Oscar Cool's Augustine Application


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    Oscar Cool's Augustine Application

    Post by Oscar Cool on Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:11 pm

    Steam Name: Oscar Cool

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41235624

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I would love to try out this form of role-play and I feel I can contribute also.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: Five Years

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]: Oscar Cool was born and raised in the 18th century, following his high born mother and father, having no other siblings being mostly on his own during his childhood having little to no contact with any other people the same age as him until he reached adulthood (18). When he became an adult he ran away to sea, and ended up in Gdansk. He fought in the Battle of Orsha where he was injured by a Muscovite soldier wielding a lance, as he lay in the forest of Belarus, he was approached by the Captain Medical Surgeon who offered him the chance to live, Oscar Cool (Or rather known as this name) didn't want to die, wanted to carry out his life, not die young, he told the surgeon that he will do anything to be able to live...The surgeon grinned as his eyes turned red and his fangs came down before he descended On Oscar, beginning the transformation...

    Oscar took talents and enjoyment for manipulation and power, rising as a politician and a leader, using his wits and cunning to get what he wanted, making friends easily, being approachable things like that, he glorified in the powers he'd been given and for the next century or so he would use his powers to get what he wanted by any means...At some point afterwards he went on a bloody rampage across Europe on his own, which lasted at least until 1855. By this point his sheer brutality and carnal bloodlust had gained him a reputation among the people 'In the know' at the time. He retained a High Social Class, attending very posh parties and the sorts, taking time to reside in places such as Canada, France, Belgium countries like that, as Oscar would continue his walk of power, influencing others for the majority of that time.
    At one time in the 19th century, Oscar did find love a French Girl by the name of Cecilia won over his heart and ultimately brought his walk of chaos to a stop. Oscar was madly in love with Cecilia and after months of courtship he would propose to her and they would get married by the next week on Friday...
    Oscar Strolled down the street having his hands in his pockets, his shiny combed hair would gleam slightly as he walks through the night, giddy, anticipating the night he pledges his love to Cecilia, well, he went to the altar they said the vows, it's all done on paper after a short holiday they came home all happy and smiling, I guess Oscar Believed he would settle down, perhaps even raise a family with her, well, this sadly wasn't the case...Cecilia came ill with Cancer and her life and Oscars humanity was gone from the Earth, as he Oscar scattered her ashes across their home his happy smile he adopted diminished, what replaced it was his old sinister, cunning smile...
    Oscar now resides in LA, making friends, making enemies, the usual. Oscar would now be seen in bars, Clubs, general public hangouts a nice charming fellow granted, but if you looked close enough...well, you'll have to wait and see.
    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]: **Oscar would glide towards his old friend as he would outstretch his hands in a welcoming gesture boasting his name out loud "Jack my old friend! It's been too long!"
    **Jack would smile at his friend before handing him several blood bags winking at him as he does so

    **Oscar would take these as he flickers a dark smile to him "Good...I'm glad you managed to find some in the end, we know what happens if you don't" Oscar would then laugh before, making a slight incision into one of the bags as his eyes would turn a bright shade of red and his fangs would go down as he would start to drink the contents.

    **Jack would smile in an uneasy manner as he watches his friend feed from the blood, rubbing his neck in an awkward movement.

    **Oscar would then make soft satisfied sounds as he skin would turn chalky white as he finishes the first bag, licking his lips, making a satisfied smack as he licks any remaining around his mouth area, as he goes to open the other one.

    **Oscar would do the same thing again, continuing to make these satisfied sounds as he drains the bag, feeling the rush of his powers and abilities returning to complete strength again.

    **Oscar would then grin at his friend "You know, if you keep this up I'll have to start rewarding you."

    **Oscar would then flex his legs a moment feeling the rush after feeding before walking off, beckoning his friend to come with him.

    **Oscar would smirk, "Come my friend, let us find some bar to stay in for a while....."

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    **Oscar would walk down the alley way in the night time his suit pristine and perfect as he spots a man in a Kevlar vest armed with a typical sidearm.

    Oscar would speak to the man "Hello my friend! I would ask you keep the gun away! nothing hear is to hurt you!"

    [Attacker]: You're one of them...I know that! Come ere! I'm going to gut you!

    **Attacker would attempt to shoot near his foot as to scare him.

    **Oscar would not flinch at this action as he would rush up to him to force the sidearm out of his hand

    **Attacker would yell out in shock as he would attempt to kick the vampire off of him

    **Oscar would laugh in a sadistic manner, being slightly pushed before crushing at the mans hand forcing him to drop the gun

    **Attacker would reach for a silver coated knife as he lunges forward with it, hoping to hit a mark.

    **Oscar would dodge this action, the blade cutting into his suit as his fangs would come down kicking the man in the back.

    **Attacker would dash out of the way of this attempting a punch to the Vamps face.

    **Oscar would be hit, his head snapping back slightly as he laughs, lowering his face to him before grabbing his head.

    **Attacker would let out a shock gasp as he lets out yells of pain.

    **Oscar Would then twist the mans head sharply, breaking his neck.

    **Attacker would let out one final shocked gasp, before falling to the ground, dead.

    **Oscar would shift his arm slightly, turning swiftly and walking off letting out a roar of laughter

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    **Oscar would clasp the man on the back as he laughs "My friend! I have found a new bar we NEED to visit! Come with me!"

    **Oscar would lead the man to a modern looking bar as he approaches the barman, showing him a nice, confident smile, speaking in a Posh British Accent.

    Oscar: Hello there my friend! Oscar Cool, Pleasure to meet you...I was wondering if I can purchase any alcoholic substances here?

    Guy: Yeah, coming right up.

    **Guy would hand Oscar a bottle of beer, chuckling.

    Oscar: Thank you two times over my friend! Cheers!

    **Oscar would take a soft sip, before handing it to his friend, sitting down in the seat as he puts his hands in his lap, looking around with a smile on his face.

    **Oscar would then turn to his friend, grinning "I must say, this bar is very comfortable, calm and no one has died yet! We must come more often."

    **Oscar would let out a laugh as he clasps his friends shoulder, grinning at him.

    **Oscar would rise, dusting down his pristine suit as he flashes a grin at a girl leaning against the wall before, gesturing his friend to come with him as he ascends the stairs, adjusts his tie, before walking to a local shop.

    **Oscar would smile in a friendly manner to the shop keeper, ordering a few items from him, placing the money on the counter.

    Oscar: You get much business my friend?

    Shop Keeper: Not much, business has been going slow, you know?

    Oscar: Oh, I completely understand! I shall try my very best to help your business soar my friend!

    **Shop Keeper chuckles "Thanks man I appreciate it."

    Oscar: No problem at all! I shall speak to you very soon!

    **Oscar gives a wave to the man, smiling, before leaving the store with his friend.

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    Re: Oscar Cool's Augustine Application

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    If you decrease his age, by a significant amount, then i'll accept it.

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    Re: Oscar Cool's Augustine Application

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    Re: Oscar Cool's Augustine Application

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