"Amun" the Egyptian Dremor


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    "Amun" the Egyptian Dremor

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    -The Egyptian Dremor Master-
    Name: "Amun"
    Age: Estimated at 3200+ years of age.
    Gender: Male
    Place of Birth: Somewhere in the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean)
    Age at Death: Estimated between the age of 35-44
    Race: Vampire (Dremor Master)
    Ethnicity: Egyptian
    Sire: Rav 
    Sire Date of Death: Estimated around 30BC - 10AD
    Circumstances of Sire's Death: Execution by Roman Empire (Treason)

    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 160lbs
    Hair: Shaved head; but the hair before the end of his human life was black.
    Eye Color: Hazel (Pure Hazel)


    (( Translated to English ))

    Chapter I: The Beginning

    Amongst the turn of the 13th Century (BC) there was two factions between the Egyptians and the Hattite empire. Remesses II and Muwatalli II battled at the city of Kadesh amongst the Orontes River, including the Seer himself. His name of unknown origin at the time, but his allegiance towards Egypt and the empire of Ramesses II was clear. He was a soldier-- a tactician to be more specific--- known for his details of formations and tactics which be came the earliest ones in recorded history. 5,000 to 6,000 chariots were included in the battle, whilst off the front lines lay the Seer. Planning the next line of attacks, the seer had made tactical advances that were way ahead of his time. During the battle, the Hattite forces had been taking more and more territory and gaining ground amongst the Egyptians, but it wasn't until the tactical brillaince of the Seer gave victory towards the Egyptians. Amongst a battlefield of dead soldiers, Ramesses II approaches the seer with the Grand Vizier. "You have done us all a justice in tactically providing advances for our movements.". The Seer acknowledges the presence of Ramesses with a nod of understanding, as the Grand Vizier furrows his smile in respectful grace. The Seer rises from his table and folds his papyrus, the like of which his tacticians were formed amongst. "But where are you going? There are other works for you.". The Pharoah Ramesses II was a man of grand stature in the eyes of Amun; one of the most respected individuals that Amun had come in contact with in his life. His initial reason for becoming a tactician was purely chance, however he had recalled forces beyond his control steering him towards becoming a Tactician, forces Amun cannot explain. His focus now shifted to the two men of honorable stature and power, "I will be at your hand, but I must first retrieve other documents, please accept my condolences.". Ramesses II nodded. "Do not apologize; you have done proud today, we will see you." and him and the Grand Vizier departed at the table, boarding a transport chariot of their own back towards the New Kingdom of Egypt. 

    The walled city of Kadesh lay siedged against the dusk-ridden sky since Ramesses could not support them with his troops. As they headed back, still tactically victorious, (although the battle was indecisive in general), the seer had been abandoned whilst recovering documents. He had approached his group of former tactician allies and friends. "Brothers, we are heading back to Damascus, please, gather your papyrus."Amongst the papyrus collecting, two of the tacticians approached each other. "Say, brother, what had sent you here?" spoke one Tactician. The other looked towards him and quirked an eyebrow in intrigue, "Strange question to ask after a battle, by, I had joined because it was my destiny.", Amun tilted his head in suspiscion towards the conversation; recollecting thoughts of his own intentions for becoming a tactician. The position is held at authority as would any military position, so what had strayed the physical attributes of Amun himself away from the life of perhaps a soldier? Like a call from a siren; Amun felt a pulse as he neared his destiny, he felt a wave of uncomfortability succumb over himself and his senses sharpen, his awareness heightened as he stepped forward towards the conversation. "Brothers, we should be leaving, let us set trail." He stepped back; but momentarily froze as if a wave of something flooded his nerves overneath him. The tacticians nodded their heads, before turning towards a shrieking pierce of air not too far from the general field of battle.  They looked amongst each other, immediant acknowledging that they had all heard indeed what had been a shriek of pain and terror. The Seer looked amongst the group, identifying himself, "I, Amun, shall investigate, however I request a party alongside myself." The Tacticians conformed and sent one of their own along with amun to investigate. They trekked across a small field towards a foliage in which sand and wall had met, near the outskirts of Kadesh itself lay ruins and a bloody massacre amongst itself. Body's were layed on top of bodies, scratches and seemingly drained of their sustenance, blood. Amun looked towards his fellow tactician as he opened his mouth to speak, "By Ra, this is not from the battle." Amun looked towards one body, it's carotid artery severed and completely sucked dry, blood no longer spurting from the wound as the dried sustenance puddled beneath it had once been graced by. The shrieking only repeated itself, forcing Amun to turn himself around in horror to witness his fellow tactician collected amongst the bodies as well, fresh blood collecting below his former self.

