More lore for Humans - Vampires please



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    More lore for Humans - Vampires please

    Post by Viscus on Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:36 pm

    So - I just started on this server, my character is afraid of vampires due ( lack of lore ) him thinking that they are killing, blood sucking machines.

    There isn't much lore on how humans feel towards vampires, and vice versa - I am just assuming that they are all evil and killers.

    Also - How much do humans know about vampires? ( Ability to tell if it is a vampire or not )

    I don't wan't to walk around and see a vampire; and just guess that because of some of their attributes, I know they are a 100% vampire.

    Also - Can a human tell if a vampire is messing with their emotions or something? Just little things like that, thanks.
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    Re: More lore for Humans - Vampires please

    Post by Pixie Replacement on Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:34 pm

    Well, that's like saying on a hl2rp server there's no info on how citizens feel towards civil protection, it's a rather broad spectrum that depends entirely on the person, a loyalist is going to feel better about them than a rebel. Humans know they exist, but couldn't really tell one at sight unless they did something out of the ordinary. And they can tell when they're being influenced, but in the cases of most (By a powerful enough vampire) they wouldn't be able to resist it enough to matter.


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