Fog removal please?


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    Fog removal please?

    Post by Dad on Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:59 pm

    I think the fog should be removed its just so unrealistic well OK maybe don't remove it but make it less thick so we can see a longer distance...

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    Re: Fog removal please?

    Post by TheValentineLegacy on Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:12 pm


    The fog is an integrated part of the map as set by an "env_fog_controller" entity, simply disabling the fog or altering it's proprieties would be quite impossible unless a direct intervention would occour from the server.

    While the fog itself is compiled to serve the map's data, the "Fog Editor" entity provided from Garry's Mod is able to interact with the controller entity of the map and is thus able to change the Start/End/Density/RGB values directly on it's own, overriding map parameters.

    If the fog is posing enviromental problems to the map, it would be recommended getting an active moderator/administrator with rights to spawn entities to simply place down a Fog Editor and appropriately edit it's proprieties.

    Sadly, NutScript does not yet have any developed /staticentityadd function such as ClockWork, thus it may be required to re-spawn the editor after each map restart.


    A map restart occours when no players are present on the map for longer than 15 minutes or the server manually reboots. This is why roleplaying schemas require "Static Prop" functions. The function of a map restarting itself has been created so that the number of servers becomming disabled due to "Exploit Contraptions" in Sandbox would be second to none.


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