Lycanthrope Powers


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    Lycanthrope Powers

    Post by Pixie on Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:29 pm


       Strong, fast and vicious. a few words to describe these beings. Cursed though a bite from another Lycan. They are stronger and faster than humans, but by a relatively small margin. The cursed do have weaknesses. Silver is poison to them as well as once a month on the full moon they turn into a strange wolf like creature.

    They possess many powers, such as :

    Enhanced Strength (A bit beyond a human in peak condition)

    Enhanced Speed (Again, a bit beyond a peak human)

    Enhanced Senses (Which gives a vulnerability to flashbang grenades. in particular the most heightened sense being smell)

    Fast Healing

    Higher pain tolerance

    Near limitless energy in a fight (still need things such as sleep)

    Werewolf venom is highly toxic to Vampires (produced from teeth in wolf form)

    They have few physical attributes, such as :

    If they’re angry the Lycans eyes will start to glow gold.

    They will start to feel physically ill around large amounts of silver.

    There are drawbacks to these benefits, however :

    They are vulnerable to Silver, it nullifying their ability to heal quickly and making them grow sick and weak, it burns like hot metal on contact with the skin.

    They are not quite as fast as vampires in human form. but may be able to match strength of the newer vampires.

    Once a month they turn into a almost humanoid wolf that they have no control over

    They have to keep anger in check. (if a cursed person loses his temper too much he will turn into a wolf forever and most likely be put down by his fellow pack members)

    Abilities in wolf form:

    Extreme strength (may only be matched by a fully fed Elder vampire)

    Nearly impossible to harm (You need massive amounts of firepower. or high powered rifles with silver bullets) It should be noted that they can be injured with conventional weapons, it just takes a lot of them.

    Heightened pain tolerance (even more so than human form)

    All senses heightened (In wolf form flashbang grenades will be amplified, leaving them blinded and deafened for longer, but they will continue attacking blind most likely.)

    There are drawbacks to these benefits as well:

    They have no control over this form. they will act like a feral wolf. Following the pack leader, attacking anything that gets near them save other werewolves. Will harm humans they have feelings for. They may actively hunt vampires.

    Most likely will not back down from a fight. (unless taking massive amounts of damage from silver, or if they have a packleader and are signaled to back off.)

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