Salami's Augustine Vampire Application



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    Salami's Augustine Vampire Application

    Post by Salami on Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:50 pm

    Steam Name: Ser Salami

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:24204058

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I think I should get this whitelist because I'm interested in roleplaying a vampire. I'm writing this application because, to me, it seems fascinating to roleplay a humanoid creature who feeds on the blood of humans in order to survive, while facing daily conflicts and hardships, rejected by modern society. Furthermore, I believe my roleplaying skills are decent enough for me to apply here.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: I've started gmod roleplaying in mid 2010, as before I was roleplaying in other games (mainly sa:mp).

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    Victor Reyes was born in 1830 in a small village somewhere in Eastern Europe to a partly jewish family. As a child, his father sent him to study at the "Yeshiva", a place where jewish people study "Torah" and other religion related things. In the mornings he would study in the Yeshiva, and in the afternoon he would be tutored by a private teacher who would visit their home and teach Victor and his brothers regular subjects such as Math, History, Literature, etc. Though Victor lived in a relatively poor village, his family wasn't as poor as the other households in his village, leading his family to be envied by the majority of the village, who were also Christians. On top of being relatively wealthy, as mentioned before, the Reyes family was also partly jewish. At the time, their surroundings were very anti-Semitic, so Victor didn't have any friends while growing up. Moreover, he would frequently get bullied by the children in his village, it would range from mere teasing to physical violence and even robbery. The Reyes family was somewhat used to these kind of things, and the first years of Victor's life were relatively peaceful.

    At the time, ideas of nationalism and revolution started to sink in the public's consciousness. Frequent change in regimes, riots, corruption-all in the name of ideology and freedom eventually led to complete chaos. The economy almost collapsed, people were hungry for food, thousands left their homes and even their country. The poverty in Victor's village reached new heights, and even the Reyes family was greatly affected. People blamed the jews for their situation, and their were targeted all around the country.

    Victor, now a full grown man at the age of 28, was maintaining his family's farm along with his father.
    One day, As usual, Victor loaded crops on the old family wagon and drove to the nearby city to gain some money, as the food was scarce in their house and they fed on mere leftovers. When Victor had returned, it was already evening. When he was close to his house, he heard something strange and frightening, or rather didn't hear it- silence. Usually he would hear his little sisters playing in the garden, or his brother practicing his beloved violin. Worried and tensed, almost at his threshold, he slowly approached his house. Inside, he found nothing but messed furniture and broken glass. When he reached his parents' bedroom his worst nightmare had come true- there was blood, so much blood, and white, swollen dead bodies stacked upon each other.
    He quickly ran outside, as fast as he can, screaming and screaming for help until he no longer had the voice to do so. He ran inside the woods surrounding the village, desperate to find help. He didn't look back, he just kept running until there was no longer air in his lungs. Exhausted and devastated, he collapsed, soaking the muddy ground with his tears of unbearable sorrow. After several minutes, he slowly fell asleep.

    It felt like someone bashed a rock at his head. He woke up, feeling a sharp pain mixed with indescribable dizziness. As he slowly opened his eyes, he witnessed several bearded men standing above him, some of them held daggers and knives, others held logs and rusty axes. The pungent smell of cheap alcohol filled the air. They were laughing almost hysterically, dancing around him, shouting in 
    Ukrainian. When he attempted to get up, they kicked him back to the ground, laughing and laughing each time he had tried to do so. After several minutes of utter terror, they grabbed and pushed him against a tree, tying him firmly with a rope. When Victor thought he couldn't possibly be scared any more than he already was, one of them took out his knife, wearing a smirk of sadistic enjoyment on his face. "I'll cut you open like a the Jewish pig you are, like I did to your filthy family" he said as he drew closer to Victor. He swung his knife, cutting deeply into Victor's face. He did it again and again and again, leaving cuts all over Victor's body, encouraged by his drunk, sadistic friends. Victor screamed in agony as his world filled with unbearable pain, trying to kick his torturer away at first, but after several strikes he lost all energy to resist.
    "Enough with the games" said one of the crooks , "Just kill that stinky, squalling pig.". "Guess you're right.." his torturer answered in a disappointed tone. Helpless and on the brink of death, Victor lowered his head, awaiting for the final blow. 

    It was almost surreal what victor had seen next. They didn't even scream, when that shadow went past them. They fell like ragdolls, one by one, as blood painted the trees like a beautiful, distorted painting. It looked like a human, but no human could possibly move that fast. Before falling unconscious, Victor was glad. He was glad that he'd join his family in a few moments, leaving this cold world of endless suffering.

    He woke up with a banging head and a sore, bandaged body. The ground below him rocked from side to side, and after pondering for a moment or two, he realized he was on a boat along with other Ukrainian immigrants. Although his entire body ached, one particular part of his body ached the most- his neck. When he felt his neck, it felt like had two tiny dotted wounds on his skin. Before he had the time to think about it, the lower deck's door opened. There emerged a large man with a soaked beard. He then shouted in a heavy Ukrainian accent "Rise and shine you filthy rats, welcome to New Orleans!".


