Halo's Augustine Vampire Application


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    Halo's Augustine Vampire Application

    Post by Halo on Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:36 pm

    Steam Name: Hal0
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:27045583

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I have the ability to roleplay realistically (to the character) as well as create roleplay for others. I'm not an idiot and have been doing roleplay for quite a long time. I mainly want to create roleplay through whatever ways I can for the community, but at the same time also for myself. I just mainly enjoy roleplay and I feel this would open up other opportunities.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: Four years now on Garry's Mod, Five years in general.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]: Amy Williams was born on April 25th in 1965 to an abuse father who recently finished his tour in Vietnam, and a mother who died at birth. She attended Grade School and was mainly the quiet one in the back of the room. Things changed when she entered Junior High School, she became quite a rebellious tween. Amy became involved in a bad group of "friends" upon entering High School. She started experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and with the verbal abuse from her father eventually stopped caring about herself. She ended up dropping out of High School at age 17, and moving out to stay with one of her friends at age 18.

    In the summer of 1984 when she was 19, with the massive cultural changes happening in the United States. The whole double standard and more revealing clothing coming into effect, she fit right in with the now modern standards. One night after a dispute with her friend after she refused to lend her money. The reason behind the money issue was that Amy couldn't hold a job. She always ended up falling asleep on the job or something like that. She couldn't really afford anything for herself, so she free loaded off her friend. That night she was kicked out on the streets of Chicago.

    That night took a turn for the worst for her, it resulted in her being forced to ask for rides from strangers. She was on a street corner when a strange pale man rolled up in a car offering a ride. She obviously took it because she had no where else to go. To make a long story short, she woke up in the side of a ditch with two marks on the side of her neck, she had no heartbeat, and her skin was pale cold. She ended up moving down south to New Orleans to live by herself, as well as escape life in the North.

    (Notice: I will work on a full biography over time, but mostly if you want to get to know this character you're gonna have to do it ICly.)
    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    - Amy stands on the corner of the street wearing a black short skirt, some colored knee high socks, and nothing else on but a tight undershirt ripped half way down. Her pale skin reflecting off the moonlight, and bright red lipstick on her lips.

    - There would be a man approaching as he steps close to her looking her up and down, checking her out from multiple angles then leaning in and asking "How much?" as he stands up straight and winks a bit.

    - Amy would look at him with a half smirk on her face leaning on one side as she places her right hand on her hip, she then gives the illusion of checking him out back by looking him over, she then opens her lips and says "For you? I'd give you a freebie"

    - He would then nod smirking back at her, as she looks him straight in the eyes and says "This way now.." as she motions with her index finger for him to follow.

    - She would then lead him into a dark alley in the back, she would then lean back against the wall as she slightly spreads her legs apart, then looking both ways to make sure no one was coming.

    - He would then lean into her, and just as he started to undo his pants she would creep her chin around his shoulder and sink her teeth into his neck as she starts to feed.

    - The man would immediately go almost limp, in a strange catatonic state. On the other hand, Amy would start to suck from the blood running in his veins from his neck as she feeds on the man.

    - She would then shift behind him and release her fangs from his neck as she licks her lips, tasting the blood as she sinks them in again, but instead getting behind him.

    - The man would then slump forward as his breathing started to become shallow as he slumped down behind a dumpster. Meanwhile it starts to drizzle a tiny bit, as rain drops pierce the darkness of the night and start to splash off the cold ground. She would then lean in biting harder.

    - The man would then become in a near death like state, as she then drops him, leaving him completely unconscious behind a dumpster as she licks the blood off of her lips.

    - She would then turn to the alley and start to walk away, saying to him "Mmmh, that was a great time." as she moved back into the streets, packing up her things and continuing on her night after her feeding.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    - Amy would be in a parking lot with her fangs buried into a mortal's neck behind a car, when a black and white police car would then star to roll through the parking lot.

    - She would then notice the car and release her victim, quietly opening the back of a car door opening it up to stuff him in when the car would roll by, the spotlight on the side reflects off her skin as the officer sees her trying to stuff a body into the back of a car.

    - The officer would immediately get out of his vehicle and move behind the hood and engine block of his squad car as he draws his 9mm sidearm and aims it at her. He then shouts "Get on the ground right now! Get on the fucking ground!" quite erratically.

    - She would then simply smirk and stand up and look him straight in the eyes opening her lips and speaking "Really now? I was just starting to have fun. Oh well, looks like you'll just join the party then."

    - The officer would then make eye contact with her and start to shake a bit as he feels her aura of control and domination over a human mind start to pierce his mental state, he then starts to shake a little bit, but still aiming at her.

    - She then steps forward and asks "So whatcha gonna do then, shoot me? Go on then tough guy, please do.."

    - The officer would immediately radio in that he is in trouble, as Amy would then walk forward towards him. He would then squeeze his trigger twice firing two shots at her, one piercing right below her belly button, the other under her left breast.

    - She would then look down being shot as she feels the two hollow point bullets tear through her, then seeming uneffected by it, she would sprint forward placing her right leg out hooking it on the top of the engine block, then thrust her other foot forward smashing into the mans jaw as he would then fall to the ground.

    - Then man would then slump over in shock, trying to hold himself concious until his backup arrives, she would then grip her hand around his neck and her other around his forehead, she would then proceed to violently smash the mans head into the pavement almost giggling at it.

