Saint Charmer's Augustine Application


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    Saint Charmer's Augustine Application

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    Augustine Application

    Steam Name: Saint Charmer
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:26683754
    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I am really interested in roleplaying a vampire character in this RP, and would like to add something a little special into the mix. I’ve role-played for a decent amount of time at varying communities in things like Terminator, Half Life 2, Fallout New Vegas, Zombie, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R role-plays.
    How long have you been roleplaying for?: 5 years
    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum of maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:  

                    Cillian O’Sullivan was born on July 24th, 1918 to a family in New York City. His parents ran an underground casino, catering to big earners, high rollers and mobsters alike. He would often sit and talk with the bar tender Morris. Morris was a strange guy; in eight years of knowing him Cillian had not once seen him outside during the day, he would only ever come to work at the casino at night. This was the most of what Cillian remembered since his transformation. When he first awoke he found himself on the floor of the casino, the entire building in ruins. The walls were riddled with bullet holes, the carpets stained with blood, bodies littering the ground. But what he remembers most was feeling a relentless hunger, and a craving he had never felt before. As he continued to look around he noticed dark crimson stains on his clothing surrounding six holes. In a panic he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing no wounds, but the signs were clear that he had obviously been shot. As he eyed the blood around him his hunger continued to grow, the craving growing even stronger. The scent was driving him insane.

                    Snapping out of it, he heard two voices coming from down the hall. Normally in a situation like this he would leave while he was ahead, but his craving drove him to follow the source of the voices to something fresh. Down the hall he went, nearing his parent’s office, the voices growing louder. Quietly, he peered around the corner, two men standing around two corpses in front of them, their back to the door. Looking closer he recognized who those two corpses were, his parents. Suddenly something snapped, a feral instinct now driving him, the hunger, the lust to fulfill this craving mixed with his anger was putting him over the edge of madness. He blacked out. When he finally came to realize what was going on, he was in the hallway outside of the office, his lips tasted of blood and one of the men lie on the ground beneath him, two deep gashes in his neck, it looked like he had be mauled by a wild animal. He looked around horrified, not sure of how he got there, or why he tasted blood.

                    He quickly moved to the office, looking down at three corpses, another one of the mobsters dead with the same gashes, and his parents lying on the floor. He fell to his knees at his mother’s side, the hunger had ended but fear and sorrow quickly replaced it. Years pass and that’s all he can remember, for the longest time he had no idea what was wrong with him, why he had this hunger, and why he couldn’t find Morris that night. Later he ran across people like him with the same hunger and learned of what he was.  Eventually he started supplementing the blood of animals instead of feeding off of other people, though the side effects are less than favorable, he doesn’t want to harm anyone anymore.  He tries not to think about what he did in the casino, the two men he now knows he killed, though horrible and deserving of what they got… he can’t help but feel it was wrong.
    Give an example of feeding RP [10 lines min]: 
    (This is the special part; this is why this character may seem a bit… different in his feeding habits. Also, in case you’re wondering... its cow blood.)

    **Cillian would take a pitcher of thick, red liquid from the refrigerator moving over towards the table and setting it down, frowning at the sight of it.**

    **He then walks over to the cabinets across the room, taking a glass from them and walking back to the table, pulling out a chair and sitting in front of the container of red.**

    **He takes the pitcher and pours it up to the rim of the glass, looking at it and sighing deeply, obviously sickened. **

    **He sits there, simply staring at the glass in his hands, placing a finger in it and then to his lips, grimacing at the foul taste and taking a deep breath. (Symbolic breath, since vampires don’t really breathe...) **

    **Closing his eyes he moves the glass to his mouth, taking long drinks as his complexion turns more and more pale the more he drinks.**

    **He stops, quickly putting a hand to his mouth, looking quite ill. After a few moments he brings the glass to his mouth a second time, drinking again. **

    **His complexion grows even move pale as he continues, streams of red rolling down his chin as he forces himself to keep drinking.**

    **As he finishes, he drops the glass on the table quickly moving his hands to his mouth, convulsing. More red flows between his fingers as he forces himself to swallow. **

    **A look of relief on his face as he manages to keep it down, he lies back in the chair, brushing his hand across the tablecloth, leaving a crimson red stain.**