    A step back in collected lethargicness had Amun pressed against a stone wall of Kadash. There was nobody in sight, someone to move this fast and this undetected was unprecedented and utterly astonishing to Amun. The aridness of the air caused a cottonmouth gulp of rare saliva to treckle down Amun's throat, and drool from his drenched lips. Sweat being the cause for this lack of hydration, Amun tapped his side quickly for his flask and embraced his tongue with the warm liquid, grateful for his thirst to be quenched. "Thirsty?", echoed an unfamiliar voice, somewhat distorted. Amun peered around aimlessly, searching for the origin of this voice as he sits himself back against the wall in fear. "Above you." said the somewhat menacing voice Amun had now looked at. Garnished in battle clothing, the figure falls from the broken wall of Kadesh in front of Amun, his fangs clearly petruding his open mouth as he tilts his head in curiosity towards Amun. "I have been watching you," spoke the figure, as fresh blood trickled from his mouth towards his chin. Amun, frozen in fear, quietly proposes, "You have seen me before..?". The figure chuckled lightheartedly as his intrigue dimishes, "I could have killed you as quickly as your friend had, but there is purpose for you.". The figures Hazel eyes locked gazes with Amun, as his stare penetrated into the deepest fathoms of Amun's thoughts, his stare almost menacing and intruding as his thought colliding with Amun's in a supernova of control and vast containment. Almost as if a darkness unfolded itself amongst Amun's brain, his thoughts and ideals and moods seemed controlled and channeled towards the figure of tall stature, his menacing look now inviting and alluring, he speaks calmly. "You are Amun, a tactician for the Kingdom of New Egypt, and this is your final day as that." Amun stepped back into the wall, crushed against it with fear and impeding doom as sweat trickled over his eyebrow, a firm collected cool straying away from his physical embodiment. The figure pressed his foot forwards towards Amun as another smile crowns over his face; his cheeks revealed as pale along with more of his body as his facial expression becomes unobscured towards Amun. "It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." Amun shrunk, both internally and externally, "W--who are you?". The figure momentarily restatured its face, tilting his head as he inquisited, "Didn't you already know?"

    A fierce wave of understanding unleashed itself amongst Amun, his newly found appreciation for the figure manifested amongst a look of solumn forgiveness and loyalty. The figure crowned a smile over its blood-glossed face as his fangs extended further amongst his mouth, offering a hand towards Amun, his influence clearly parasitic in nature and commanding over the human tactician. "You will come with me, won't you Amun?" Against all will and righteous thought, Amun accepted almost instantaneously, the grip on his mental too strong to resist. He was led miles away from Kadesh, into a dark shed that was not lit by anything but the moonlight scene they had traveled with. Along the way, Amun was courted towards the figure, now feeling a sense of companionship between the two, Amun did not look back a single time as they continued. The figure turned around, "You were chosen by Himself. Consider yourself lucky. It has been prophesized." Amun disregarded it, but nodded his head almost instinctively. They entered the shed, dark yet, lit enough to bear vision amongst the place, Amun had sat down of his own accord-- no objection from the figure. The shed was small; yet large enough to hold cloth over crevices and holes in the shed to black out the daylight-- the cloth fine threaded and of the best linen. Noticibly, there is a liquid that rests on the table-- beared in a flask-- the liquid was dark-red but had a distinct shine to it. The dimly lit shed also revealed canteens that were warm to the touch-- possibly due to the heating of the blood inside because of the arid deserts conditions. The shed had a dusty, dry feel to it and Amun was froze inside of it, eyes completely locked on the figure and his mental in conflict with itself as a field of captivity felt placed over Amun. The figure turned rather quickly; but made no sudden movements towards Amun, his stature and collective posture was on clear display, however his face was not. "I believe I have found the one-- I have waited long for this." He clearly was emotional-- rare for someone of his kind-- but emotional nonetheless.

