Leonard Garrett Adept Augustine App.


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    Leonard Garrett Adept Augustine App.

    Post by Bulldog on Fri Aug 29, 2014 7:24 am

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    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I think it would be an interesting character to RP especially with requiring them to feed. I also have plans for this character which I've discussed with some people/admins. Plus this hopefully will allow me to bring some fresh RP to other people and maybe help push a story forward for more then just me.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: 10+/- years in GMod, DnD for longer.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:
                Leonard Garrett was born to a prominent Austrian writer while his mother was stay at home, which was common in those days, in 1914. Having been old enough to remember The Great War, later known as World War 1, he grew up amongst books and schooling after the defeat of Austria. From a young age he was encouraged to explore arts, being taken to museums in the surrounding areas while going along with his father on book tours and other business trips or vacations. Nestled back in the Alps the young boy grew into a young man which allowed him to begin a normal style of life with the other boys of his hometown. While as a child he had been smaller then the other boys but during adolescent years he grew to be tall by their standards, giving him an edge over the other boys in sports. While he pursued these ends his studies of art and architecture became a back stage for him instead taking up more physical endeavors.
                During the spring of 1938 Austria was no longer Austria but part of the reunified German nation led by Adolf Hitler, who was originally from Austria. Then in 1939 things took a turn for the worst with as Germany kicked off what would later be known as World War 2 by invading Poland in the start of September. As the war progressed Leonard slowly integrated into the party, likely out of the need to survive, by assisting in propaganda works for the Third Reich. Their family generally avoided problems but Leonard eventually discovered that his mother and father were hiding a secret, that his grandfather had been Jewish. While not well known because of marriage names, his mother changing her name when she married his father, their situation went from tolerable to terrible when a neighbor reported the evidence. By the 1940s the family was interned at the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp, with Leonard being 31 years old. Put to work in the hard labor camp, mainly that of the quarry because of their lack of skills in machine shops.
                The work was hard on their bodies since they usually worked from sunrise to sunset, breaking only briefly in the middle of the day to receive their meager rations. The old or sickly were put through what the camp became known as, the bone grinder, and they rarely survived long in the conditions. His parents were among those who did not survive very long. Some of those that were doing well in the quarries, or at least better then others, were selected to be brought up to the commandant's mansion. He had parties often, which is when the most of those selected were moved up to the mansion. They would come back gaunt, to say the least, with their skin stretched over their bones and their stomachs shallow behind their ribs which protruded from their chest. They rarely spoke of what happened up in the mansion and usually died within the week following their return. Eventually the day of horror came when Leonard was called up to the mansion. Being hauled off to a selection area and a man in a black leather trench coat selected him and several others. They were moved up that night, placed in cold stone holding cells in what was assumed to be the basement. Chained inside his cell, he slowly sat as his fate was decided.
                The darkness only magnified the foul stench filled the air in his cell as Leonard waited to discover the horror that awaited him. With every breath he breathed in the thick humid mixture into his lungs but not before screams began to filter through the basement halls. Even as the yells became more frequent and pained he remembered what his father had told him when they had arrived. "You must be strong Leo, for your mothers sake as well as mine." He winced as the door opened, a man in a dress shirt and what looked to be an animal handler. The man in the shirt smirked, muttering something to the handler who entered and removed the chains from around his arms before exiting again. Leonard massaged his wrists as the man in the dress shirt rolled his sleeves up, speaking up, "You looked so helpless there and I like my meal to have a little kick." Leonard was confused by this but prepared what little strength he had to fight the man. He knew he would be not match for him in a straight fight, though shorter then Leonard, he was better built in regards to muscles. The man's eyes turned a deep crimson before he rushed forward with such a speed that seemed to be inhuman. Having barley moved out of the way, the man bypassed him and smacked straight into wall behind him with a sickening crack as he impacted. The animal handler moved into the room, bring a knife up in his hand while Leonard froze and raised his arms up to shield himself. The sting of the knife as it slashed across his arm, cutting it deep and to the bone, sent blood splashing out onto the cold stones of the cell. "You filthy worm..." the man in the dress shirt said as he reached a hand up to move his broken nose back into place with a sickening crack, sending blood spurting down his hand and arm. As Leonard stared death in the face the man grasped onto his cut arm, their blood mixing, and the man licked the wound for some sick reason. Before he could even register what an odd action it was the man's crimson eyes fixed on his, a pair of fangs protruded from his teeth, and then his mouth was on his throat with a solid bite. His world was filled with a few seconds of searing pain before everything went dark, his body being robbed of the life force that sustained him.
