New Orleans Police Department- Patrol, Vice and Homicide Division


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    New Orleans Police Department- Patrol, Vice and Homicide Division

    Post by JiiBB on Thu Aug 07, 2014 1:43 am

    New Orleans PD

    Lieutenant Lilith Thompson|JiiBB
    Sergeant Mike Ranolds|DeadlyNachos
    Officer Dan Anvil|Bourneco

    This department of the NOPD is a combined force. Meaning all officers and detectives work Vice, Homicide, and Patrol. Vice is the fight against prostitution and other offenses as such. Homicide is quite obvious, as it is preventing and investigating homicides. Patrol is the squad cars and policemen walking the streets.

    Current Investigations
    The men in black- On a late night two males dressed in all black Kevlar, they knocked out Lilith and Mike before tossing them on the street. We have finger prints on one of the perpetrators. Tests are still being done on it.

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    Re: New Orleans Police Department- Patrol, Vice and Homicide Division

    Post by Darky on Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:51 pm

    Incident Report - Case File 001 - Honor Walk Riots:

    Aggravated people nearby the police station were surrounded by riot officers in honors walk. Both sides went into a panic, shots fired at the scene. Two officers were rushed, pronounced dead at the scene. Riot police engaged the aggravated citizens, shooting to remove the threat, more or less resulting in civilian casualties. Teargas was deployed to disrupt the incident. 

    Police snipers were first to engage, from the rooftops. It is suspected the snipers were not following protocol. EMT's on the scene were also engaging citizen malpractises. Suspicious male, black coat and gasmask.

    The suspicious male is suspected of starting the honor walk riots. Seemingly timed in order to drive both affected parties to slaughter.

    - Sgt. Mikayla Rochester

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