath.  He would walk up seeing nice covers in the bath tub with a pillow as he lays into it he would fall asleep, after turning the lights off.. the next day he would wake up in almost a fright he would wake up covered in water as the bath has been turned on as he would wake up no one would be in the bathroom, he turns on the lights getting out of the bath using a towel to dry him up, he would then feel very drained... as he would look at himself in the mirrow checking his face as he turns his head right to left he would see the bite marks as he says 'W-...what the fuck!' he wouldn't feel it as he says oh my god..' he would walk around looking for his dad as the house is wrecked as he walks into the living room there would be a blood pack on the table saying with a label on it 'Sorry..kiddo but everyone has there reasons no one will ever bully you again, drink this' he would stare at the blood pack saying 'Oh my..' He would open it up drinking down the blood as he would feel the taste of it going down his throat. He would drink the whole pack looking at his clothes he would then dry up his mouth then going upstairs looking for a coat, he finds his fathers trench coat as he would rip the bottom of it making it his size as he puts on some gear, but would then look around for his dads service Pistol as he would rip out all the Drawers out looking for it he would open the closet seeing a small suitcase as he would open it there would be a pistol with a clip at the side, he wouldn't really know how to fire one so he just shoved the clip into the bottom of it, placing it into his bag. He would try to use his phone to call his mother but there would be no connection on the phone as it has been wrecked by the water of the bath.. then he wonders looking for someone to be his friend or family.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    *Noet would start to follow a person* 

    *The person would keep walking on, they would enter a small house*

    *Neot would then walk on inside of the house looking around for the person, going upstairs, he would see the person standing there playing on their phone playing a game where they yell something and the phone tries to figure out what it is..*

    *The person would keep playing on their phone fully entertained, as they would sit down on a chair still playing their little game yelling away, as he would then place the phone down.

    *Neot would sneak up As he would accidently stand on a floorboard that creeks, he would widen his eyes as he quickly runs towards the person playing the game he Grabs them and throws them to the floor.

    *The person would get up from the floor launching a Fist towards Neot, would react to falling back slightly and a bit of a grunt

    *Neot would Grab the persons phone and chuck it off of the wall, then bringing his boot towards the Person's face, then bringing his other for kicking the man in the face side wards*

    *Person Would then be hit, falling back to the floor as they yell in pain, he would get back up as he bear hugs Neot to basically force his hands away he would then start to header neot*

    *neot would start to be hit taking the hits well, but groans a bit from not being able to move he would then header the man with pure strength* *Person Would be hit by the header not letting go of him, but groaning as he would header Neot Again, thinking he would give up* Neot would then kick the man back, then bring his foot up to kick the man's face again then pushing him back* 

    *The person would fall back then as that happens* 

    *Neot runs away knowing he can't really fight this fight..*

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]: *Would walk around looking for someone to talk to*

    *Neot would walk upto a girl saying 'So hows the town been going?..'.

    *Girl Would re-ply with 'Eh.. Not that good some people are getting into fights and so..'.

    *Neot would say 'Well, that's just normal anyway, what's your name i've never really saw you around here?..'.

    *Zoey Would say 'My name is Zoey, nice to meet you'' 

    *Neot would say 'Well, my name is Neot Or Uksin, your choice of what you call me and nice to meet you too'

    *Zoey Asks 'Where are your parents?..'.

    *Neot says 'They are..eh..they are at home, I'm just outside playing currently just looking for friends..'.

    *Zoey says 'Well, I can be your friend, if you want.

    *Neot says 'Really?.. Sure, thanks'.

    *Zoey Says want to play a game of Rock paper scissors??

    *Neot would put up his hand saying 'Yeah, sure i'm the best..'.

    *Zoey would put her hand up saying 'Rock..paper..scissors!'' as she pulls out Rock.

    *Neot Pulls out Paper.. He says 'Dammit..' as he says ''Your good I guess'.

    *Zoey Would do the same again apart from Paper.

    *Neot Would pull Scissors saying 'Got ya!' as he laughs away.

    *Zoey would smile warmly at him laughing saying 'I really..got to go now..'.

    *Neot would say 'D'aww.. really?.. Right, I'll see you around..'.

    *Zoey walks away, waving at him as he waves back too.

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    Re: Dr. Smiley's Application.

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    Great RPer and a nice app, hope you get accepted!


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    Re: Dr. Smiley's Application.

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    Fix the minor grammatical errors, and then i'll accept it

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    Re: Dr. Smiley's Application.

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    Re: Dr. Smiley's Application.

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