                Darkness was the only existence I knew with brief flashes of my life passing by, memories here and there amidst the darkness before finally only the void of death remained. That was until I became aware of the smell of dirt and pine, a shallow grave for the other bodies that were squeezed up next to me. For some reason he was alive, but cold and under a mound of dirt. Breathing hard as I try not to suffocate, clawing with all my strength before pushing myself up into what was a layer of snow in a forest of pines. A shout alerted one of the two German soldiers as they watch over a small group of prisoners, likely from the concentration camp. One of them pulled back the bolt on his sub machine gun, shouting quickly in German as his partner pointed towards him. Somehow I was already out of the shallow pit grave, my body moving on its own accord as I sprint forward to the man in black. His weapon emits a click as he goes to pull the trigger, a jam. Then I am upon him. For some reason sinking my teeth into his neck, drinking his blood like the man in the dress shirt did to me. A bullet tears into my arm, another to my gut. The pain is there, but in the back of my mind as I'm suddenly on the other soldier, tearing his throat out and enjoying the hot spray of crimson liquid on my dirty cold body. I'm still cold, even as the hot liquid fills me and the holes slowly mend.
                Years after I finally tracked down the man in the dress shirt, I had the drop on him and he knew it. I learned that my turning was an accident, one that he now regretted for being so careless completely. After a brief conversation, me talking and him listening, I killed him and drank his blood. It took me twenty years to finally repay the favor and making him know what it felt like. I hunted him, killed him, and then consumed his very life. Having accomplished my main objective I turned to master my new abilities to the fullest, learning of the history of hominus nocturna and tracking movements of those vampires who could not control their own hunger and desires. Those vampires who feed on the helpless are as bad as the lycans, the enemy of the vampires. Even now as the government moves against those who know of me I maintain my tendencies, hunting those who do not wish to control their powers.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:
    **Leonard Garrett would move forward towards the man, his eyes turning a deep crimson and his fangs appearing.
    **Ryan would suddenly become aware of the horror that awaited him, turning to run from the Vampire, "HELP!"
    **Leonard is upon the man, having sprinted the few short steps to close the distance with a blur of speed, before he attempts to tackle him to the ground and hopefully pin him.
    **Ryan is tackled to the ground, wincing in pain as he is pinned by the vampire, "Please, don't hurt me! I want to help!" He tries to struggle out of the vampires grasp.
    **Leonard would not listen to the cries of the traitor, taking his hand and grasping onto his arm in addition to wrapping his other hand around the mans face and pulling it back, hopefully him with it.
    **Ryan 's body arches in response as he is handled roughly by the vampire, restrained and hopeless he tries to remove the hand on his face with his free hand by grabbing onto Leo's arm.
    **Leonard is a bit too strong for Ryan to remove his hand and arm, instead he brings his fanged mouth down in an attempt to bite into the mans neck and begin feeding on the helpless human.
    **Ryan lets out a whimper as his eyes shut in pain as the vampire bites into his neck. He tries again to remove the vampire, attempting to bring his head into the Leo's head.
    **Leonard keeps his grip on the mans face and head strongly, not allowing his prey to do anything, as he sets about feeding on the helpless man and draining his blood from him.
    **Ryan is slowly drained of blood from his neck, a gurgle emits from his throat before he goes limp in the vampires grip. He is dead.
    **Leonard finishes feeding, dropping the now pale and bloodless corpse to the ground. He wipes the traces of blood from his chin and mouth before adjusting his coat and dragging the corpse to a nearby dumpster. He disposes of it and then closes the lid, walking off.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:
    **Leonard Garrett would wince as the FEAR officer, and the other two men, in front of him shout out. His teeth become more visible as his eyes turn to red and he quickly pushes off his feet, lunging forward towards the trooper on his right.
    **FEAR Officer Jake yells, "That's him!" and raises his pistol, aiming it towards Leonard before pulling the trigger and sending a pair of UV rounds towards his torso.
    **FEAR Trooper Bob goes to raise his assault rifle as the vampire scum lunges at his comrade, though his shot is blocked by the officer between him and John.
    **FEAR Trooper John screams as the vampire lunges at him, he tries to bring his weapon up in time but it fumbles from his hands to the ground. "Oh god help me!"
    **Leonard Garrett is upon John, the UV rounds from Jake missing him narrowly from the speed of his attack, and baring his teeth down onto the poor man's throat. While his teeth would attempt to tear into his target's throat he would grasp onto the man's torso and arm with either of his hands before thrusting the man forward after the second that it took to sink his teeth in. As he pushes him away, he would hopefully rip the man's throat out.