    - Another car would then arrive on scene as the officer in it would immediately get out and draw his shotgun from the back of the squad car, as he steps out of the car though Amy would smash the other officers head into the pavement one more time sitting on his chest. The force of the skull smashing was so strong that it caused a bit of brain matter to spew out as the mans skull decompresses, his brain oozing out of the cracks in the back like an egg from a cracked shell.

    - She would then look up at the other officer and lick the blood off of her fingers, she would then with her reflexes draw the dead officers sidearm from his body and fire three shots down range at the other officer, one striking him in the neck, one in the left temple causing the entire left side of his head to split, and a third round smashing through his heart.

    - She would then stand up and violently rip the police CAD computer out of the car and smash it on the ground, she would then quickly flee the scene at hand. 

    - She would then move over to the officer that she shot, him twitching on the ground as blood pools around him as she leans in and licks some, then picks up his shotgun and stuffs it with the body in the car angling it to make it look like the man shot the officers.

    - She would then take the sidearm and go over to the officer that she bashed in and fires a single round through the mans skull to make it look like there was more of a shoot out.

    - She would then proceed to fire a few shots into the walls and the cars to continue to make the scene look like a shootout, then drop the guns on the officers and leave.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    - Amy would be sitting on the steps of the local bank, her skin reflecting off of the moon. She would then be approached by a girl who works as a bartender at a local bar.

    - The girl would slump down close to Amy and give a deep breath in frustration, then lay back and look at the sky. She would then say "Ugh... I hate working nights, why can't for once I get to work at a time where the assholes aren't out?"

    - Amy would then look over to her with a neutral but questioning expression and simply ask her "What's so bad about the night? I mean... I personally can understand all the horrors, as well as assholes out at this hour."

    - The girl would then turn her head towards Amy and ask "Yeah, well what are you doing out here?" as she would then sit herself up on the steps opposite side to her.

    - Amy would then shift herself to the left and place her legs on the steps looking right at her, simply saying "Eh, I enjoy the nights. The sky looks beautiful, the stars are out....as well as other things are out. I guess it's just my you could say...time of day."

    - The girl would then shift her legs on the steps like Amy did, then say casually "Yeah, well there's /plenty/ of other things out than just the fucking sky girl.."

    - Amy would then stand up and stretch a bit letting out a small casual yelp at the good feeling of stretching her limbs, her pale skin almost reflecting the moonlight, she would then take two slow steps down and casually just move around. She would then ask "So, tell me, what type of movies do you like? Since we're out here like this, why not at the least pretend to be social with one another."

    - The girl would then shift up and shuffle around a bit, then walk down the steps and take out a packet of cigarettes and place one on her mouth, she then takes out a zippo lighter and flips the top open as she lights it, then lighting her cigarette, inhaling a puff. She then says as she exhales the smoke "I don't know, I mainly like comedy stuff, I mean ya gotta laugh at something."

    - Amy would then look at her and smirk a bit, stepping forward to a "No Parking" sign as she grips it with her hand twirling herself around it casually, almost as a younger kid would do playing. She would then say "Oh yeah? Well, I like horror, you know...the stuff about monsters. Where things go "bump" in the night." she would say as she giggles a bit casually.

    - The girl would then shrug and hold out a cigarette packet, offering one to Amy. Amy would then slip it out of the packet and place it on her lips. The other girl would take out a lighter and motion Amy to come closer.

    - Amy would then step closer to the girl and lean in a git to the flame, but still keeping her distance from the small flame as she stares into it as the girl lights her cigarette. She would then grin a bit revealing the tips of her fangs, then closing her lips as she leans back and inhales the smoke.

    - The girl would then give her a questioning look and ask "Are those fake or something? You know like the things you can get for Halloween?" as she were to take another deep inhale of the cigarette.

    - Amy would then shrug and smirk a bit as she says "Oh believe me, every day is Halloween for me.." as she takes another puff of the cigarette, smoking it purely to be social, as she speaks in a clean non-raspy voice with a soft almost seductive tone.

    - The girl would then take another deep breath of her cigarette, then drop it to the concrete sidewalk and step on it putting it out, she would then pick up her purse and say "Right, well I gotta get going. You come to...well this spot often?"

    - Amy would then take another puff, then do the same dropping her cigarette and stepping on it, twisting her foot to smear it up and put it out. She would then look to her and say "Oh I don't know, I go to a lot of spots a lot of times, this just happens to be where I am now."

    - The girl would then shrug and say almost awkwardly "Right...well I'll see you around I guess? I have to get going, gotta get to bed."

    - Amy would then look at her and nod saying "Alrighty then, you go sleep now in your nice warm bed safe from all the monsters of the night." as she were to giggle a bit.

    - The girl would then give her an awkward weird type of look, then quickly gather her things and walk off down the surprisingly empty street in a seemingly dead city at that hour.

    - Amy would then sit back down on the steps and take a breath sighing to herself, she then would then simply pick herself up and then continue on her way.

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    Re: Halo's Augustine Vampire Application

    Post by Halo on Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:36 pm

    Forgive the shitty formatting and text issues. This forum has a few bugs, but it's all there. Also like I said back story will be expanded later.

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    Re: Halo's Augustine Vampire Application

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    Having read it, all seems good to me, based on age i'd place you probably at just above fledgeling, so maybe tone down the speed a little bit *Pistol draw section* but other than that, it's all good. Accepted

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    Re: Halo's Augustine Vampire Application

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    dont want to meet you in game... D:

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    Re: Halo's Augustine Vampire Application

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