    **After a few minutes he gets up, walking to the front door and taking a large black umbrella from the corner, opening it and stepping outside.**
    Give an example of combat RP [15 lines min]:

    **An angry man forces Cillian into a nearby alleyway, a steel pipe in his hand and the obvious smell of alcohol on his breath. **

    ** Cillian backs away in fear, keeping his umbrella close to him, moving further into the shadows of the alleyway. **

    ** [Attacker] – “You think you can just come out in broad daylight you fucking freak? Take the blood of innocent people?” **

    **The man charges Cillian, who quickly steps out of his way (if he succeeded), attempting to run back out of the alley. The attacker turns around, now running after him and grabbing ahold of his shirt, yanking him backwards. A shimmer of light shines on his hand as he is pulled back into the alleyway. **

    **Cillian screams in pain as his hand blisters from the light, the man forcing the umbrella from his hands, pushing him backwards. Cillian stumbles, tripping and falling against a pile of garbage bags. He feels a sharp pain against the back of his leg, the crunch of broken glass against concrete beneath him. (It’s a pretty unique sound, pretty easy to know if its glass or not)**

    **The man stumbles a bit, closing in on Cillian, umbrella in one hand and pipe in the other. [Cillian] – “P-Please, I -“[Attacker] – “Shut up! Shut your damn mouth!” Cillian reaches for his leg, feeling for what caused him the sharp pain, taking hold of the shard of glass that cut him. The man’s senses dulled from alcohol consumption doesn’t notice, still closing in on him.”**

    **Cillian quickly gets up, keeping the shard of glass hidden as the man charges again, swinging the pipe downwards, towards his head. As he does this, Cillian steps to the side to avoid being struck, grabbing for his umbrella with one hand and slicing the hand of the man holding it with the glass shard. He quickly reopens the umbrella, running out of the alleyway as the intoxicated man yells in pain and angrily shouting,”Fucking fable!” **

    **Cillian runs down the sidewalk around a corner, checking behind him as he nears a crowd of people. He lets out a sigh of relief, still trembling as he continues to walk away. 
    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:
    **Cillian nears the local meat market, opening the door and walking inside, the man behind the counter greeting him with a smile. **

    [Owner] – “Hey there Cill, how’s your day today?”

    [Cillian] – “H-Hi Tom, its going okay.”

    **Tom frowns, leaning on the edge of the counter,”You sure, you seem a little shook up.” Cillian nods in assurance,’I-I’m fine... really.” [Tom] – “Are you sure?”**

    **Cillian nods once more, moving towards the counter as Tom turns to the refrigerator behind him.**

    [Tom] – “You should really stop doing this, you’re getting even more pale as the days go by. You don’t look too good Cill…”

    [Cillian] – “Don’t worry about it, I-I’m fine…”

    **Tom returns to the counter with several jars of thick red liquid, setting them down. **

    [Tom] – “Here Cill. Seriously, you need to find some other way; this obviously isn’t healthy for you.”

    [Cillian] – “W-What am I supposed to do? Just walk up to s-someone and ask them for some o-of their blood…?”

    [Tom] – “Look, I get that it’s not like asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar… but seriously man, you have to find something other than this.”

    **Tom reaches below the counter, holding out a small vial of blood to Cillian,[Tom] – “Here.” **

    [Cillian] – “Tom…”

    [Tom] – “Just take it, please.”

    **Cillian bites his lip, looking at the vial, reluctantly reaching to take it. **

    [Tom] – “Go on, just take it.”

    [Cillian] – “H-How did you get it…?”

    **Tom reaches for his sleeve, rolling it up to revealing a bandaged arm. [Tom] – “It’s mine, don’t worry about it, just take it.” He smiles**

    **Cillian finally takes it from him, putting it in his coat pocket, giving a weak smile,[Cillian] – “Thanks Tom.”

    [Tom] – “Don’t worry about it Cill.”

    **Cillian picks up the other jars, stuffing them under his coat and starts walking towards the door, giving Tom a sheepish wave, [Cillian] – “Bye Tom.”

    **Tom waves back as the door closes behind Cillian. **

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    Re: Saint Charmer's Augustine Application

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    Excuse the shotty passive RP, it's the easiest to do server side but the hardest to make up...

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    Re: Saint Charmer's Augustine Application

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