    The figure seemingly levitated to Amun, releasing the stare of  penetration and influence over Amun as he cracked a childish smile over his face; "By now, you know your purpose here and why you must die.". The figure withdrew a blade from his side-- hidden by cloak from Amun. "Please, end me, it is my destiny." Amun repeatedly with no will from himself. The figure smiled as he croaked the blade into Amun's carotid artery, leaning his head over it and draining a massive amount of blood from it. Amun, now edging the brink of death, felt embraced by the darkness of the room and the corners of his eyes filled shut with a sense of dryness and arid thirst. It was unmistakenably cold in the room as the night cooled the desert scene, Kadesh was barely visible in the distance and all that was visible was a somewhat shiny red flash amongst a table. The figure stood himself, retrieving the flash as he pierced his wrist with his teeth, holding his arm over Amun's near lifeless body. "You are being accepted, Amun, as I was, as He intended." The figure repeated calmly as his blood filled Amun's almost-carcass and zombified state. The flask was opened in the strangers hands and a red, clotty liquid poured into the open wound that amun wore upon his neck, colliding with the stranger's blood, it created a glimmer that emptied into Amun's body. Amun's wound healed quickly; and Amun was laid arest inside of the shed. Surging through his veins and arteries; his body began war with the foreign substance-- but the dominance of the vampiric blood proved too much for Amun--who was consistantly losing his regular blood and being replaced with the enhancement and vampiric replacement. Amun's body twitched and tremor'ed as the transformation takes place, his maker lying next to him whispering words of prophecy and siring into his ear as he laid claim over Amun. "Shhhh.. shh... we will protect you, it'll all be over soon." Amun's body continued to twitch throughout the night and day, his sire next to him throughout the whole process.

    Awoken by the moonlight of the next evening, Amun had noticed the figure amongst him, now de-hooded and visible to the eye. He noticed that the stranger was indeed but a boy, a boy of perhaps extremely early origin. The boy was not older than 15, yet, had an antique scent and feel amongst him as an older man would. The boy was a walking contridiction, and began to speak, "Speak for me, amun." Amun opened his mouth, words not able to flow out fluently ,but in chunks and pieces. "I am... you chose by.. vampyr." croaked Amun, finishing the shadowed words that echoed amongst the strangers mouth. Amun's mouth opened, revealing a set of fangs that were stretched further than the strangers mouth were. "I am not of Egyptian descent, I am simply known as Rav". Amun nodded slowly, a feeling of unquenchable thirst and hunger stricken amongst him. "You are hungry, I can feel it. You may feed, Amun, I shall show you." Amun closed his eyes, a sense of inhumanity shrouded over him and emptiness inside of him. Amun nodded his head in ignorant acceptance as he rose, escaping into the night with Rav. The movements from Amun were rather lazy and clumsy-- as if he was in a state of weakened body and mind, his confusion and conflict within himself not helping much to his sudden impulses and failure to recognize who he had become. Rav practically held his hand as they continued across the sandy plains towards Kadesh, a city that was somewhat collectively stable after the siege-- his lessons and wisdom endowed upon Amun as they strolled. "Amun, you can feel it inside of you-- you feel weak but you are being made stronger. Our kind has been here since the beginning, I will enlighten you further as we move along-- but you must feed!" Amun nodded his head with helplessness-- feeling lost and misdirected-- but helpless. "What is happening to me? I feel changed." Rav hadn't looked back at Amun, simply continuing to brush up sand amongst his feet as they walked, "You are one of my progeny's, a kindred now to our kind. We are a different kind, more resistant to sun, of the like. We are powerful-- but you must remain diligent, as we have our limitations as a race as well." Rav approached the city walls, almost dragging the unfed Fledgeling now. Rav tosses Amun down, pointing up to a dying guard amongst the wall-- surrounding by two guards attending to him. "You will feed on the injured one, I will take care of the rest." Rav phased off-- at an inhumane frequency almost in the blink of an eye-- dispatching the two guards and disappearing as a whole. Amun struggled to stand himself; approaching the guard with curiousity as he bent over it. He opened his mouth curiously, stuttering back as fangs released from his mouth almost instinctively. He leaned in and bit the guard; bit the guard as he was bitten himself by Rav-- almost feeling the urge to suck the blood into his mouth through the carotid artery. A feeling of satiety rushed Amun, and he became addicted almost instantly-- drying the guard of his remaining blood completely.

