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    Viktor 'Comatose' Soco WIP

    Post by PewPew on Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:06 pm

    Viktor 'Comatose' Soco

    "Man. I really don't care about these wolves and bloodsuckers. If they want to live like us, fine with me. But the day they cross the line and come to sink their fangs into me-- is the day the world loses one less Fable. Keep your shit to yourself. All I gotta' say."

    Viktor's just an average male that just so happens to be from the Eastern portions of the World. He's Ukrainian. He stands at a supple 6'2" with tone features the define his overall frame. He's often pensive and quite, sometimes overly bombastic and prideful. Often times he sports around his birth Country's flag. Namely Ukraine. 

    Viktor originally left Ukraine to avoid the oncoming crisis between Russia and Ukraine. More so the fact that his apartment block was completely laid asunder from a Russian mortar shelling. His father joined the Separatists and, like all jar-heads, meet the bitter end of the stick. So that kind've threw a stick in the mud for Viktor. His mom was a cancer patient, fighting for over fifteen years and still kicking-- that. He was proud of.


    Phoebe Jenkins ~ Neato friendo, really cool. Sometimes nerdy, has her little anxiety attacks-- but she's a swag master. I like her. Probably the person I can actually socialize to a lot better. Sadly enough she's been through a lot of shit because of me and I feel as if I have an entitlement to take care of her, so.

    Pandora ~ Cool girl, really hot. Not gonna' lie. Just that she's hard to talk to, it's really weird cause there's those long drawn out awkward silences. But I guess that could change, I don't know how, but it could.

    Erika ~ Commando gal'.

    Ramensin ~ Dude, you need to sober up and stop being down on yourself. I swear shit'll get better.

    Arabella ~ Now this chick is a bad motherfucker. I've never met an Apache pilot who served a tour. That's kick-ass. I feel like we could get into some kick-ass convo's.

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