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    Allyson 'Alice' Longbird

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    Allyson 'Alice' Longbird


    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 129

    Age: 17

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Nationality: English/American

    Gender: Female

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Hazel/Gray


    Loved, Friend, Acquaintance, Neutral, Disliked, Hated, Death-Wish

    'Delilah' - "I..I try.. but I can't do it anymore.. I love you Lilah.. but I have no more feelings for us being Sisters.."

    Cisilia 'Wolf' Longbird - "I love you mum.. but I don't see you as much.. I wish we would've hung out more.."

    Capt. Jase Ramensin - "Thank you Jase... for everything..I love to think of you as a Father.."

    Larissa Kinley - "I..I used to love you.. a year later.. I'm sitting on my ass High all of the time.. I wish we started to Date.."

    Lila 'Crimson Rose' Anvil - "I had feelings for you.. but now we're barely friends.. thank you for everything.."

    Alexandra 'Sasha' Hart - "I'm sorry for everything i've done to you Sasha.. I tried to be a mother and I failed..I love you.."

    Dawson Malbek - "We should've hung out more.. but sadly i'll be dead soon.."

    Kimberly 'Kim' Ervin - "I'm sorry.. that I brought you into this.. please.. just don't try to remember me."

    Amy Travers - "It's all my fault that you're dead.. I should just let you and Tsukiko be happy.."

    Tsukiko Hayashi - "I..I didn't mean to kill you.. I.. I only did what I thought was right..."

    Ryan Hale - "I really like you Hale.. wish we could've been better friends."

    Safira 'Red' Vestrolska - "I'll always be there for you Red.. even if I do kill myself.."

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