More lore for Humans - Vampires please



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    More lore for Humans - Vampires please

    Post by Viscus on Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:36 pm

    So - I just started on this server, my character is afraid of vampires due ( lack of lore ) him thinking that they are killing, blood sucking machines.

    There isn't much lore on how humans feel towards vampires, and vice versa - I am just assuming that they are all evil and killers.

    Also - How much do humans know about vampires? ( Ability to tell if it is a vampire or not )

    I don't wan't to walk around and see a vampire; and just guess that because of some of their attributes, I know they are a 100% vampire.

    Also - Can a human tell if a vampire is messing with their emotions or something? Just little things like that, thanks.

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