    "You! Stop right there! What the--- fuck?" said an approaching guard. Amun turned around almost instantly-- shrieking and revealing a set of fangs from his ajar mouth. Amun panicked, he stood up and backed into the wall-- viewing three approaching guards, all met with the same shriek that appears pierced by the obstruction following his fangs. He turned towards the dead guard-- grabbing it by the neck-- but by that time the other guards knew it was too late for him. Swords drawn, they rushed Amun and began swinging wildly, slashing Amun in the stomach and stabbing him multiple times before Amun fell to the ground in defeat. In a flash of a second-- the three guards dropped, their heads slashed and throats cut. Rav stand over the body's, licking his fingers now coated with blood as paint coats a wall. He looks down towards Amun, letting out a slight chuckle as he pierces his wrist with his fangs-- allowing the blood to drip onto Amun's wounds. "You have much to learn young fledgeling, much to learn." Amun's wounds heal rather quickly as he stands up--disoriented from loss of blood and turns to Rav, "I feel hungry-- again.. Rav..". Rav nods his head, placing a warming hand over Amun's shoulder in embrace, standing in the middle of a bloodbath designed for no living thing, "As you are-- we shall nourish you, drain one of these dead guards and prepare, there is much to do, you have a bright future Amun, the prophecy says so." Amun leans over the guard and pierces his wrist, draining what is left of the blood before standing himself up, revealing a chin stained in wet, dripping blood that also rains from his lower lip. Amun bows his head in shame and confusion, "I still do not understand why I am like this, why this feels as my nature." Rav sucks his teeth, looking towards the recently drained guard and Amun, "It is like that for all new kin, you will learn more with age, you are blessed with immortality, as pharoahs are blessed with it upon their tombs. Amun, you cannot go back to them, you understand, correct?" Amun looked towards Rav, stepping back in a flash of appallment, "Excuse me?! I swore my allegiance to Ramesses II, I will return and continue my work!" Rav beckoned him, "You fool! You cannot survive an entire day in the sun, you will burn! Ramesses II is dead to you, you have a new life, you cannot return to your old!" Amun shook his head in ignorance, returning the show of frustration towards Rav, "You do not understand! I will not let you take me!" Amun turns around in dismissal and flees Rav and Kadesh at a slightly enhanced speed, Rav steps forward in an attempt to retrieve Amun, but instead follows behind a a slower pace-- keeping his distance from Amun in observation. The horizon that is falling has been dismissed and nightfall is thrown over the desert as a speedy Amun and a trailing Rav venture the sands-- to return to the encampment that Amun had previously been.

    Chapter II: Unwelcome Return


    Powers of the Ancient Dremor:
    ((Based on Shanaro's Lore))

    Enhanced Strength and Speed : As a master dremor; it is expected that Amun would be able to lift 400-500 pounds of weight easily-- as depicted in Shanaro's lore-- however, Amun has slightly enhanced strength that would be of match to a slightly older augustine. He is able to lift 600-700 lbs of force easily and push as much as half a ton in force if needed--- although a master Augustine has proven to be able to physically beat Amun. He is not focused on strength and hardly wastes his energy and blood on the physical altercations-- he is able to fend for himself. Augustine Masters-- especially in his past-- have provided a strong challenge against Amun and have even proven capable of being able to defeat him. Compared to Nosferatu-- Amun is on no par with them whatsoever. An adept nosferatu could battle Amun and possibly pull out the win-- but the speed of Amun is up to par with master level vampires. While under mental influence-- a human / nonfable would see Amun as a distortion and it would be almost impossible to strike him due to the perception of a human being interrupted by the ancient dremor. Fables would have less of a hard time seeing Amun and hitting him-- but the speed would still be extremely fast and a "phasing'' motion.

