nec's Cursed Blood Application


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    nec's Cursed Blood Application

    Post by nec on Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:24 am

    Steam Name: nec

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:19989702

    Notable Recommendations (This can be anyone from an admin to someone who's known for good RP.):

    Character Name: Tais Lecblanc

    Character Age: Mid/Late Adolescent Years

    Gender: Female

    Character's Appetite (Whether or not they actively seek human flesh.): I’m not one to actively hunt and kill people, so I’m going to swing towards a more human like appetite. Although, this could change in the future.

    Blood Attribute (You can make up your own, just be sure to specifically detail how it's going to work.): Healing/Addiction.

    RP Situation (Should involve blood type, length is up to you.):

    ** Tais Lecblanc walks down the cluttered streets of Las Angeles, her gaze darting left to right as she makes her way towards the apartment complex.

    ** A distraught, ragged, middled aged man sits outside the apartment complex with his face in his palms, groaning now and then. His hair would appear greasy and unkept, and his facial features once revealed would appear unshaven.

    ** Tais approaches the entrance to the apartment complex, arching her right brow as she takes notice of the man “God.. What happened to you?” she says in a rather confused tone, kneeling down to get head level with him.

    ** The man immediately snaps at the voice, grasping Tais by the shoulders, a faint smile cracking on his features “Th-Thank god you’re here! I-I need… Y-.. Y’know..” he offers a ‘toothy’ grin.

    ** Tais widens her eyes, standing up and brushing herself off “No, no I don’t know..” she speaks in a quiet voice, moving to rush towards the apartment entrance.

    ** The once ragged, distraught old man flares his eyes a bright crimson red, appearing over behind Tais in a blur of motion, grasping her frame and pulling her close, baring his diamond cutting fangs and whispering in a double-layered tone into her ear “This will only hurt for a moment..”

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    Re: nec's Cursed Blood Application

    Post by Chancer on Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:29 am

    Story could be a bit longer and end a bit better, otherwise I know you know how to RP one of these already.


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