[Accepted] Autumn 'Roxy'



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    [Accepted] Autumn 'Roxy'

    Post by BBandit420andit on Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:04 am

    Steam Name: Bandit

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33637333

    How long have you been roleplaying?: Wow, it's been three years as I've been known by must as Bumbandit. I spent my first year with TnB on there very first attempt at a HL2RP server as soon after it was shut down I went to RationGaming, spent very little time on there and moved on once again.. If an admin wants all the communities I've been on I'll list them.

    Any experience having this auth before? None- Unless you count playing as a Taliban member on a US military RP server..?

    What are you applying for?: I'm applying for a anti-fable character trained in the arts of guerrilla warfare as well as 
    improvised explosive device training, meaning the ability to craft bombs out of improvised equipment. As well as the following Items- Also this kinda falls under Her (Yes the character is planned to be female) on the verge of becoming vampire, seeming to hold back the infection by a pill.. Don't get me wrong this isn't a magical pill that cures it, it simply holds it off.

    Kevlar vest-
    Neck guard attachment for vest-
    Silver rounds/Ververin rounds.

    2x Flashbangs
    Ballistic helmet-Black
    3x Zip-ties

    Why should you have this?:  I don't get this question? I mean, I'm not a horrible role-player as most have seen me roleplaying on Autumn already so it's kinda like making a character and asking, why did you make him? Well, I'm making this character to further roleplay experience for not only myself but other players on the server as well. <3


    Autumn- Born in 1994 from her Mother Sophia Roxanne as her farther, Jason Roxanne soon left her at birth in a Los Angeles hospital as her mother wasn't the most detailed in work. Her life was a constant apartment complex to apartment complex as her mothers boy friends changed often as she was raised and passed the age of five. Her mother after a long chain of constant let downs from her boy friends finally found a stable income from a local market that was kept private from Autumn, her mother some times just leaving her alone as her life was that of adapt or die. Her meals being mostly whatever the local neighbors would drop off as she soon was forced into a preschool do to child services threatening to take away Autumn from the house and remove the child support her mother was getting from the government as she hated it. Seeming to despise every second in school as she soon made herself out to be a trouble maker among other kids. Her life being hard though she braved through it with a stone cold heart and a mind set to one day leave her mother and take off on her own. Child-hood being mostly by herself in the constant changing apartments/houses as after being forced through a couple grades due to lack of even going to school she soon made it to middle-school in which some things changed, she made two friends seeming to act like her and even come from the same back round so a local small gang was formed as the two friends were Jessica Hawthorne and Mike Sebastiano. It was a constant ride and die for vibe coming from the group as Autumn had found herself in a rather rough-neck bunch of kids group along with her two close friends.. 
    Her life slowly seeming to pull it's self from the shit hole it was born out off as drugs soon filled in where her mother should have been as she reached grade 8th she started smoking cigarettes and seemed to enjoy it as soon after her whole innocent style changed to a more punk/gangster/destructive manner as her mother hadn't really changed much as she soon started fighting with her, beatings coming and going on each fight she slowly started hate her mother more and more.. Her grades seeming to be just high enough as she passed into the 9th grade where she started to smoke pot behind her mothers back.. Her age being 15 as she had already adapted an addiction to it as she started doing odd jobs to earn the money to simply blow it all on a blunt or two. Her life in her mind seeming to be complete at this point however her mother starting to act strange though she didn't really mind, her birthday soon coming as the day soon came. She left her house early in the morning and spent most of her time with friends as she enjoyed her 16th birthday. She stayed out until 10:00pm until the local police force had warned her off to go home, she soon did so leaving her friends as she came home to a brutal sight.. A stranger was feeding on her mother in the living room, panic had struck her quickly as she barely managed to to escape with her life. Seeming to leave the scene with a fresh pair of fang marks on her neck as she was quickly stopped by another strange heavily geared man. Seeming to be adopted by him as soon as they met. Her fate changing as the man fed her a strange pill seeming to work just enough to hold the spreading infection off as they left Los Angeles towards a private location out of state as her training as a anti-fable member soon started and her hatred grew and grew towards fables.. Seeming to be fed lies as well as her past events with her mother seeming to only add fuel onto the fire as she spent her whole teenage life training in guerrilla warfare and tactics to bring werewolves as well as vampires down. However her hatred being more aimed towards the vampires for claiming her once innocent life as she was once again forced into a lonely existence as her training came to an end she was soon shipped off to Los Angeles in which she had came from. Her orders simple,kill as many fables as you can without being detected.. Her age had been 23 which she was shipped off, soon keeping true to the order as over the years strange fable bodies would soon start coming up all around Los Angeles as she slowly made her way inwards from the outskirts of the city to the inner workings...

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time?


    I do know the pill thing kinda sounds stupid but please bare in mind that this whole role play is based on Vampires X werewolves so some where a pill had to be made to keep the infection off rite? rite.. ;3 though really this is just an experimental application. Also made at 11:33 PM so spelling/grammar may not be included xD

    Forgot to mention, not sure how the biting thing fully works but I think if she stopped taking the pills she would turn into a Augustine

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    Re: [Accepted] Autumn 'Roxy'

    Post by JiiBB on Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:00 pm

    I don't like the whole anti-fable who can become a vampire anytime, seeing as you can just not take the pills on your command. I like the rest of it though. The Kevlar vest, guerrilla warfare training, and improvised explosives(I want detailed RP logs for making each bomb.) and the silver and vervein rounds plus the other equipment.

    So for those things; Accepted

    The vampire thing is most definatly Denied

    And seeing as this is an Auth application, not a vampire application.

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