    Masterful Mental Abilities: Amun the Master Dremor has masterful control over his field of mental power. As a three-thousand year old Dremor Master, he has perfected the art of mental influence and powers and has gained some neat sub-powers as a result of his bloodline, training, and sire "Rav". Amongst all of his powers and abilties-- this is his most signature skill. He has the ability to change the polarization in the air to give it a more -empty- feel to it, also presenting a massive wave of intimidation over his opponents which can demoralize them in any fight against Amun, as well as encourage them to listen to Amun and follow his instructions more clearly without hesitation. This signature skill of Amun can also follow non-fables around with whispers of insanity for a temporary amount of time; having them second guess shadows and have thoughts they otherwise wouldn't have such as thoughts of self-harm and insanity (generally). The presense of Amun that follows him as well is alluring and attractive--but moreover intimidating and very present. as he approaches people, they can feel the immense power and intimidation factors being held together by his physical manifestation as they can feel a balloon about to burst. He has had to master his mental capacity to retain all of this intimidating energy to avoid having all the non-fables that came within his vicinity to not go insane. Through this, he has also calmed down some of his natural urges to feed-- trying to limit himself to one per week just to keep his powers up. In the rare event that he feeds more; his mental abilities will run thicker than usual and could perhaps strengthen his powers even more. His mental abilities are usually eminated from his eyes-- as ancient vampires are able to control their hazel or crimson shades of their eyes with little difficulty; in common with this, Amun is able to extend a field of penetrating mental prowess through another beings eyes in order to establish a connection between the two in order to force thoughts and emotions directly into their head. This ability is EXTREMELY powerful and almost never fails, it cannot work on vampires since they do not have active brainwaves to work with. The gaze of influence is almost impossible to defend without something to disrupt the mental intrustion-- but with the aura and intimidation that Amun is able to project; it wouldn't make sense to resist it anyways. He also has the ability to glamour people into doing what he says-- not much as an effect of his powers but more as a honor to it. They do it out of fear of being controlled instead of actually being controlled.

    The actual extent of his mental powers has been tested (as will be explained in the backstory), and by focusing the mental intrusion Amun was successfully able to influence someone to commit suicide.. An incredibly gifted power for a incredibly gifted Ancient Dremor. The polarization of the air and whatnot also extends his mental grasp---allowing him for some other mental-based powers (as listed below)

    Telekinests & Hemokinesis: Telekinesis is an ability that he has perfected around his 2500th year as a Dremor Vampire. It first stemmed to him whilst creating a polarization field around an individual to make him forget about a feed--this was before vampires were out in the open; through doing this he was able to remove the man's weapons from his hands without actually touching the object. Over time, his telekinesis has strengthened and he is able to move objects around 100lbs in weight, without touching it at all---with limitations.

    • He has to be close to the object--close enough for him to take 5-7 steps and touch it himself.
    • If it is an object that approaches at a velocity-- (like a bullet)-- the telekinesis won't stop it but if focused it can be slowed down; many bullets at once cannot be stopped and could cause him to drain energy to heal with if hit.
    • Any object he telepathically lifts he can get hurt with if held too long (AKA a burning pot of boiling water... etc..)

    The ability also stemmed out to something called Hemokinesis--it can be related to "blood bending" or other forms of feeding like from Blood Omen (Soul Reaver... etc..). Amun is able to control blood whilst inside of organisms and even control free-flowing blood outside of the body. He usually uses this to feed instead of creating bite wounds or even using his fangs at all, the hemokinesis does require polarization to occur around the individual as well--which means mental presence would leave him vulnerable to physical attacks. See the GIF down below for an example of Hemokinesis.


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    Re: "Amun" the Egyptian Dremor

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    UPDATE: Added powers list along with some GIF demonstrations to provide help into what Amun can do--- will add other powers later along with an updated backstory and perhaps relationships and an outlook at why hes in L.A

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