    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    *Victor lurks in the shadows of the narrow alley, observing the lighted sidewalk before him*
    A man of average height walks past the alley, hands in his pocket, shivering a little due to the late night cold that fills the air.
    *Victors grins as he slowly exits the alley, getting behind the man in complete silence.
    *Victor raises his hand, sending a swift hit at the back of the man's neck, attempting to knock him out.
    (Assuming the attempt was successful)
    *The man moans for a mere moment before falling unconscious to the ground*
    *Victor quickly grabs him, putting his heavy, motionless body on his shoulder with ease, retreating back into the alley like a slippery shadow.
    *Victor slowly puts him on the ground, he then extracts one of his claws, puncturing the man's neck, as blood starts to spill from the wound.
    *Victor slowly presses his lips against the man's neck, sucking the blood straight from the wound. He closes his eyes in pure ecstasy, enjoying every moment of the feeding.
    *Victors slowly gets up, wiping the remaining blood off his face. He then leans forward, grabbing the pale man once more, carrying him back to the sidewalk.
    *Victors puts him gently on the ground. He would then reach his jacket's inner pocket, taking out a piece of fabric, folding it several times.
    *Victor places the fabric under the man's head. He would reach his other pocket, taking out his cellphone, dialing "911".
    *Victor speaks to the phone in a calm manner "Yeah, I need an ambulance on 25th Pine Street, there's a man lying here, I think he's unconscious". He hangs up the phone afterwards, throwing it at the ground and smashing it with his leg.
    *Victor then vanishes, letting the darkness of the night embrace him.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:
    *Victor sits on a wooden stool, inside a shady bar, poor lighted bar*
    *Victor reaches for his glass of water, only to realize it's empty. He would raise his hand, signaling the bartender to come over.
    *A loud laughter is heard from the corner of the room, where a group of men play billiard while having their drinks.
    The bartender approaches Victor, asking him what he wants to order next. 
    *Victor tries to speak up, but the bartender doesn't seem to hear him due to the large noise emerging from the group.
    *Victor then turns to the group, asking them in a cold voice to keep their voices down, he turns to the bartender, attempting to make his request again.
    The group ignores victor, keeping with their annoying habbits.
    *Victor clunches his fist, getting up from the stool. He then walks towards the group, addressing someone from the bunch.
    "Could you keep your voices down? I've already asked you once, it's impossible to have a conversation with that racket.
    The group starts laughing, as the man Victor addressed goes near him. He then says with a smirk "Bite me you pale faggot, get your ass back there before I'll smash your head in with this stick". While speaking, he taps his other hand with the stick, looking every once in a while back at his companions for encouragement.
    "I will ask this one more time- Keep yo-" *suddenly, the man swings his stick at Victor's direction, attempting to hit his face as hard as he can. 
    (The player rolls, so do I. Assuming I've got the better roll:)
    *Victor swiftly evades the stick, he then attempts to hit the man's nose with his wrist, using quite a lot of force*.
    (We both roll, he gets the higher roll)
    *The man evades Victor's attack by a scratch*.
    *Victor then quickly tries the kick the man in his stomach before he regains his senses, again using a lot of force*.
    (This time, victor gets a higher roll)
    *The man is pushed backwards, falling to the ground. He appears to be motionless. At better inspection, his entire thorax bone appears to be smashed- the kick was fatal.
    *The group, witnessing the death of their friend, quickly cowers away from the bar. Victor does the same, angry for the trouble he's gotten himself into.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]: 
    *Victor walks down the street, he plays with his necklace, swirling it from one finger to the other.
    *Victor notices two men, one is slightly taller than the other, having a chat. He then walks towards them, asking in a polite manner "Excuse me, do you gentlemen know where can I get a pack of smokes?".
    *The men cease their conversation, as one of them replies as he scratches the back of his head "Sorry pal', the nearest kiosk is in the other side of the neighborhood. As he speaks, he looks at his watch, adding "And it's past it's clothing time.".
    *Victor presses his lips together, nodding "Well, thanks for the help anyhow." He would then turn away to take his leave, before the man stops him "Hold up, I've got a pack, here, take a smoke."
    *The man quickly pulls a single cigarette from the pack, offering it to Victor.
    *Victor turns around, extending his arm, taking the cigarette.
    "Much obliged." Victor adds after putting the smoke in his mouth. He reaches inside his pocket, taking out a rusty looking lighter. The lighter is engraved with a drawing of a cat.
    *Victor covers the smoke from the wind with one hand, lighting it with the other. He inhales deeply, exhaling the thick smoke a moment later.
    "Just what I needed" Victor says with a smile, leaning against the wall behind him.
    "I'm Rick, and this dork right here is Louis, but everyone calls him Franklin"- he pats his friend on the shoulder while talking to Victor.
    "How come?" Victors raises his eyebrows in fake curiosity. 
    "Well.." the man answers with a big, goofy smile on his face "Because he looks like Franklin the turtle".
    *Victor turns his gaze at Louis, or rather Franklin, he examines him more thoroughly. "I do see the imagination now that you mention it." Victor says with a shallow hint of a smile.
    *Victor notices his cigarette is almost burnt out, he then throws it on the ground, stepping on it with his right leg.
    "Well, thanks for the smoke and the chat, guess I'll be seeing you around." Victor finally says after a long silence. /
    *Both Rick and Franklin nod at him, as Victor takes his leave, strolling through the dark, chilly streets. 

    *I know my English is far from being perfect, note that it's not my first language.   Smile 

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    Re: Salami's Augustine Vampire Application

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    ACCEPTED, Just remember that vampires don't turn just by bite.

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