Dr. Smiley's Application.



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    Dr. Smiley's Application.

    Post by smiley1994 on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:27 pm

    Steam Name: Dr. Smiley

    Steam ID: STEAM:00:223442

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: Because, i have a long role-play experience of role-playing as many things as I just wish to get this Whitelist to role-play and enhance my experience of different things as I've played as a vampire already i wish to see how it is on the other end.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?:2/3 Years.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length]: 

    Flexion, was born in Sweden he moved to America, but he was only around 3 or 4 at this, point he grew up knowing everyone in his street from the bad and the good, but his friends were bad for him, they smoked they did all sorts of things that were, plainly illegal one even showed his gun to Flesin and he shits himself running away, He returned home to his mother and father lying on the floor each with multiple stab wounds in the chest and vital organs as they, Were murdered. The police sorted out everything and such he was crying straight for 5 days.. He had a Psychiatrist for himself, he was then moved to a foster..family as he Ran away, not wanting to live with them, but wanting his old family back as he ran so far he ended up to his friend's house.Use as he entered at this point he was around 14.
     His friend took friend's and talked to him about it and stuff he ends up going to a small club at the end of the Street..with all the normal things.. Drinks lots of people...but there was something strange he couldn't place his finger on it..his friend had a fake ID that he got through with sneaking him in with him as they sat down...just talking and then his friend asks him if he wants a drink, He went into the bar area getting a little vodka with orange for Flesin As he wanted just a Orange as he slammed it down onto the table saying 'Drink up..' As they both start to drink Flesin would start to feel a bit dizzy..as he looks around everything being blurred and Weird motions as he sees trails of what he looks at as he looks over to his friend standing up as he Collapses to the floor..waking up in a alley with a extreme bite mark into his arm as he stands up.
    He would slowly start to walk looking at around.

    As he is obviously drugged as he looks around confused and emotionless as he looks around walking upto someone as they push him away saying 'Junkie..' As they just ignore him as he limply falls around before.almost losing all of his blood as he walks, To a near by place with a First aid kit..as he passes out from the blood loss he wakes up in a Small hospital, as he wakes up he looks around as the doctor says 'You were bitten..by a dog son..or something worse..cause this doesn't look good..' he would look around sensing the food near by and such as he looks to the floor confused as he passes out again..as he wakes up later..exiting the hospital after a year of that..he is 16, And got used to his new.. 'Powers as he didn't like them.. But they were there as he started to train every day, with his new powers confused on what they are he knows he can turn into one of them. Once he turns into one of them, he has no control over it as he would just run. Around not being very nice as he doesn't want to attract bad attention as he keeps to himself and his stuff not going to steal or harm anyone as long as there is no need to, before all of this he was quite a nice guy he kept to himself was nice to others and young people or children as he says as he likes to play and Mostly protective of them.

    RP Lines are stupid....

    Sorry, if i messed up the bite thing to change him i got confused cause i don't know how a Wolf would change a human..

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    Re: Dr. Smiley's Application.

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