    **John yelps in pain as he is bitten then thrown towards Jake, his voice becoming a frothy gurgle of blood sinking into his throat as it is ripped open. He'll most likely die if he doesn't receive medical assistance quickly.
     **Jake would attempt to shoot at the vampire but only ends up sending rounds around John to avoid hitting him. In the process of him shooting he is then impacted by John and sent to the ground with him on top of him, the blood flowing onto his armor and gear with a sickening stench.
    **Bob would aim his rifle at the vampire, now having a clean shot, before pulling the trigger and sending a burst of five rounds down range at his target and attempting to hit him in the torso.
    **Leonard would have already been moving after having thrown John into Jake, pushing off on his feet hard and propelling himself up into the air and out of harms way of Bob's weapons fire, using the brief bit of strength gained from the blood taken from John to accelerate his movements. While in the air he would orient himself to be coming down onto Bob, his arms outstretched and his fangs barred as he drops down to Bob.
    **Bob growls as the vampire moves to leap onto him from above, rolling out of the way barely in time to avoid the banshee of a vampire that was flying towards him.
    **Jake pushes John off of him and he goes to retrieve his pistol from beneath his fallen comrade and then pushing himself up into a standing position again, watching as Bob rolls out of the way.
    **John lays on the ground, bleeding out onto the pavement as his neck would continues to leak his life fluid. He soon dies since his throat is ripped open and not being tended to.
    **Leonard would rush forward again, this time towards Jake before reaching his hand out and likely latching to the man's throat with his great agility. He would squeeze, using the strength he has become so accustomed to, before whirling Jake towards Bob like a ragdoll being used as a club. He would let go again after having hopefully hit his target.
    **Jake lets out a gurgle before a subtle pop is heard as his throat is collapsed under the strength of the vampire. He is hurled towards Bob, more then likely dead already, like a sack of potatoes.
    **Bob is impacted by the flying Jake, sending him to the ground and pinning him under the weight of the man. He would attempt to push him off after regaining his wits about him, using what strength he can to move the larger man off of him.
    **Leonard is then upon Bob, pressing down on Jake's motionless corpse to pin Bob further, before he would attempt to grasp onto Bob's arm with one hand, holding his head away to reveal his neck, and then he brings his fanged mouth down to chomp into the man's throat. He drinks the blood of his enemy, savoring his prize.
    **Bob gurgles as he is bitten into, unable to resist, and soon dies.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:
    **Leonard walks into the room, moving to his favorite couch and dropping down onto it with a thump. He looks to Larry, nodding to him, "Been busy?"
    **Larry nods, motioning to Leo and the blood stain on his jacket, "You find something to feed on again didn't you? Hopefully it wasn't some random civie."
    **Leonard grins, his fangs visible, "Oh wouldn't say they were civies. Three FEAR guys finally caught up to me and thought they could take me on, it didn't end well for them." rubbing a finger into the small blood spot on the leather jacket, gently working it into the worn leather.
    **Larry sighs, "Damn it Leo, hopefully you didn't get followed back here..." as he removes an iPhone from his pocket, tapping on it and holding it out for Leo to see.
    **Leonard takes it, looking over the iPhone. What do I see?
    *On the iPhone is a video, already playing, which shows what is to be assumed is a camera feed. On the video it shows a FEAR team moving into a building and flashes from the windows as, what is to be assumed, guns are shot.
    **Leonard shrugs, handing back the phone after it's finished, "What was that all about?"
    **Larry clicks it off, shoving it into his pocket, "That was a friend's safehouse being crashed. There is somebody who is giving out the locations, think you can figure out who?"
    **Leonard nods, "Yeah, I think I can give it a go. Any leads?"
    **Larry hands a piece of paper across the table, "Human by the name of Erika seems to be one of the few people who has connections to all the groups. Might be a good place to start."
    **Leonard nods, taking the paper and looking it over before shoving it into his pocket, "Got it. Anything else?" as he stands up.
    **Larry nods, pulling out a set of keys and tossing them to him, "Yeah, the Chevy in back is gassed up. See if you can't get over to Lilly's place and get my shipment of bloodbags over here."
    **Leonard catches the keys, nodding, "Yeah, you got it." moving to walk out.
    **Leonard would close the door as he exits the room, walking down the hall and out into the parking garage where the Chevy was waiting for him.
    **Leonard would open up the car, adjust the mirrors, before starting up the old car. AS the engine roars to life he would put it into gear and gently push the car out of the parking garage, moving out onto the road to Lilly's. place.

    OOC Note: Let me know if anything needs to be changed, you already have me on Steam so hit me up if you want to discuss anything.

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    Re: Leonard Garrett Adept Augustine App.

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    Why has no one replied to this application yet? It's better than a lot that I've saw surface on this forums. Plus Bulldog is a person who can be trusted with a character of this level. Right?


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    Re: Leonard Garrett Adept Augustine App.

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    Re: Leonard Garrett Adept Augustine App.

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